Backstage passes pt3


Backstage passes pt3As she leans back looking at me as I take the time to admire her.Placing her legs to the side of her and spread them open revealing her very nice lush pink white pussy, with a nice thin strip of hair down the center like a lil landing strip is cute. I use my hands and with the right i push back her nice rosey lips to the side and with my left hand i tickled her hood and rubbing it with my thumbs and my index finger teasing her nice pussy. Her pussy is the most prettiest pussy i have ever seen is just perfect. Just the thought that shes untouched only drive me wild. Like a rose being picked for the first time. The more I see it the more i want to take it in my mouth and devour it. I stand there looking at her in all her wonder “god she is beautiful” rub my fingers up and down her nice hot wet pussy that is burning with a deep burning desire. I roll my finger up and down her hood teasing it. With my right hand i start to caress her going up her hips up to her tits and play with them caressing them and stroking them in even tempo as i am caressing her pussy with my left. I caress her pussy up and down, I caress her nipples up and down gently squezzing her tits stimantlously together. Her body constantly responding to my touch. I come down to her and i kiss her holding her tenderly in my hand while stroking my finger in and out and in and out of her pussy. I’m kissing her my tongue stroking in and out of her mouth as she places her hands over my neck and back and draws me pressing me on her. I start kissing her soft and tenderly kisses down her neck slowly flcikering my tongue up her left ear nipping on her earloop. I whisper to her “kate i want you’ as i drag my tongue down her neck all the way down to her tits and kissing her nipples sucking them first the left then the right rolling my tongue, the whole time im stroking my index finger in and out of her nice hot wet pussy teasing her from the inside. As i begin to kiss her down her stomach and flicker my tongue rolling it down her belly button soon i have my index and middle finger inside her as i feel her warmth and tenderness coming out. i roll my tongue down using the tip spreading open her lips and taking her nice playfully play with hood on my tongue and i start to flick and roll my tongue on, around and in her hood like its a piece of gum and i am just rolling it around my mouth. I pull her legs up tight to me as i buried my face inside her pussy spread it open as my tongue dives deeper into her. Her left leg begins to shake and she trembles slightly as i hear her moan just enough to drive me crazy. I roll my tongue in way I didn’t even knew i could. tuzla escort I love the way she taste her scent is drive me wild i want to devour her every drop.Part 2.I press my face inside her while grabbing her by the legs and pulling her closer to me pulling her even more closer. She takes hold of me and wraps her leg up and over and around my neck and locks me in. I try very little if none at all to fight her. I wanna be locked in her pussy is so moist so wet dripping with her inner most juices dripping as I am taking her every drop in my mouthAs my tongue drives deep inside her pussy like a drill drilling inside her. Giving her the best tonguing stroking tongue fucking I can. Sucking her every drop. Her body shaking n convolting as she feels the wetness of my tongue rolling inside her. I feel her pussy muslce clinch on my tongue like is being held in place. Diving my tongue in as I lean forward pushing my hands up to her grabbing her hands as we interlace our fingers together and hold each shes squeezing my hands tightly letting out a few soft moans. I want her more n more with ever tightness of her body. Shes sparked a inner hunger I had I need it to be satisfied. And only she can satisfied it. She squeezes my hands and body together her legs tight around me. I’m sucking and stroking n licking her n flicking my tongue my tongue becoming one with her pussy as her wetness drips uncontrollably as my tongue hits her spot release all the energy she was holding back. Like a flower blooming as a bee starts to take its honey, shes the flower and I’m the bee I am taking all her honey. As my tongue spirals and flickers in all directions in a hard impulses she burst cumming explosively into my mouth. Holding tightly my hand n moaning and she takes a few breath catching her breath. Suddenly she release her legs and after one good deep sucking I lick her pussy from her ass crack all the way up flicking her lips as I come up catching my breath. Breath of life i don’t know how long I haven’t been able to breath but it doesnt matter. That’s how u know when the pussy is good that u forget to come up for breath. She looks up at me leans for her left leg shaking like a little tick that she has that she cant control. She wipes my face as I kiss her hands as I hug her and lean forward and she comes up to kiss me.As we kiss she rubbing and pulling on my hair. Kissing me passionately I can still feel her pussy dripping. She pulls “OMG VANESSA!” She saids catching her breath once again turning red. Looking at me rubbing my tits. I’m looking at her loving all the different shades of red that she turns before my eyes. Shes looking me up and tuzla escort bayan down as her hands reveals what shes thinking of as her eyes looks down. She begins to undo my pants as they fall down and I’m stand before her completely nude (the benefits of going commando). Mmmmmmm, nice! She said while taking her left hand and rubbing her finger inside my clean shaven pink pussy that is just there waiting for her to play with it. She leans forward pushing her finger inside me spreading my pussy open. As she pops up and pushes me slightly back guiding off to the side. I go wherever she takes me since she has me by my pussy I dont want to break away from her touch. I want her closer. Before I noticed it she guided me to the couch that’s off to the side as I lean back, as I lay down, she takes her place between my legs as I spread them open for her. Revealing my nice thick fat clit and perfectly shape pussy that’s waiting for her to own it. She takes my legs and place them nicely even spread over the couch. As she looks down at me with her hands she rubs me down from my face down my neck as she comes up to kiss me. Kissing my neck slowly her hands rubbing down my tits as she caress them kissing me. Soon shes sucking on my left nipples that makes me giggle since I am ticklish and my left nipple is one of my weakness (this is true that left nipple gets me in trouble) she sense my body reacting to her touch as she begins to flick her tongue over the nipple and squeezes the other one as she soon moved to the right one and repeat it kissing my each time on my nipple. She takes her time slowly. As she makes her way down to my pussy and rolls her down down the center of my pussy flicks my clit that only seems to open up as I feel her. Her tongue flickers my clit as she rolls the tip of it over and over and over making me come as I feel her burying her face inside my pussy. Feel her tongue rolling on inside me as she begins to spread me open. Her tongue stroking me inside making every body respond in ways I never knew it could. She has taken total control of me with each stroke of her tongue my body reply to her. I feel her hands rubbing me the stroking of her tongue and rubbing of her hands the motion all come together causing me to explode in waves of juices that come rushing out of me. She flicks her tongue inside me and my body flicks out of control. I feel her hands rubbing up to my tits as she sucking the life out of me and my pussy completely possed by her tongue that has entered me deeply enough that is causing me to blank into a an orgasmic black out overwhelmed by a strong motion of pleasure I have not felt ever. She escort tuzla maybe shy and timid but her tongue breaks her away from it. Shes the devil, feeling like shes sucking my soul out of me. My body violent explodes in waves of cum as I explode in her mouth and she takes every drop of my juices that shoot out like a waterfowl, the Niagara falls be jealous. Just when I thought she was done she rolls back her tongue and goes in deeper as I feel every inch of my inner being is being explored. She has suck me dry like a power vacuum on super blast mode. Part of me wanted her to stop while the other part wanted her never to stop in a ending cycle of pleasure and satisfaction. Her tongue is a golden serpent slithering inside my garden in search of the forbidden fruit. Just when I thought she was done as I take a moment to catch my breath as shes left me breathless. She suddenly pops up licking her lips and interlace both our legs. One leg in n the other in between in the perfect upper side angle scissor position and she start to grind. Locking me down in a full cycling of grinding motion. Both our burning pussies locked in one with the other in the perfect lifetime kiss. My pussy feels her motion rolling back and fourth as I feel her fiction we both start to grinding keeping up with each other pace as we start to hear the drum beats and the sound that’s over powering from the performance down stair. The more deeper the drum best the faster the pace the faster we grinding rolling back and forth. The look of her tits bouncing uncontrollably as shes looking at me and we keep direct eye contact with another not a word needs to be said. She reaches over to me with her right hand just as I reach to her with my left and we hold hands trying to support each other as we uncontrollably grinding each other our pussies burning from pure pleasure thst is ignited. I feel her wetness dripping inside me as my wetness burst out exploding. I lost a track of time as we both are consume with each other . The sounds and music of the concert overpowering our screaming and moaning. Suddenly we both collapsed her on top of me as I take her in my arm we laid there holding each other passionately tenderly. A precious moment interrupted by a sudden banging on the door that suddenly we now hear a crowd and people screaming and yelling like in overly excited cheers, I hear my friend banging from out the door. How did she knew I don’t know I told ya shes a PI she finds out these types of information. Katie responds “what the hell? Looks puzzled as I am about to get up my friend breaks in“ VANESSA THE WHOLE FUCKING CROWD CAN SEE YA HORNY ASSES FUCKING!!!!”””and carrys on talking and fuzzing about how she didn’t want to see my ass spread open blah blah I tune her out…KATIE, gets up as I am trying to firgure out what is my friend talking about. Katie stands by the overview window and

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