An old friend comes to stay and gets more hospital


An old friend comes to stay and gets more hospitalI married Jane when we were both still in college, alittle over ten years ago. They have been a great tenyears. I just had my 32nd birthday, and Jane’s is in acouple of months.Jane still looks fantastic. We walk or cycle almosteveryday, and she teaches an aerobic class at thecommunity center. He body is firmer and tighter, now,than it was when I met her. She is 5’6¨, weighs about110-115, and measures in at an eye-catching 36-24-35.She has deep green eyes, a great complexion, and brightblonde hair cut in a short, stylish bob. So, when Itell you that just looking at her still makes my heartgo pitter-patter, you know why.I’ve been monogamous since the day I met Jane, andI’m sure she has been the same. She wasn’t a virginwhen we met. In fact, I started dating Jane after shebroke up a very long-term relationship with one of myFrat brothers. I know they had been making love foryears, and, sometimes, even today, while daydreaming,the vision of Jane and her ex-boyfriend doing some ofthe things we have done together has aroused me.Maybe it was so easy for me to picture them together,because I knew both of them.Anyway, here we are. A successful young couple. Weboth work for the same very large Corporation, and wesurvived the `80’s fairly well. And now, we areenjoying the benefits, in our new house with a 3-cargarage, a yard full of trees, and a hot tub on the deckoutside our bedroom.Several weeks ago, I received word that Mike, a mutualco-worker and old friend was returning to headquartersfor training. Mike is a great guy, and we were closebefore he was transferred to Seattle about a year ago.We had been on the company softball team together andhad been drinking buddies, and Jane and I had evendouble-dated with him a time or two. So, when I heardhe was coming back to town for a few days, I checkedwith Jane, and then called him, insisting he stay withus rather than in a hotel. He agreed, immediately.I picked Mike up at the airport at 3:00 pm on Fridayafternoon, and we had a nice conversation as I droveback to the house and he informed me he had just gottenengaged to a woman out West.When Mike opened the door to our house, thirty-somepeople yelled “SURPRISE!” Jane and I had decided tothrow him a little “Welcome Back” party, so he couldsee his old friends, again. It was a great party.After good music, good food, good conversation, andgood booze, people started leaving around midnight.By twelve-thirty, everybody had left and Mike offeredto help Jane and I clean up.Jane said, “This can wait. I’d rather take a quickdip.”I agreed.Mike said that that sounded good, but he’d have toborrow one of my swimsuits, as he hadn’t brought anyalong with him.Much to my surprise, Jane blurted out, “You don’t haveto worry about a suit, Mike. Jim and I don’t bothermuch with them, anymore.”I was surprised because, although Jane and I reallydidn’t bother with suits, it was only when we werealone. I couldn’t tell if she was a little buzzed, ora little excited, or both. But I knew I was both!The three of us quickly stripped on the back patio deck.It was obvious in the bright moonlight that Jane wasmore than buzzed. Her nipples were hard and erect andher skin had that taut, expectant look it gets before wemake love. She was also breathing through her mouthand her eyes were glued on Mike.And looking at Mike, myself, I could now see why hehad been such a stud around the office before he wastransferred. ordu escort Besides his rugged good looks and greatpersonality, he had a rather large cock and set of ballshanging between his legs.I noticed he was also watching Jane, very closely.We all ran up the steps to the bedroom-level of the deckand splashed into the tub. The water was perfect, andthe night air made it very relaxing. After a while, Ioffered to make us all a nightcap, and ran in the houseto get the fixings. When I returned, Jane and Mike wereout of the pool and lying on chaise lounges. Neitherone of them had made any effort to cover anything up, soI didn’t either.We sipped our drinks and quietly talked about old timesand who-was-where-doing-what in the company. Mikewas on the chaise between us and I couldn’t help butnotice all the attention Jane was giving his crotch. Itook a good look, myself.Mike’s cock was large-no two ways about that. It waslong, maybe seven inches or so, but it was also thick,looking almost as thick around as my wrist. And it wasstill soft! I had been in enough locker rooms to knowthat Mike was one of a very few men like that. Now,looking closer, I noticed that he was also uncircumcisedand he had a lot of obvious foreskin.When we finally got around to the office gossip andwho-was-fucking-whom, we all perked up. Jane saidshe now understood why there was so much crying andgnashing of teeth by the office beauties when Mike wastransferred across the country. She went on to say thatnot only was he a sweetie, he had the most impressiveprick she had ever seen in her life. Then, Jane askedMike to forgive her for staring, but she had never seenan uncircumcised cock before.Being only human, as Mike listened to Jane’s compliments, his impressive seven inches was slowly twitchingitself into a firmer, and even more impressive, nineinches!Jane suddenly turned to me, “I just want to touch it!”I could tell from her expression and breathless tone,she was asking me for permission.I shrugged and nodded. What was I going to say?Jane turned to Mike, “May I?”Mike looked at me and I nodded again. He turned backto Jane, “Sure, Jane, if you want to.”Jane got up off her chaise and walked to Mike’s, “Oh, Iwant to.”My wife sat next to Mike on his chaise and just staredat his cock. It was still twitching, growing firmer andlonger as we watched.Jane slowly reached forward. There was a smalltremble in her hand. Slowly, she reached out andtouched Mike’s cock, wrapping her hand around it. Herfingers didn’t even come close to making it all the wayaround.None of us said a word. Both of us men were intentlywatching my wife’s hand as it slowly pulled back Mike’sforeskin off the head of his cock, and then let go, sothe skin slid back to cover the head, again. Over andover, Jane slid her hand up and down Mike’s shaft.Jane’s other hand made its way down to his balls, whereshe cupped and lifted them, as if weighing them.I didn’t have a ruler, but my guess was that Mike wasnow a hard ten inches of cock. I couldn’t even guessits girth.All this time, Jane was slowly lowering her head, inchby inch, until she was only inches away from Mike’serection. I was watching his cock as intently as mywife. Mike’s foreskin was so thick and long, that evenwhen his cock was erect (as it was now!), it was stilllong enough to entirely cover his head. So both Janeand I watched as a drop of pre-cum oozed out of the tip;and as Jane let the skin go, we watched the skin coverthe escort ordu head, pushing the drop up, until it rested on top,like a shiny diamond on a ring.To my utter surprise, Jane flicked her tongue out tolick the fluid away. Mike and I both moaned.Now, Jane continued her hand rhythm, up and down, butshe left her tongue on the head of Mike’s cock, so thatwhen his foreskin returned to cover the head, it alsocovered the tip of Jane’s tongue. This only happened afew times before Mike very obviously began to cum.Jane moved her mouth onto Mike’s cock, and beganswallowing his cum. A little of his cum leaked out theside of her mouth, but she quickly caught it with herfinger, pushing it back in. (Jane later told me thatMike’s cum was more than she thought any man couldshoot at one time and that he must have been saving itup.)Jane’s eyes looked glazed-over when she smiled up atMike. I knew I needed a release for my raging, almost-painful, hard-on and suggested we move into thebedroom. Mike and I escorted Jane to our king-sizedbed and she looked up at both of us. She lookedbeautiful.Mike laid beside my wife on one side and I took theother. We began to explore her extraordinary body withour hands and fingers and tongues. Mike sucked abreast into his mouth and I licked Jane’s clit. He soonmoved down to her pussy and I kissed her mouth andfilled my hand with her tit.I couldn’t wait any longer. I moved Mike out of theway and slid my erect cock into my wife, to the hilt.I had never felt her cunt so wet and hot as it was atthat moment. She reached one hand between us and madea ring around my cock with her finger and thumb. ThenI felt her other hand on the cheek of my ass, herfingers seeking, and finding my anus.Knowing my climax would be almost immediate, she grinned up at me and asked, “Did you enjoy seeing anotherman’s cock and cum fill my mouth to overflowing?”That was it! I rammed into her as hard as I could andlet go with a massive orgasm.I had barely finished cumming when I felt Jane’s handsmoving my shoulders away from her. She wanted meoff her. She was looking at Mike and they were nowready for each other. I slipped out of Jane and rolledover on the bed, watching Mike position himselfbetween my wife’s wide-spread legs. His erection washuge.Her eyes were filled with lust as she grabbed Mike’ships and said, “What are you waiting for? Fuck me!I want to feel that monster-cock in me, right now!”Mike maintained control. “Let’s take this slow, Jane.I don’t want to hurt you.As his cock-head touched her cunt lips, Jane moanedloudly.I couldn’t believe it! I was in the same bed, watchinganother man getting ready to fuck my wife!Mike began to push slowly with his hips. Jane’s pussybegan to stretch itself around its unnatural girth.Slowly, slowly, Mike maintained the pressure, slowlybut surely burying his cock deeper and deeper into mywife’s cunt.“You’re so tight, Jane. Tell me if I hurt you.”Jane couldn’t talk, she just shook her head.Finally, Mike touched bottom. He held himselfcompletely still. My wife had taken it all.Jane was obviously savoring the feeling. She wrappedher arms around Mike’s neck and said, “Oh, Mike, I’venever felt this full in my life!” Then, even withoutMike moving a muscle, Jane began a powerful orgasm(Which she later said was the strongest she had everhad.). Wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body.And, as she began to come down, Mike began his fuckingmotion, taking her up, up, and away, again and ordu escort bayan again.Mike dropped his face to Jane’s breasts and he beganbiting and pulling her nipple with his teeth, as hehammered into her, harder and harder with his hips.“Oh, yes!” she screamed. If our neighbors lived anycloser, I’m sure they would have called the police.“Fuck me hard, you bastard! I can feel all yourforeskin! I can feel it sliding up and down your cock,sliding inside my cunt, the way it did in my hands!Don’t let this end!”But it did. Mike was lifting himself almost all theway out of Jane and then slamming back into her, slap-ping their hips together and banging his big ballsagainst her ass. I would have felt sorry for Jane, forthe beating she was taking, if she wasn’t so obviouslyenjoying every bit of it, bouncing her hips up to meethis down slam.I’m not sure if Jane ever really stopped cumming, butit was obvious when Mike began his. His face turnedred and he was gasping for breath, grunting.When he finally collapsed on top of Jane, she wrappedher arms around him and said, “I could feel your cum.I could feel it shooting out of your magnificent cock,filling my cunt.”I guess with the party, the booze, and the sex, we wereall exhausted. Mike couldn’t make it to the guest room,so all three of us fell asleep in our bed.I woke up once in the night having to go to the bath-room, and found Jane and Mike fucking again on the bedbeside me. When I awoke the next morning, I rolledover to see Jane sucking on Mike’s cock. Mike wasstill asleep.“Don’t you think last night was enough, Jane?”“I don’t know, Honey. It hasn’t been enough, so far.But I’ll try to behave. I’ve just never felt like thisbefore- this alive, this randy, this hot. Just don’tget mad at me, okay? I still love only you.”For the rest of that weekend, and all of our free timeduring the following week, Mike wore Jane like asecond skin. She went everywhere he went. They wereseldom dressed and never apart, and when they weretogether, my lovely wife had Mike’s cock in her hands,her mouth, or her cunt.She even went with him to the bathroom! I followedthem once, and watched Jane get down on her knees andpull Mike’s foreskin back so he could pee. As soon ashe was done, Jane shook the last few drops from the endand then engulfed his meat in her mouth and sucked him`till he came. As always, she swallowed every drop.I don’t know how many loads of cum Jane took thatweek. She sucked and fucked more loads out of Mikethan I care to count, and since she was acting likesome sex-slut, she couldn’t very well say `no’ to mewhen I wanted some of her twat or mouth.On Thursday, Mike’s last night in town, Jane handedme the Polaroid and packages of film and asked me torecord the “love session.” But, before they gotstarted, Jane sucked on Mike’s cock until it reachedmaximum size, and then she shot a pack of film inalmost clinical close-ups of it. I spent the rest ofthe night taking pictures of their sucking and fucking.Friday afternoon, I drove Mike back out to the airport.He was in the backseat with Jane, who was giving himhis “farewell blow-job.” I knew how much my wife meantit when she kissed Mike at the gate and said, “I’mgoing to miss you, Mike.”Jane still masturbates looking at her photos of Mike,and the two of us talk about his visit in bed, beforeand during lovemaking. If any change, our sex life hasgotten hotter and raunchier since Jane’s week as Mike’scock-slave. It’s definitely been more frequent. Janehas been less inhibited than ever before. In fact,just last night, she asked me if I ever noticed anyother well-hung, uncircumcised studs at the gym. Some-how, I don’t think Jane is going to wait for Mike’snext visit.

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