Banged a hotty in Bangalore


Banged a hotty in BangaloreHello everyone, I’m Achyuth from Bangalore and I’m 26 years old. I am a Software Engineer by profession and this story is about a real incident where I got to have sex with a hot girl on a Tinder Date.So it had been quite long since I had sex with someone and like any other guy would do I decided to give Tinder (Mobile Application) a try. I uploaded my photos with a good bio and started right swiping a lot of girls. For the initial 3-4 days I was out of luck as I didn’t get any match. Finally on the fifth day I matched with a girl, Akansha. She was 23 years old and she was sultry. First thing I noticed her in photos was that she had some really good big boobs and it was hard not to notice it. I sent her a compliment on chat and she did not reply for the whole day. Then finally at around 11 pm she replied with a ‘Hi’. We started chatting with each other on tinder. After talking for a couple of days we slowly started talking about sex and we began sexting each other. She refused to share her phone number on being asked but we connected on Hangouts.Now we used to sext and have voice sex regularly. Infact she used to be the one who initiated our sex chats most of the times. She even started to share pictures of her nude boobs (with face covered). Infact she used to share her boobs picture everyday with a good morning message. God those boobs were lovely to look at and I was feeling blessed to be in touch with such a horny girl. But whenever I asked her to meet me she used to politely refuse by saying she was really busy and had no time to meet. I had to be happy with those sexting and phone sex sessions.After pleading with her repeatedly, Akansha finally agreed to meet me. But she told me stictly that she will meet me at a public place and not to expect anything kinky (read sex). I asked her if we could go to a movie together ( I thought may be I can touch her a bit here and there in a theatre). But she declined that too and asked me to meet at Cafe Coffee Day. I agreed and I was excited to meet her nevertheless. tekirdağ escort So we decided to meet on a Saturday. I reached the place 15 minutes earlier in excitement and I had to wait for her for 20 odd minutes. She finally arrived wearing a tight black T-shirt and jeans. She had beautiful long hair. She was not as fair as her pictures suggested. She was a bit dusky and no doubt sexy as fuck. She was a kind of girl whom we call ‘hot’ and not ‘cute’.I complimented her by saying she was looking great for which she said ‘thanks’. We went to CCD and we were talking normal stuff. We had coffee and a pastry. We were in CCD for about 45 mins to 1 hour. Our conversations were purely normal with no sexual angle to it. Outside CCD there was a park and we went and sat near the park entrance main gate. We decided to talk for 10-15 minutes more before leaving. Akansha lit a cigarette and started smoking as we were talking. After about 5 minutes, I jokingly asked her,I said, “Come on Akansha, as you have come so far to meet atleast give me a blowjob before leaving.”She started laughing and said,“You know it’s not happening today. I had told you before.”I too laughed and told her I was just k**ding. We anyway started talking something else for 10 more minutes. As we were about to leave, Akansha asked me,“Condom hai??”(Do you have a condom)My eyes lit up and replied quickly, “No, but I can get it in 2 minutes from the pharmacy….”She started laughing loudly seeing my excitement. She then told,“Let’s book a room using Oyo app. And get a condom while on the way to the room”I quickly installed the app in the phone and booked the nearest hotel room. The hotel was around 20 minutes from where we were. She sat behind me in the bike. For the whole route while driving my dick was erect thinking about fucking Akansha. We finally reached the hotel. Checked in quickly as we had pre-booked it. We entered the room and locked the door.As soon we locked the door, we started kissing each other. We were kissing wildly and passionately. escort tekirdağ I was horny as fuck and I was running my hands all over her ass, her boobs and her back while kissing her. She was pulling my head onto her and we were smooching. We kissed our way from the door to the bed. She was an amazing kisser. We both sat on the bed. Akansha stripped her top off. She was wearing a maroon colored bra and I started squeezing her boobs over the bra while still kissing her sexy lips. I so wanted to touch and suck those boobs since I first saw Akansha’s photo. I took off her bra and pounced on her big boobs. Her boobs looked sexier in real than in the pictures which I had seen earlier.I started to squeeze her boobs with both my hands and planted a lot kisses on her nipples. I was fondling and sucking her boobs simultaneously. Akansha was definitely loving it as she was moaning and pushing my head on her boobs. I loved her boobs to the level that I kept on touching and sucking her boobs for the next 10-15 minutes. I then moved on to kiss her beautiful navel and Akhansha was giving a slightly louder moans. Her moans were making my already hard dick harder. I got up and took off her jeans and started to touch her hot thighs.I then started to kiss her sexy thighs. While kissing her thighs I was rubbing her pussy over her panty. In no time, I took off her panty and was fingering her clit. Akansha was moaning in pleasure. I then moved my tongue over her pussy and start licking her pussy. Her pussy was shaved and so hot. I was running my tongue all over and in her wet pussy and Akansha was going absolutely nuts. I could see that in her expressions. Her moans were amazing. Fuck I still get a boner whenever I think of Akansha’s moans. I went on to rub and lick her pussy for more than 15 mins and I loved every second of it.Akansha then got up and started unzipping my pants. She wasted no time in taking my dick in her mouth and she started sucking my dick. She was using her hands excellently while blowing my dick and my god it was tekirdağ escort bayan an amazing feeling. The way she was sucking my dick felt like she had already taken a lot of dicks in her mouth before mine. She was gradually blowing my dick faster and faster. I was on clould nine and her blowjob was mind-blowing. My dick was completely wet midway through the blowjob. She was looking at my face and she kept on sucking my dick for long. No doubt that was the best blowjob I have ever received. I came close to cumming atleast twice during the blowjob.Akansha then layed on the bed with her legs spread open inviting me to fuck her in the most famous missionary position. I pounced on her pussy and inserted my dick in her. I started fucking her slowly and within a minute I increased my speed. Akansha was moaning and screaming heavily in pleasure. I was fucking her really hard and fast and I just didn’t want this all to end. After 5 minutes of intercourse in missionary position we switched to doggy style position and this being my favorite position I fucked her the hardest I could. My dick was moving in and out of her pussy. She is screaming and telling fuck me hard ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh getting..MMMM.. ahahah.. fuck.. fuck me you bastard.. fuck your bitch.. tear that cunt of mine.. voon.. yes.. yes.. like that.. aammmmaaaaaa..” while lifting her bums up and up.“Aaaahhhh.. akansha my darling…ooommm.. how tight your choot is oh… you know how I was mad for you. the swing of your ass and the bounce of your boobs make me mad. also was giving her strong pushes of my dick.We both were moaning now ahhhh haa. We were so involved in sex. I kept on fucking her and I could have cummed anytime at that instant. After another 5-7 minutes of intercourse in doggy style, Akansha came on top of me and started getting herself fucked. I held both her boobs in my hands and was fucking her with my completely erect dick. In another couple of minutes, I came in her and it was amazing sex. After the sex, we kissed each other for 5 odd minutes and then we got ourselves cleaned up. It was one sex to remember for me.Any girl/woman wants to experience some sex you can contact me at Feel free to contact me for sex, phone sex, sex chat, etc at callmeachyuth@gmail.comThanks for reading.

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