Anne story to masturbate many hours


Anne story to masturbate many hours(“`-”-/”).___..–””`-._`6_ 6 ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`)(_Y_.)’ ._ ) `._ `. “-..-‘_..`–‘_..-_/ /–‘_.’ ,’

***Mark lay on his bed, on top of his hastily made covers, and roamed his own Naked body. His hand slowly moved down to his hard cock and wrapped around the shaft. Slowly, moaning softly, he began to stroke it up and down, lingering on the head and squeezing harder, before moving down again.Only one image, one girl, filled thoughts 24-hours a day. He wanted her. She filled his every desire. Her face danced before his eyes as his stroking increased. He saw himself fucking her, using her body that he had to see, to touch, to taste. He felt that familiar churning in his groin and increased the rhythm.He heard the front door slam shut and looked to his open bedroom door. Even as footsteps started up the stairs he didn’t get up or try to cover himself. He knew who it was. The only person it could be; the object of his lust and desire.He heard his sister reach the top of the stairs and started to beat his cock with a fevered pace. She walked passed his room, not even glancing his way as she walked to her own bedroom down the hall.He was beyond the point of no return, grunting softly; he brought the orgasm to its fulfillment. His teenage cock erupted, spewing his cum over his chest, stomach, thighs and hands. His hand slowed as he stroked the last few beads from his dick.With a morose sigh he looked towards his open door. She had missed him once again. How many times had that happened this summer? Four, five? Both his parents worked late, and never came home early. Having watched his pretty sister develop from an early age, Mark had begun to lust after her in a very unnatural way. They were never close, not at all, and whatever small amount of guilt at having those feelings was easily consumed with his need to fuck her.*Left alone with her in the same house, forced to be around her as she wore next to nothing all too often, Mark finally had to put a scheme into play that he had long desired. He was going to fuck her. So far, his plan had failed. Leaving the door opened while he masturbated had accomplished nothing. And she had never shown any interest in him. She would never fuck him freely, he now knew. So, there was only one resort. He would have to make her do it.He didn’t want to **** her. Well, he did, but that wasn’t an option. He was only twenty-two, home for the summer from college, and had his whole life ahead of him. Going to jail for **** was not what he planned for his future. He wanted to force her, but she had to make the final decision. And he knew how to do it.Only nineteen, Anne was still young enough to be fixated on a single goal, and quite young enough to get herself into trouble. She was the baby of the family, daddy’s little girl who could do no wrong. She had saved up enough money to spend the last three weeks of summer in the Bahamas with some friends, but their dad had already made it quite clear that he did not wish his baby girl to go on such a trip.They had made a deal; if she could spend the first part of the summer proving she was the perfect angel her father thought she was, then she could go. One slip up, and it was all over. Mark had made it his duty to make certain she slipped up.At first it was hard. He had a job, and couldn’t spend his days following her around. But she worked as well. It was the nights that he prowled, following her about with a video camera in hand. For two full weeks, he followed his sister from place to place, house to house, party to party. Through it all she didn’t take one drink, didn’t smoke one cigarette, and didn’t use a single d**g. She was, apparently, daddy’s little angel.He filmed her anyway, using prize shots of her bending over as masturbating material. He was about to give up entirely when one weekend night he finally caught her committing a crime far worse than any of the others.He watched her leave a party and sneak into the trees behind the house. And she wasn’t alone. Mark moved closer to get a better look, when he recognized the person she was with. His name was Dave, and he was supposed to go along on the trip. A good k**, his father had been told, very responsible. Mark got close enough to make certain both their faces were visible in the dark light and sat back to film.Mark watched in awe as his sister slowly unzipped Dave’s jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. She dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled his shorts down, letting his cock spring free. She looked at it briefly, before taking the bobbing member in her mouth. Mark had already opened his pants and was jerking himself off as the lewd scene unfolded before him.Mark had to concentrate to keep the camera on them as she worked his dick over. He came quickly, long before she was done with Dave, and was able to relax and enjoy what he was seeing. She sucked him hard and deep, taking almost the whole of this prick down her throat. He had never imagined that she was so skilled. Her head began to bob in quick, sharp motions, and Dave’s knees buckled as he shot his load into her mouth. She didn’t spill a drop.As Anne and Dave made their way back to the party, Mark strolled back to his car as happy as he had ever been. He had her now.*Totally unsuspecting, Anne sat in her bedroom and brushed out her long, brown hair after a long shower. It was Friday afternoon and her parents had already left for one of their many weekend escapes. She had a full weekend of parties all planned. It would start tonight at the house party. She smiled to herself when she thought back to last weekend’s house party and her little escapade with sexy Dave in the bushes. Tonight, she fully planned to go one step further.She stood up and walked in front of her full-length mirror to watch herself brush her damp hair. Her thin, damp, robe clung to the curves of her breasts, and she noticed that her nipples had hardened while thinking about Dave’s cock in her mouth.She couldn’t wait to have it in her cunt. Anne loosened the belt and opened her robe. She looked over her exposed flesh and smiled to herself. She did have a nice body, she had to admit. Only 5 and a half feet tall, her body was kept trim by a regular visit to the gym. Her tits were not huge, but at a C-cup, they were a nice hand full.She put the brush down and cupped her tits, pushing them up and together, enhancing the cleavage. They were so nice. She let them drop and watched in erotic amusement as they bounced on her chest. Tweaking the nipples to make them even harder, she closed her eyes and swayed slowly. One hand moved slowly down over her firm stomach and traced a path down over her hip to her thigh. Slowly, her fingers moved in between her legs and brushed at the moist opening of her slit.She moaned slightly and started to wiggle the tip of her finger inside. Through a barely noticeable crack in the door, Mark watched the lewd display of his sister touching herself. His eyes were wide and his cock throbbed as he watched the scene unfold. He had spied on her before, but he had never seen anything like this.As he watched her reflection in the mirror, he took that moment to slowly back away and head downstairs. It was either that or he would have to jump her then and there. Once safely downstairs, he called out.”Hey, Anne,” he yelled, trying to sound annoyed. “Come down here, now!”Anne snapped herself out of the moment as she heard her brother yelling at her. With a sigh, she slipped her finger out of her yearning hole and closed her robe. Opening the door she yelled down the stairs.”What do you want?””Come down here!””I’m busy. I have to get ready to go out.””This is about you going out!”Anne furrowed her brow nervously. Even at 19 and free to make her own choices, her parents still left her older brother in charge of things. He had never bothered her before, but had the authority to royally screw up her life if he ever chose to. Nervously, she started down the stairs and found Mark waiting for her in the living room.”What is it?” she asked, trying to sound angry at this intrusion. “I’m going to be late.”Mark just looked at her and shook his head. “Look, we both know that Mom and Dad want me to keep an eye on you when they’re not around.” Anne rolled her eyes and Mark had to fight hard not to break out into a vicious smirk. “Usually, I don’t give a shit what you do, but I have something you better see.” He picked up the remote and pressed play on the VCR.She flashed Mark a confused look and turned to the TV. It was dark, and at first she wasn’t certain what she was supposed to be looking at. But then the scene zoomed in on the face of Dave. It was still dark, but his face was clear. The camera panned over slightly and she saw her own face.Her eyes widened in sudden realization of what this was. She watched herself drop to her knees in front of the guy and start to suck him off. Her face turned red with anger and fear, and she didn’t even notice the rhythmic bouncing of the camera.Anne turned and faced Mark, ignoring the TV. She didn’t need to see anymore. Mark watched the scene for a few moments longer, a smirk dancing on his lips before he pressed the stop button.”As you can see, we have a problem.,” Mark almost laughed. “I’m not too sure Dad would care much for you going away this summer after he sees this.”Anne looked like she was about to faint. The possibility of her father seeing this only just then occurred to her. And Mark was right. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight if he saw this. She looked at her brother and her lip curled in anger.”So what do you want, Mark?” she demanded, realizing that there was going to be some heavy price for this to be kept secret.”I don’t know,” he answered coolly. “What do you have to offer?”She felt lost. She was totally at his mercy and she knew it. But she also knew that Mark already had something in mind. She could see it in his eyes and it made her shift nervously.”Look, whatever you want from me, you can have it. Just give me the tape.” Mark held all the cards, but a lifetime of sibling rivalry wouldn’t let her back down without a fight.Mark just smiled. “Well, it’s simple. I want you.” Anne frowned in confusion. He moved closer to her, towering over her. “Give yourself to me from now until Sunday when Mom and Dad get home, do everything I say and ask of you, everything, and we’ll forget this ever happened.”She wrinkled her nose. “What do you mean.”Mark started to get angry at her arrogance. “I mean I want you to be my slave for the weekend. Do everything I want.” Anne took a step back. The lust on his face as his eyes moved down to her body was unmistakable.”I don’t think so!” she yelled at him.Mark smiled and shrugged. “Your choice.” He walked over and ejected the tape from the VCR and handled it idly in front of her. “Better have fun tonight then. Don’t think you’ll be seeing much of your friends, especially in the Bahamas, after Dad sees what his little girl has been up to.”Anne just stood and stared at her brother. She knew her life would be over if her father ever saw the tape. But the thought of being her brother’s slave chilled her to the bone. Mark stood passively in front of her, offering her no support or opportunity. She ran the options through her head, unsure if she really understood them.She could just walk away and risk Mark giving the video to her father, which she was certain he would, and effectively ruin everything. Or she could do what Mark wanted and be his slave. From the way that he had looked at her moments ago, she wasn’t certain what that really meant. He didn’t want to have sex with her, did he?The thought made her shudder involuntarily. No, not even Mark could be so twisted. He would probably just spend the weekend humiliating her, making her do demeaning chores. She didn’t like it one bit, but she knew she had no choice in the end. It was only a weekend, after all. The consequences were too great. At last she nodded.”Alright, Mark, I’ll be your slave for the weekend.” She sneered at the last part, but Mark paid it no mind. He knew he could expect a lot of that kind of attitude all weekend and was ready for it. He just smiled and took a step closer.”Good. I knew you’d see it my way.” He smiled sweetly. “As a show of good faith.” He handed her the videotape. “I still have the original, of course. You can have that too when the weekend is done, but only if you’ve been a good girl.” She shot him a venomous glance as she took the tape from him.”Okay, what do you want me to do, drive you around all day?” she demanded.”No, nothing like. Not right now anyway. Come with me.” He led the way back upstairs, Anne hesitantly in tow. He stopped briefly to grab a package from his room before leading her to her own. He threw the package on the bed.”First, I want you to cancel all of your plans. Call your friends and tell them you are going away for the weekend. I don’t want any of them calling here at all for the next few days. If they do, I might just forget about our little deal. Understood?”Anne nodded. She knew.”Good. When you’re done, I want you to put on what’s in the bag. And only what’s in the bag. If you’re wearing anything else, well, you know the deal.” Anne nodded again, this time more confused.”You have twenty minutes to get this all done. When you’re dressed, come to my bedroom.” He smiled a strange smile she had never seen him wear before and left her alone.Anne sighed and shook her head, wondering what she had gotten herself into to. She knew she could still back down, but that would get her nowhere. She called as many of her friends as she could think of that called her on a regular basis and told them that she was taking off for the weekend. They gave her their best wishes, telling her they’d miss her at the party and such. She would miss herself for not being there too. When she was done, she picked up the package curiously.Resigned to continue forward, at least for now, she tore open the package. She looked in confusion at the contents. Inside was a black and white French-maid’s outfit, the low cut kind with the lacy frills and apron. It was obviously designed to be extremely sexual, and she doubted it would cover much of her ass or tits. Also, there was a pair of her black high heels. She shook out the dress, but to her dismay found no bra or panties.Did Mark really want her to wear this without underwear? She recalled what he had said, and he had been clear. Nothing but what was in the package or the deal was off. Well, if things started to get too freaky, she could always back out later and risk her father’s wrath.Mark Sat on his bed and idly flipped through a magazine. He wasn’t even certain what magazine it was, his heart was fluttering so rapidly. This was it. This was going to happen. All those months of penned up sexual frustration were about to come to an end. His eyes were ever shifting to the clock, and as the appointed minute got closer, he got and more nervous. What if she backed out? No, she wouldn’t. She couldn’t!A soft tap on his door caused him to drop the magazine. He quickly retrieved it and pretended to be engrossed in the contents. “Come in,” he said at last, trying to make it sound like he didn’t know who was there. His eyes nearly jumped out of his head as the door opened and his sister stood there nervously in the maid outfit he had bought for her just for this occasion.He started at her feet and moved his eyes slowly up the shapely flesh of her naked legs. They were well shaped by her workouts, and her almost fanatical tanning made them an unflawed, golden brown. The short, black shirt barely covered the tops of her thighs and his eyes moved up past her waist and to the tight fitting, low cut top.Even braless, her firm breasts swelled against the flimsy material. His eyes lingered on the visible cleavage and tops of her tits. Finally, her drew his eyes higher and swept up across her chest to her cute face. Framed by her long, brown hair, she was pretty. In the outfit, she was as sexy as he had ever seen her. He smiled as she stood there glaring at him shifting nervously under his scrutiny.”Well, what do you want me to do?” she half demanded, half whined. He had always liked her whine, and had often wondered what it would sound like while she was being brutally fucked.Mark put down the magazine and looked around. “Clean my room,” he said. She looked at him like he was an idiot, which made him smile even more. “Make sure you pick everything up and tidy it good. And bend over all the way when you do.”She shot him a venomous glare but slowly started to work. This was degrading, but it could be worse. Maybe this would be the worst of it. She started by the door and moved her way in, grabbing dirty laundry as she went.”Ah!” he snapped at her. “I said bend over all the way!” If looks could kill… She bent herself in half at the waist to pick up an errant sock. “And turn your back to me when you do.”She froze and thought about backing out. But Mark’s smug look made her want to do what he commanded, if for no other reason to prove she was better than he was. She turned her back to him and bend over, then fully over, to pick up a piece of paper that had missed the garbage can. She felt slightly queasy at the thought of what she was doing. She knew that she was exposing her bare ass to his leering inspection. And even a bit of her pussy must have been showing.Mark, on the other hand, was enjoying every second. His cock twitched and strained against his tight jeans every time Anne bent over. He was rewarded with several excellent views of the firm, shapely globes of her bare ass cheeks, and was happy to see no tan lines. In one view she had bent over in just the right way to let him see the perfect view of her luscious pussy. He rubbed himself as he watched the erotic scene.Anne sighed with relief as she picked up the final piece of dirty laundry. Thankfully his room wasn’t that dirty. Now that she thought about it, the stuff she had just bodrum escort picked up almost seemed to have been placed strategically about. She turned to him sharply when she realized his ploy.”That it?” she demanded, feeling disgusted with him and herself. He continued to rub himself through his jeans even as she looked one.”Almost,” he said. “But you see, now I have this problem. Watching you bending over in front of, displaying yourself like that, has got me horny as Hell. I think you had better take care of it for me.”Anne stood and stared at her brother as if realizing for the first time the plight that she had allowed herself to become trapped in. “What do you mean?” she asked fearfully.”I want you to give me head, Anne,” he said matter-of-factly, surprised at his confidence. Until that very moment he wasn’t certain if he would ever really be able to go through with it. “Suck me off until I blow my load in your mouth.” He smiled sweetly at her. Anne remained motionless, fear in her eyes. “Come on, Anne,” he yelled, anger in his voice. “We both know what’s riding on this. Get over here and suck me off!”Fear started her into motion, but anger and disgust made that motion slow. How could she go through with it? How could she suck on her own brother’s cock? Maybe if she just closed her eyes and sucked real fast it would all be over quickly.She stopped at the edge of her brother’s bed and looked down at him. He rubbed himself through his pants and finally popped the snap and unzipped them. He lifted his ass off the bed and scooted out of the pants, kicking them off onto the floor. His shirt and socks came off next, so that he lay before her in only his underwear. The bulge of his throbbing cock strained against the thin fabric, begging for release of the tight confines.”Take them off,” he ordered. He was surprised at Anne’s compliance. He could see the disgust on her face, but he could also see a distance. She was doing everything she could to pretend that this wasn’t happening, that Mark was someone else, Dave perhaps. He didn’t care, as long as he got what he wanted. Anne bent over him and grabbed the waistband of the shorts. Mark raised his hips again and she peeled the shorts from his waist, over his thighs and finally off altogether.She stared for long moments at the bobbing, twitching cock. If it had been someone else’s, she thought, she would have called it beautiful. It was over seven inches long and a good thickness with a smooth, purple head. But it belonged to her brother. She would do this, this one time to be free of him. As sick as it all was, she knew she had no real choice.Mark didn’t have to encourage her anymore. She knelt beside the bed and positioned herself over his waiting cock. Her long hair brushed his naked stomach sending shivers up his body. But they were nothing compared to the feeling off her hot breath on his cock as she lowered her head and opened her mouth. She closed her lips over the head and licked out with her tongue, testing the flavor and texture. She started to gag, but more from the thought having her brother’s cock in her mouth than from sucking a dick.Composing herself, she went to work. She opened her mouth wider and plunged her head down on his throbbing penis. It was hot in her mouth, and felt good. She loved sucking cock. But she did her best to think this was Dave, not Mark, and settled quickly into a fast, steady rhythm, hoping to bring him off quickly.Mark marveled at the fabulous sensations that were coming from his electrified cock. He knew from watching the tape of her and Dave that she had quite a bit of skill in this art, and that she was trying to her best to bring him off quickly. She was a little rough in her urgency, occasional scr****g her teeth or letting him slip out from time to time. Never the less, he soon felt his balls churning. Waiting months for this very instant, the moment and the superior skill being used on his dick were becoming too much for him. He opened his eyes and looked down at the top of her head as it bobbed up and down. An occasional slurp could be heard, exciting him all the more. He moaned and writhed under her skilled mouth, trying his best to resist pumping his cock into her mouth, wanting to savor this as long as possible. But he was quickly losing the battle. He was going to cum, soon.He reached down and stroked her hair before placing his hand on the top of her head.”I’m going to cum, Anne,” he whispered hoarsely. “You’re going to make me cum.” She put her hand around the base of his cock and tried to pull her mouth away, but he pushed at her head, keeping her on him. “No, I’m going to cum in your mouth, and you’re going to swallow every drop.”She tried to push away, but he grabbed her head with both hands and began thrusting, fucking her mouth as she gurgled and tried to scream at him. His ass cheeks suddenly clenched and he thrust into her, hard, filling as much of her mouth as he could. First one, then two, then three globs of hot cum shot out of his shaft into her waiting mouth. She choked and tried to spit it out, but he held her firmly in place.”Swallow it all!” he gasped. “Suck my balls dry.” She had no choice but to swallow, but she refused to suck on him any longer. “I said suck!” he yelled at her in angry. Fearful, she increased the tension of her lips around his shaft and reluctantly sucked on his softening cock. Another spurt and a few more beads of his pearly cum shot into her mouth. She swallowed it all, not spilling a drop. At last he let her go. She fell away, choking and gasping for air. She shot Mark a look of pure hatred. Mark lay on the bed and looked back, his face a mask of satisfied lust.For Mark it was everything he had imagined. As a sexual experience, it had felt amazing, but knowing it was his sister who had performed it made all that much better. He sighed happily and looked over at Anne. His sister was still sitting on the floor, breathing heavily and glaring at him. For her, the experience had been less that enjoyable. She didn’t know if it had been worth it, if a month in the Bahamas was worth drinking her own brother’s cum, but she was determined to forget this whole this whole thing, and soon. But Mark had other ideas.He looked over at his clock and smiled. It was only 7:00 p.m. He still had the whole weekend in front of him, and it was going to be one hell of a time. Anne slowly stood and started to leave, snapping Mark out of his reverie.”Where are you going?” he demanded as he grabbed his robe and threw it on.”I did what you wanted,” she sneered. “Now leave me alone.”Mark shrugged. “The deal was you would be mine for the whole weekend. Its still only Friday night.” Her eyes widened as she looked to the door for escape. “And right now, my little maid, I want you to do my laundry. Come along now.” He smiled sweetly and started for the door. His command had been so idle, so calm and casual, that she felt compelled to obey. With a sad sigh she grabbed the newly filled basket of clothes and followed her brother to the basement.Mark grabbed a chair and dragged it into the laundry room. Without a word, he sat down and watched. Anne glared at her older brother, but set to her task without complaint. What could she do? She had come this far. To quite now, over laundry, seemed ludicrous, all things considered. Thankfully, it was only one load.Mark’s eyes drank in her body and it moved and jiggled beneath her skimpy, sexy uniform. He wanted to run to her, tear off her clothes, and fuck her against the washing machine. Even having just had himself sexually satisfied, his cock still twitched and threatened to rise at the thought. With some restraint, he contented himself watching. Anne threw the remainder of his clothes in and started the machine, looking expectantly to Mark for further orders. Instead, he just stared at her. She shifted nervously.”Why don’t you hop up onto the washer until the load is done,” Mark told her. She looked at him, somewhat confused, but slowly pushed herself onto the machine. Facing Mark, she crossed one leg over the other to hide his view from her naked pussy. In a few moments she realized that her pussy wasn’t his immediate focus. The machine started its wash cycle, agitating visibly, and Anne rocked gently on top of it. She could feel her unrestrained tits bouncing inside of her top, and looking at Mark, suddenly realized he had a great view of the tops of her tits bouncing with the machine. She tried several times to uncomfortably cover herself better, but in the end, gave in to his stares. At least he wasn’t touching her.The cycle of the machine seemed to take forever as Anne sat and displayed herself to her brother. When the washer finally stopped, she quickly hopped off and started to transfer the load to the dryer. So exhausted from the ordeal so far, she didn’t even think as she bent fully over in front of her brother. Mark’s eyes bulged as he saw his sister’s bare pussy in the best shot he had seen yet. He smiled at her carelessness, a new wave of lust creeping over his loins. Anne set the dryer and turned back to her brother.”Now what?” she sneered. “You want me to sit on the dryer?””No,” he said as he got up from the chair. “I’m hungry. Make us dinner.” He smiled at her and led the way to the kitchen. She choked back her anger, but followed behind.Mark took a seat at the kitchen table and positioned himself to watch the full of the kitchen. Anne stood there for a time, waiting for him to say something. Finally she sighed.”Well, what do you want?” she demanded, slightly angry.”Make some spaghetti. I think there’s sauce in the freezer.”She glared at him, but set to work. Searching through the freezer, she found a small tub labeled sauce and tossed it into the microwave to defrost. Anne set a large pot of water on the stove to boil and turned to Mark, keeping an eye on him. She still believed, deep down, that she held some sort of personal control over the situation. Mark simply sat and stared at her in total silence. Anne shifted nervously under the cold scrutiny, waiting for him to say something, to do something. But he did neither, choosing to stare in silence, his eyes eating her body.Mark was smiling on the inside. He could see exactly how much he was getting to her, and he loved every moment. But his heart was thudding against his chest, threatening to burst. And that wasn’t all that was going to burst. His hard cock throbbed painfully, needing release, needing a hole to explode into. He was surprised he had been able to hold out as long as he did, but he would have to move soon. He watched his sister closely, waiting for the right moment. The right moment to take her.It seemed like an eternity to Anne, but the water finally started to boil. She turned thankfully from the haunting stare and pulled the pasta from the cupboard. Grabbing a handful, she tossed it into the boiling pot and began to stir it idly, unaware that Mark had moved in behind her. In one, swift motion he grabbed her by the shoulders and forced her chest down onto the counter.Anne shrieked in terror and tried to push herself up, to fight free of his grip, but it seemed hopeless. He was much stronger then she was, and the way he had her pinned prevented her arm muscles from resisting him.”What are you doing?” she screamed at him, her voice tight.”What I’ve been dreaming of for months,” Mark snickered in her ear. “Now hold still. You might enjoy this.”Mark tugged at the knot on his belt, letting his robe open at the front. His stiff rod swayed as it sought out the object of its affections, now so close at hand. Anne whimpered into the counter top as her brother’s hand felt its way under the short skirt and onto her ass cheeks. He plied and kneaded at the soft globes until his middle finger found its way in between the mounds. The finger rubbed and wormed its way around, at last finding the entrance to her sweet cunt. She cried softly, causing him to smile even more. She didn’t resist as he kicked her legs apart and dragged her hips slightly back, positioning her for entry. Licking his lips, Mark took his cock in hand and aimed it at her pussy lips.”Stop,” she screamed as she felt the head of his dick press against her pussy lips. She pushed off the counter but Mark caught her before she was able to turn away. In one, quick stab he thrust half his cock into her partially dry cunt. She whimpered and cried but he held her firm. Mark put one hand on her hips, and with the other he pushed her head down and slightly to the side. Through tears, she saw the boiling pot of water and pasta getting closer and closer to her face. Sucking in a hot breath of fear, she tensed, then forcibly relaxed, trying to accommodate Mark’s size in her unlubed cunt.Mark held her head above the steaming pot, and sniffling in defeat, she slowly reached down and began to finger her clit. Mark grunted and laughed in her ear, and began to move his cock around inside of her as best he could. From the combination of the stimulation to her clit and the action in her pussy, Anne felt her juices begin to flow and lubricate around Mark’s penis. Mark felt it too. With A handful of her hair, Mark squeezed her tits through her blouse and stared to thrust up into her. She closed her eyes and tried to leave her body, to let her brother **** her without feeling it.Scalding moisture brought her abruptly to her senses. Mark began to batter her with quick, hard thrusts. His body was locked on one, solitary purpose: filling this cunt with his sperm. As his thrusting became more and more ferocious, Mark began to push on her head, forcing her closer and closer to the boiling water. She panicked. She tried pushing, twisting her way free, but it was no use. With his orgasm near, she could never escape his grasp now. The heated steam turned from irritable to painful as it began to scald her face, to burn her skin. She had no choice. In a desperate act she began to thrust back against him. Mark moaned as she started to milk the muscles of her pussy around his cock with each thrust.He couldn’t believe how good it had felt before. Now that she was fucking him back, he knew he couldn’t last. He pulled her away from the pot and slammed her face back into the counter. Grabbing her shoulders, he pounded into her several more times before at last erupting into her cunt. Blob after blob spurted deep inside her belly. His cock twitched and slowly started to soften.Mark licked the side of her face and pulled out abruptly. He wiped his cock on her apron and left her crying on the counter as he returned to the chair, totally satisfied. That had been far better than he had ever imagined. Anne slumped against the counter and sobbed. Her pussy was on fire and face burned from the near scalding. She could feel her own juices and her brother’s sperm dripping down her inner thighs. She felt so far away, that this couldn’t be happening. She couldn’t even remember what she had done that could be so awful as to allow her own brother to **** her.He watched her from his chair, letting her cry silently, for several minutes before tapping the table impatiently.”Anne, I think the spaghetti is ready now,” he said matter-of-factly. “You better serve it before it gets mushy.”She turned and glared him with pure hate in her eyes. Mark smiled back at her. She knew, now, that her torment had only just begun. She said nothing, but took out two plates and silverware and set two places. With an angry, distant expression she served out two helpings, smearing sauce over each and sat down. Mark couldn’t believe what was happening. She seemed to have become his willing slave. He could barely eat as he stared at her with a newfound lust.Anne, in fact, was not so willing. Crying into the counter top opened her eyes to the realization of what she let herself into. She had sucked her brother off, drank his sperm, and let him fuck her. It wasn’t too late, of course. She could walk away. But what would be the point, now, after she had been put this much. She would get through this weekend, get that tape and destroy, and plot her eternal revenge. For now, she would have to get by. She didn’t look at Mark as she forced herself to eat, but she could feel his eyes walking over her. She cringed but finished as much as she wanted. When she looked up she noticed Mark’s plate was empty.”More?” she sneered at him.”No, I’m fine,” he replied pleasantly. “But you know, I’m a little sore. I think I need a massage.”He got up and started to walk upstairs, not even bothering to see if Anne would follow. She hesitated, but slowly got up and climbed the stairs after him. She found him naked, face down on his bed, his lean, well-defined body displayed for her. She frowned, but found herself climbing onto the bed beside him. She started at his shoulders, rubbing them awkwardly. Mark sighed.”That feels good,” he moaned. “Straddle my hips.”Anne slowly swung a leg over his body and settled down on his ass. Mark groaned as he felt her bald pussy lips brushing his skin. He could still feel the wetness of her juices and his cum mixed within her. She worked over his neck, shoulders and back as best she could. Mark moaned in appreciation from time, but said nothing, letting her work. For half and hour she kneaded and rubbed, working out his muscles. By the end of it, Mark was laying on yet another raging hard on.Anne pulled herself off of Mark and started to move off the bed when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down. Moving quickly, her forced he on her back and climbed on top of her, pinning her smaller frame beneath him. She squirmed against him and pushed at his chest, trying to push him away.”Mark, no!” she screamed at him as she beat at his shoulders feebly. Mark grinned down at her. “Got off or I’ll scream.”She opened her mouth to let out a bellow but before she could finish taking a breath Mark smashed his lips into hers, filling her mouth with his tongue. Her eyes widened in shock. She lay there stunned as her brother escort bodrum kissed her, exploring her mouth. She snapped back to her senses and bit down on his lip. The salty taste of blood hit her tongue before Mark snapped his head back and howled at her.”Fucking bitch!” He wanted to fuck her long and slow, but now she would have to pay for that. He forced her legs apart and thrust his cock in between her thighs. Anne fought and twisted, kicking with her legs, trying to break free, to not let him inside of her again. He grabbed both her legs behind the knees and pushed her wide open. In one thrust, his cock found her opening and buried itself deep inside. She screamed in terror more than pain as Mark wrapped his arms around her shoulders and ground her body into his own. Her cunt was still slick from the last fucking, and burying his face in her hair, he began to brutally pound into her.Anne grunted as she took each stroke, one direction filled completely, another nearly emptied. Mark was in pure heaven as he attacked her cunt like a wild a****l. He could feel her hot body beneath him and was slightly sad that he couldn’t feel her bare breasts against his naked chest while he fucked. Oh well, plenty of time for that later. For now, he fucked her like a man possessed.Anne closed her eyes and tried to be far away, but the pounding cock in her pussy kept her too close to reality. There was nothing she could do this time. Pinned beneath her brother, her legs spread wide while his hips and ass pumped in and out of her, she couldn’t even move, let alone try to help the process along. It didn’t matter, though. Within minutes she heard him grunt and felt his entire body stiffen as his cock plunged in to the hilt. She felt his hot cum fill her pussy for the second time. Mark grunted again and moaned with pleasure. His cock twitched and spasmed inside her. He just fucked his own sister for the second time in one night! He started laughing to himself and unceremoniously rolled off of her. Anne remained on her back, eyes closed, breathing heavily.”That was good,” he laughed, turning his head to look at her. Her nose crinkled in disgust. “As a reward, you may have half an hour for yourself to take a shower and get cleaned up.” She looked over at him and sneered, but got to her feet and headed thankfully to the bathroom. “And Anne,” he said a s she reached the door, “make sure your dressed again properly when you’re finished.” She didn’t even turn to look at him as he spoke, only nodded and continued on.Marked lounged in bed, humming idly to himself, as he heard the water start to run. He smiled happily. This was going to be a great weekend. No doubt Anne would use the entire half-hour, but that was okay. He was spent for the night, and content to merely lay back and recall all the wondrous things he had experienced that day.The ringing phone cruelly snapped Mark out of his revelry. He rolled over and reluctantly picked it off the receiver beside his bed.”Hello?” he half snorted.”Hi, is Anne there?” Marked ground his teeth. He recognized the voice. One of Anne’s friends, one of the girls who weren’t supposed to call this weekend.”No, didn’t she tell you she went away for the weekend?””She said that she might be, but wanted me to call her tonight to make sure.””Oh, well I’m sorry. She’s gone until Sunday night.””Okay thanks, bye.” Mark slammed down the phone. That bitch! She would pay for that one, too. Mark jumped up and started for the bathroom, then stopped. An idea filled his head, and idea so much better than another hard fucking. He threw on a pair of shorts and headed downstairs to prepare.Anne turned the water off and stepped out of the shower only with the greatest of grievances. Disgust ran through her body. She had allowed her own brother to fuck her, to cum inside her mouth and pussy. She had almost scrubbed herself raw, trying to wash away the filth she felt inside. It didn’t help. She glanced at the clock and sighed. She had only five minutes left. After seeing what Mark was capable of, she didn’t want to risk any of his wrath by being late. After drying herself, she pulled back on the sleazy French-maid outfit and brushed out her hair. She slowly opened the door and looked out. Mark was not in sight. She sighed and headed slowly for his room.”Anne, come down stairs, please.” The pleasantness in Mark’s voice reminded her of a snake about to strike. But she found that her feet were already heading down the stairs. She passed down the hall, but he was nowhere in sight. When she rounded the corner into the living room, her eyes fell on the old, wooden armchair that used to be in the dining room. She noticed that several straps had been attached to it. Before she could think about the strangeness of it, she felt a pair of hands grab her from behind and toss her roughly to the floor.Stunned by the sudden attack, she was too dazed to react when Mark grabbed her again and hauled her into the chair. She thought about fighting back, but before she could react, Mark had already fastened one of her arms securely in place. She jumped at him, swinging her free arm wildly, but Mark had already forced his weight into her. Practically sitting on her, he forced her other arm down and tied it securely. Once in place, she gave up. Her legs were tied at the ankles and knees, forcing them apart, and another strap was secured across her waist. She was his captive, beyond all doubt.Mark towered over her, staring down.”One of your friends called while you were in the shower,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m so disappointed in you. Well this is what happens when you cross me.”He bent down and kissed her hard on the lips before he slipped a black pillowcase over her head. He secured it around her neck with a small belt and patted her on the top of the head.”Night, night, Anne,” he laughed. “Sleep tight.”Mark slept in late through the morning. He lounged in bed, lazily stretching and twisting as images of his dream-like night filled his waking mind. He felt a brief moment of guilt, not just for the forced sex, but also for having sex for his own sister. But that brief moment of guilt was quickly and utterly replaced with a stirring lust. He smiled and headed down the stairs naked. He found his sister still tied to the chair, her head slumped to one side in what was no doubt an extremely uncomfortable position. He could see the curves of her body through the tightness of her outfit.He knelt down in front of her and placed his hand on his sister’s knee. She didn’t stir. He smiled lifted up her skirt, getting an eye full of her sweet pussy. It looked so thoroughly delicious as he slid his hand down her opened thigh and gently rubbed the lips. Anne shivered and stirred at his touch, her head rolling forward as consciousness grabbed her.Anne groaned as the stiffness of her neck shot slivers of pain through her back and head. She slowly opened her eyes and started to panic as a strange darkness filled her vision. Slowly she calmed down as the events of the past night caught up her. She remembered the fucking, the humiliation, and finally being tied to this chair and left there all night. It had taken her hours to try and fall asleep, and at last exhaustion found her. It had her still, but something had awakened her, was keeping her awake. And she felt it in her cunt.She soon became aware that she was not alone. It was Mark, she knew, that was kneeling before, one hand massaging her thigh, the other plying at her cunt. His fingers rubbed around her lips, moving slightly up to tweak at her clit, and back down again to slowly push into her abused hole. Had this been anyone else, under any other circumstances, she would be enjoying herself greatly. But even with the intense stimulation, she refused to acknowledge pleasure.Mark could take it no longer. It just looked so good, he had to taste it. He reached around and untied the belt at her waist and pulled at her hips. She had enough slack to allow her ass to be dragged to the edge of the chair. Mark wasted no time. His hands firmly gripping her hips, he plunged his face in between his legs. His tongue snaked out, lapping and licking at the lips of her cunt. She tasted good, so good he forced her lips apart and sank his tongue deep inside her. Anne moaned and twisted in disgust and helplessness. She knew at that moment that her humiliation could not get any worse.Mark would have been quite content to sit before her and eat out his sister all day, but he only had a weekend. And after he was through with her, he knew that he would never have a second chance. He had to make the most of it. Reluctantly, he took one final lick and pulled back. His hands slid form her hips and moved up her sides to cup themselves around her breasts. He suddenly realized that he had yet to see her tits and give them the proper attention they deserved. He smiled at his own neglect. Grabbing the top of her blouse, he yanked, shredding the thin material and pulling it to the side.Anne jumped in surprise, feeling all the more vulnerable. He stared at her tits, marveling at their curves, at the small, perky nipples, the full, firm shapes before his hands cupped the naked flesh for the first time. His hands and fingers roamed and probed and squeezed at her tits with abandoned lust. They were simply marvelous. He bent his head forward, burying his face between the mound and squeezing the flesh into his cheeks. His mouth locked onto one nipple, sucking and biting until it hardened. He slobbered and kissed at it, leaving a glistening trail as he licked across her chest to the other.Anne remained silent, trying to keep emotionless to the attack on her helpless body. She had only to get through one ore day of this and it would be all over. She could endure one more day. She sighed in relief as Mark finally gave up on her tits, leaving them wet and sore, and started to untie her. She stretched her cramped and aching muscles as he pulled her to her feet. She moaned and stretched and reached to pull off the makeshift hood, put Mark grabbed her arms to stop her.In one, shift motion he pulled at the flimsy material of her uniform and tore it free, leaving her blind and completely naked before him. Mark dragged her by the shoulders to the couch and tossed her to the floor. She lay there, uncertain of what to do. She was more vulnerable than ever and knew she couldn’t fight off her bigger brother, especially like this. Laying on the floor, slumped against the couch, she refused to move. Her aching muscles fought against her, fought against the torment of the night in the chair.She suddenly felt herself being bent at the waist over the couch. A strap was attached to her right knee and pulled taunt. Another was attached to her left, leaving her kneeling, bent over the couch with her legs forced apart. She didn’t bother to struggle when she felt the same being done to her wrists. When he was done, Mark had her secured to the couch in perfect fucking position. The tension on her arms caused her upper body to be stretched and lifted off the couch. When he knelt down behind her, he discovered, much to his delight, that her tits were open and free to be fondled from behind. He positioned his cock at her pussy lips and eased it inside of her.Mark groaned loudly in her covered ear as his cock, greased with his own saliva and her natural lubrication, slide deep within her. He buried himself to the hilt. He could feel the walls of her pussy spasm around his shaft. He remained within her, enjoying every sensation, for several minutes, his hands working over her breasts. Slowly, he eased himself back out of her until only the head remained inside. Holding her firmly, he slammed back into her. Anne grunted and bit her lip to keep from yelling out.Mark smiled and licked her shoulder as wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through his dick. He growled playfully to his helpless victim and eased his cock back out, only to slam it in again. Over and over, with an ever-quickening pace, Mark battered his sister’s ass cheeks, filling the room with the smacking of skin on skin, his hands never leaving her breasts.For half and hour he rammed his sister’s cunt, mauling her body with his hands, abusing her with his cock. He was going to cum inside her pussy soon, but that wasn’t what he wanted this time. He wanted her to swallow his cum again. She had given him a fantastic blowjob last night, even under order. He couldn’t wait to do it again. He pulled from her in one, swift jerk, a wet, slurping sound accompanying his exit. He started to stand and when her looked down at her ass. It was a shame to leave her pussy empty while he filled her mouth, he thought. An idea filled his head and he left the room. Anne struggled to hear what was going on, to discover why he had suddenly stopped. She thought she heard the back door open, and Mark talking, but she could not make it out.She could feel Mark walk back into the room and stood beside her, chuckling to himself. She thought she could hear a patting sound and suddenly felt hot breath on her naked pussy. She jumped, feeling Mark sill standing beside her. Someone else was in the room sniffing at her cunt. Had Mark invited a friend over to abuse her as well? She tried to twist and fight away from the loud sniffing and hot breath that followed her every move.”You’re going to love this, Anne,” Mark smirked at her. She felt a wet tongue lap across her pussy lips and jumped. The tongue felt huge. It seemed to cover her entire cunt with each lick. Anne had never felt a guy eat her out like that. The huge tongue licked forward and filled her up like a cock.Anne squealed into her hood as she felt coarse hairs rub against her inner thighs. Whoever was licking out her pussy was doing a job like no other. She couldn’t help but to feel her body become aroused as her new assaulter slobbered and panted around her cunt. Her arousal turned quickly to fear and disgust when the sudden realization struck her. It was not a who but a what that was licking her. And that what was a dog.Mark grinned as Anne shrieked and tried to pull away from the lapping dog. Prince, their massive German Shepherd, followed her every move, lapping away at the delicious cunt.”Good boy,” Mark praised as he patted the dog’s head. Prince ignored him, intent on his task at hand.”Mark, no!” she wailed as the dog continued to assault the captive girl’s cunt. She began sopping, the depraved act robbing her of all of her dignity.For several minutes Mark just watched in wonder as Prince licked his sister. Anne had stopped sobbing, and was now grunting with each lick. He listened carefully and could have sworn that the grunting was from pleasure, not humiliation and torment. He smiled and stood up. Anne could feel the belt around her neck loosened and the hood was pulled off. She squinted as the sudden morning light stung at her eyes, but her vision slowly adjusted. She looked behind her as best she could and watched in wonder and horror as the big dog ate her.Mark climbed up on the couch and squeezed himself in between her and the back of the couch. Anne opened her eyes as Mark grabbed the sides of her head and pulled her mouth down on his cock. Her mouth resisted for an instant before he shoved the cock head, and the rest of the shaft, inside. He forced in as much as he felt she could take and started pulling her head up and down on his penis, jerking himself off with her mouth.Anne closed her eyes as the sensations between her legs betrayed her mind. It was good. She had never in her young life been so thoroughly pleasured orally by anyone. She pretended it was someone else, and not her pet dog, that was eating her. She pretended it was Dave. Her mouth slowly relaxed at the thought. As for the cock in her mouth, it didn’t really matter. She liked giving head, and as long she pretended it wasn’t her own brother, than it was all right. As he pulled on her head, Anne moaned softly and started to suck back, her mind lost to the realization of what was happening to her. All that mattered was that she was getting the pleasure of her life.From his vantage point, Mark had the perfect view of Prince licking his sister with his massive tongue. The sight turned him on beyond compare. As he fucked Anne’s mouth, the idea of her totally humiliation brought him closer and closer to orgasm. After the wonderful fucking he had given her already, he was close. So when she actually started to suck him back, Mark could not control himself. In a rush, Mark grabbed the back of her head and forced it down on his cock. Hot cum erupted in her mouth. She didn’t have to be told this time as she swallowed every drop. Mark held her head tight, not letting his softening cock out of her mouth.Anne could feel her it deep in her cunt, the growing sensation of orgasm. She fought against, fought the betrayal of her body. She didn’t want to cum by a dog’s tongue. When Mark’s cum flooded her mouth, however, the fire increased a hundred-fold. She swallowed his i****tuous sperm eagerly. She closed her eyes tight as Prince continued his vicious licking. Anne suppressed a deep moan, letting out a quiet whimper as wave after wave of intense, a****l sexuality rushed through her body. She wanted to cry, to scream, to holler at the top of her lungs, but she wouldn’t give Mark that kind of satisfaction. She whimpered, his soft cock still in her mouth, and did all she could to keep from biting down.The dog lapped at her flowing cum until he was satisfied and, tail wagging, went into the kitchen. Mark groaned, having just witnessed the most erotic event he could ever imagine. Smiling lazily, he pulled himself off the couch and, patting Anne on the head, went upstairs to shower.Anne slumped against her bindings. They stretched at her arms and shoulders, but she was too exhausted by the whole ordeal to care. How could her body betray her so completely? How could she get off on a dog licking her cunt? It had been good though. bodrum escort bayan So good…A wet lick on her inner thigh snapped her awake. She turned her head and saw Prince standing behind her again, licking at the pussy juice that was dripping down her thighs. He moved closer and began lapping at her cunt, forcing his tongue back inside her again.”Prince,” she yelled at him. “Bad dog. Go! Go to the kitchen!”The dog ignored her. Without Mark there, he was free do to as he wished. And right then he seemed content to lick out her pussy. Anne tried again to move her waist as much as she could to get away, but the dog’s long tongue never left its target. It lapped and lapped, sending a new current of electric urges through her body. She moaned out loud this time, aware of the shower still running and her own privacy.She couldn’t help herself and found her ass pushing back against the dog’s probing tongue. She curled her hips until the lapping was centered on her clit. She moaned and writhed, her fists tight balls as felt a new climax building inside her. Just as she neared the breaking point, Prince stopped and moved away from her. Anne’s eyes snapped open and she looked around desperately, only to find Prince at Mark’s feet, tail wagging happily at its master.”Good boy,” he said, patting the dog’s head and scratching his sides. “Such a good boy.” He looked over at his sister with a smile of pure smugness and led the dog to the back door and outside. When he returned he stood over his sister and stared at her with lust in his eyes.”Told yeah you would like that,” he laughed and started to untie her. When she was free, Anne stood haphazardly up, still stiff and weak from the night in the chair. “Go get showered and put on what I lay out for you. It’ll be ready in your room. You have half an hour. Don’t be long.” He smiled sweetly. Anne glared at him but said nothing as she left thankfully for the bathroom.For the remainder of the morning and most of the afternoon Anne almost enjoyed herself. Mark took her out to breakfast, and then lunch. He took her to various shops and stores, buying her clothes and small pieces of jewelry and basically whatever else she desired.Through it all Mark made pleasant small talk about anything and everything. Anne would have thought that he might have felt guilty about what he had done to her, that it was all over, had it not been that Marks’s eyes were ever devouring her body. He had chosen for her a pair of black high heels and a thin, one piece summer dress that was cut low in the front and was hemmed up high on her thighs. Every time she thought he was being genuinely nice, all she had to do was look at the lust in his eyes to know better.In the late hours of the afternoon he took her to a mall on the far end of the city, one that neither of them went too very often. It seemed a little suspicious to Anne, but there was nothing she could do. He led her to a large department store and told her to pick out one piece of clothing, anything she wanted. Anne smiled happily and dove into the isles, pulling pieces from the racks, not equating herself as a prostitute with Mark buying her sex with clothes. She escaped to the dressing room, thankful that Mark didn’t interrupt her as she changed outfits and viewed them all in the privacy of the little room.At last she emerged with a bundle of clothes in one hand and a single dress in the other.”I’ll take this-” She was cut off as Mark, seeing the way clear, clamped a hand around her mouth and forced her back into the small change room. She dropped the clothes as Mark spin her around roughly bent her over. Flipping the short dress over her ass and onto her waist, Mark undid his pants and dropped them to his knees.Mark pushed the head of his cock into her cunt and, grabbing her hips in both hands, forced the rest of his cock slowly inside. He moved slowly for a few thrusts until he felt her moisten, then fucked her as fast as he could in the small room. Anne shuddered and grabbed onto the shelf for support as her brother fucked her from behind. He jerked in and out of her in quick, short thrusts, one hand slipping under her to grab a tit while the other balanced on her waist. Within a few, short minutes he was sweating from the effort but could feel his orgasm close at hand. Pounding into her, he came quick and hard, pumping his seed deep into her cunt. He groaned as his knees buckled and latched onto her body for support. He chuckled and pulled himself out as he licked her ear.”Thanks, sis,” he sneered and pulled up his pants. Checking to see that the way was still clear he stepped out and closed the door behind him.Anne shivered and slumped against the wall. Mark’s cum dribbled down her leg. With disgust she realized she had to clean herself up and pulled one of the discarded outfits from the floor. She grimaced as she wiped his cum from her leg and stuffed some of the clothing between her legs to sop up the mess and prevent further leaking.Anne felt a little disgusted, and a little naughty, as she placed the dirtied clothing into the pile and left them all on the bench. Retrieving the dress she intended to buy, she stepped out to find Mark waiting against a pole, like a boyfriend waiting impatiently for his girlfriend to finish her business. He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her against him when she tried to pull away, and led them to the cashier.Mark led her through the mall, still attached to her like a lover. Now she knew why Mark had chosen this out of the way shopping mall to take her. They were unlikely to meet anyone they knew, and Mark could act however he wished with her. She felt sick to her stomach, but let him lead her around.He stopped outside a large shoe store and guided her in. “Might as well get some shoes to match your new dress,” he said as he kissed her ear.An older man who seemed to be the manager jumped forward to take care of them when he saw pretty Anne in her short dress enter. He was a medium sized man, slightly balding and showing generous signs of age induced spare tire around the waist from too much junk food.Anne took a seat with Mark standing close behind her and pointed out several different styles. With each pair, the man became more and more bold, his hand resting higher and higher on her leg until it reached her knee, then her thigh.She was painfully aware of the unwelcome touching, and even more aware that each time he placed a shoe on her foot he would lift her leg and stare under her skirt at her bald, naked pussy. He began to sweat, though the effort was almost nonexistent.Mark was also aware of the man’s attention to his sister. The shoe salesman looked up more than once to find Mark watching him, but each time Mark responded to his nervous glance with a nod and a smile. Embolden even more by this encouragement and Anne’s lack of negative reaction, he licked his lips nervously and slid his hand up her inner thigh.Anne closed her legs before he could touch her pussy and squirmed back, but said nothing. Behind her back, Mark smiled and gestured meaningfully towards the back storage room. The man looked to it, then back to Mark, sweating even more.”This style seems a little uncomfortable,” he told Anne, trying to retain his professional air. “I think I have some in the back with a different toe that you might like. If you’d like to follow me.” With a nervous glance at his two employees the man led the way to the back room.Mark nudged Anne, and she reluctantly got up to follow. Mark had to push her twice to get her all the way inside, and the man closed and locked the door behind them.Mark grabbed her from behind and clamped one hand over her mouth, just like he had in the dressing room. But this time, instead of bending her over, he pulled her to the floor.”You want her, don’t you,” Mark told the man. The man only nodded and stared down as Mark held Anne to the floor. “Come on, take her then. She’s yours.”At first the man hesitated, uncertain if Mark was serious, or if he was just toying with him. But when Mark grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up, revealing her lovely naked pussy, his mind was made up. He stripped off his pants and underwear and moved towards her.It took both of them to hold her down, Mark’s hand still over his sister’s mouth as she screamed into it. The fat, sweating man crawled between her legs and took his cock in hand. Mark had to keep from laughing as he saw the puny thing, maybe 5 inches long, push into her. Mark wondered, as the man entered his sister, if he realized that it was another man’s cum that made the entry so wet and smooth.Anne continued to try to scream and fight, biting and cursing into her brother’s hand. But when the man lowered all of his weight on top of her and started to fuck her in earnest, she gave up the fight. Mark removed his hand, letting her head roll to the side, and took a step back to watch. The large man totally covered his little sister. All that was really visible was her legs, splayed out to the side of his humping body, and her head, eyes wide in disbelief.The older man didn’t have much style, Mark thought curiously. His rhythm was all off, and he huffed and sweated profusely on top of the trapped girl. With his tiny cock and the treatment Anne had received that day, he doubted that his sister could even really feel him inside of her. And he doubted very much that she could be enjoying this. All the better, he thought, because he was enjoying it immensely.Not surprisingly, Mark thought, the older man came quite quickly. Looking at his watch he was surprised that not even five minutes had passed before he grunted, tensed a few times, and went limp on top of her. Smiling, the pervert started to lick Anne’s face, much to Mark’s amusement. He could have stayed and watched what would have happened next, but he was tired, and starting to get hungry again.”Alright, bud,” Mark said as he stepped forward. “Fun’s over. We gotta go.”The man looked at Mark, slightly angry at first, then uncertain as to what to do. Finally, he pushed his sweaty body off of Anne and started to clean himself up. Mark pulled his sister to her feet, and without even straightening her clothes, pushed her for the door.”Thanks,” the man wheezed. “That was great.”Mark smiled and opened the door. All eyes in the store stared as they saw Anne, quite disheveled, and for those who looked close enough, with a glistening stain on her thighs. Mark didn’t give them a second look, but paraded her out the door.Anne thought she could die at the moment, and would if Mark hadn’t taken her straight to the car. Her mind couldn’t quite grasp what had just happened.Mark stopped for fast food, which Anne ate without appetite, but ate nonetheless. By the time they got home it was getting late. Anne sighed when she saw the clock. The day was almost over. It was all almost over.”It’s been a great day, Anne,” Mark teased. “But pretty tiring. Know what would be really great about now?” Anne glowered at him. “A nice hot shower. And I think I need someone to wash my back for me.””Fuck you,” Anne snapped.”Oh, I will,” Mark sneered and dragged her roughly up the stairs.He pulled her dress over her head and shoved her into the shower, turning just the cold on. Anne howled and quickly adjusted the temperature, giving Mark time to strip and climb in behind her. His cock throbbed as it bumped against her wet ass, but he didn’t want to touch her with the sweat and cum of that old man all over her. He pushed her under the water and left her alone.Anne gratefully allowed herself to be swallowed by the warm, soothing stream of water. She accepted the soap from Mark and washed all memory of what had happened away. Under the water, she allowed herself to be taken away to a better place, a place where she was free from this nightmare she had allowed herself to get into. She closed her eyes and started to cry.Suddenly there were strong arms around her, holding her close. Lips, so full of passion and desire met hers, and she kissed them back. She wrapped her arms around this person who would protect her, and allowed him to take her from the shower and carry her to her room, all the while, never releasing their kiss. Mark laid Anne tenderly on the bed, all at once surprised and amused and aroused. He slipped in behind her and nestled her neck, tasting her soft skin. Anne moaned and pressed back, her eyes never opening. She allowed Mark, even helped him, to lift her leg and slip his cock inside of her. He fucked her slow and long in the spoon position, his arm around her side, his hand feeling her soft breasts, his mouth kissing and licking.He rolled her over onto her back and climbed on top of her, his lips kissing hers, his tongue twisting around his sister’s. He slid his cock back into her pussy and fucked her long and slow into the night. When at last he came inside of her, he pulled out and slumped down on the bed, exhausted. Like lovers, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.Mark awoke with the sun bright in his eyes. He looked over and found his sister’s head resting on his shoulder, her face peaceful and happy. He smiled to himself. That look would soon change. On the far side of her he spied her alarm clock and almost gasped. It was nearly 11:00 a.m. Something Mark didn’t tell his sister was their parents were due back just before noon, which was anytime now. Damn. He didn’t mean to sleep so long. But he still had the chance for one final fuck.He moved closer and rubbed a finger along her clit and down to her snatch. Rubbing at the opening, he slipped a finger inside her cunt and instantly felt her moistening at his touch. She must be dreaming, he thought. He kissed her and she stirred and rolled her head back, opening her eyes sleepily.”Mmmm, morning,” she whispered as her vision cleared. “Mark?” She blinked, unsure if she was seeing right. Memories of last night, of fucking him so tenderly flooded back to her. She made a face like she was about to throw up.”Morning, sister,” Mark smiled in amusement. “Sleep well.”Anne ignored him and tried to climb out of the bed, but he caught her arm and dragged her back.”Where do you think you’re going?” He snapped.”Look, I did what you wanted,” she whined to him. “Now leave me alone.””Can’t,” he laughed. “We made a deal. And the weekend isn’t over yet. Don’t tell me you’re going to quit so close to the end.” She sighed and looked at him desperately. “Okay, I’ll make you a deal. You only have to fuck me once more, and the deal is done.” She glared at him. “But you have to fuck ME.””What do you mean?”Mark laughed and lay back on the bed. “I mean, I’m just going to lay here. You have to suck me off, get me nice and hard, and then ride me until I cum. That’s the deal.” Anne made the face again. “It’s that or we call the whole thing off.”She sat in silence for a long time. “Okay,” she finally whispered. Mark nodded and pulled the covers off of him, revealing his limp cock.Anne sighed and bent over, her long hair trailing on his skin. His cock started to twitch already, but her fought against it. He wanted to enjoy this. Anne decided that if she was going to have to fuck him, then she would make damn certain that it was quick. She opened her mouth and swallowed his flaccid penis and his balls, taking it all into her mouth in one bite. She licked at his balls inside her mouth and sucked hard. Against all his will, his cock started to harden. She spit out his balls and started to bob her head rapidly, making him fully hard as fast as possible. He tongue worked over his shaft, dancing around his head. It felt so wonderful that he briefly considered cumming in her mouth again.Satisfied that it was fully erect, Anne stopped sucking and sat up. She looked down at Mark with disgust and swung her leg over his hips. Mark grinned up at her and put his hand behind his head to watch as she took his cock in hand and guided it to her cunt. Slowly she sat down, taking his entire length into her. She moved slowly at first, not wanted to be hurt like all the times before and started to rock back and forth on his dick. Mark looked up and marveled at how beautiful his sister was in the morning light.His hands reached up and cupped at her tits, squeezing and kneading at the flesh. Anne worked her brother over with every trick and talent she had learned, trying her best to bring him off fast. She flexed and squeezed her pussy around her his cock. She raised her hips so that he was nearly all the way out of her, then tightened her cunt muscles and forced his cock back inside. She bounced and rutted on his cock with a fury, her breasts flopping around in a lewd, erotic display that drove Mark wild. Through it all he remained nearly motionless except to occasionally fondle a breast or squeeze her hips.Half an hour later Anne was almost in tears. For her it had been a trial in frustration as her brother would not give in. For Mark, it had been an incredible screw. He was prepared to let her go, to cum inside her and end her torment, when the sound of a garage door opening rattled through the silent house. Anne pulled of Mark’s cock and leaped to the window, staring down in horror and relief as she saw her parent’s car waiting for the slow door to rise.”Get back here,” Mark growled. “We’re not done yet.””But mom and dad are home,” Anne said, incredulous to Mark’s statement.Mark, infuriated, leaped to his feet and flung his sister to the bed and jumped on top of her.”I said one more time,” he yelled as he shoved his cock back into her. Anne gasped in pain as Mark pounded her, shaking the whole bed with his furious attack. He fucked her with a purpose, to cum inside her as quickly as possible. The headboard banged ad rattled against the wall as he fucked her. Anne cried out and grunted in pain, but Mark didn’t care.With one, final, deep thrust, he came, filling her again with his i****tuous sperm. Mark grunted, glared down at Anne and pulled away. Flinging his robe on, he didn’t even look back as he went downstairs to greet his parents.Anne watched her brother leave and curled into a ball, very aware of her raw, throbbing cunt. Her breathing slowed and she smiled to herself. She couldn’t wait until Mark caught her doing something naughty once again.END
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