An Amazing Day in a North West Gay Sauna


An Amazing Day in a North West Gay SaunaWhile I love going to sex cinemas and visiting crusing sites my main love is gay saunas. I might be bisexual and yes, I’ve love a bisexual sauna but gay saunas are the next best thing. Especially when they include lots of guys without any attitude and know what everyone is there for.Last year I visited a sauna in the north east. My work meant I had a good half a day in the area without any worries so I checked to see if there was a gay sauna there. There was. Then I checked the events hoping the day I was there would be a mature or bear day. Sure enough it was a silver daddy day.I turned up, paid my money and got myself ready. I wondered the maze of corridors, rooms and cabins. The crowd was older, just as I like it, and it was obvious they didn’t give a fuck. There was zero attitude. People just wanted fun and made sure they had it. I met up with a thin, hairless grandpa on the top floor. He had a lovely uncut cock. I hadn’t cum for about a week before the trip so I knew I wanted someone to take my load in their mouth. I usually like chubby men but this guy just caught my eye and pretty soon we had thrown off our towels and were in the 69 position. He had an amazing technique and I could feel myself about to blow. I spat on my fingers to lube them up and slid them into his gaping arsehole. He inhaled as I did and started deep throating me as I finger fucked him and sucked his cock. I slid another finger into his hole as I felt my orgasm build up. I thrust and felt a week’s worth of cum shoot into his mouth. I climbed off him and he stood up to reveal he still had a mouthful of my cum and he moved in to kiss me.”You dirty fucking bastard” I said and pushed my tongue into his mouth tasting my own cum. I felt it dribble out my mouth and onto my chest. He swallowed what he could and then licked up any on me. I told him I’d hopefully find him later and went walking off. bayraklı escort My balls already empty and completely satisfied and I’d been in there less than 20 minutes.They have a couple of cinema rooms. One showing gay porn and one showing straight porn. In the room showing straight porn a nice bear was lying back watching the film as another bear slobbered over his cock. I stood next to them half watching the film and half watching them. I got the nod and moved over grabbing their dicks in my hands and pumping away. One of them wrapped their lips around my cock. It had been less than 5 minutes since I’d cum so although I was hard I knew there was no way I would cum again. Not yet anyway. I let him suck my cock as I wanked them both off. The other one started kissing me and I kissed back. I then took it in turns sucking their cocks and left them too it. I wanted to save myself. I knew this would be an afternoon of pleasure.Walking around I saw a younger guy, probably in his mid 20’s on his knees being rimmed while he gave a long slow blow job to an older guy. Three or four of us stood there stroking our cocks while we watched. I popped into the sauna. My intention was to just relax for a little bit. I’d seen and done loads already and only been in about 45 minutes. Everywhere you looked there was someone wanking, sucking or fucking. It was like a dream. I sat in the sauna thinking I’d wait a little bit until I wanted to cum again and then find some more action. I was the only one in the sauna, which suprised me. I sat on my towel so was naked in case anyone came in. An older guy, probably in his late 70s walked in and looked at me then walked over and started sucking my cock. I lay back as he bent over me. I opened my legs and he teased my arse with his fingers. I rolled onto my side and spread my arse cheeks and pushed his head down there. He started licking and slurping at my arse and my cock twitched escort bayraklı again. Then he took out a condom, put it on my dick, ripped open a pack of lube and rubbed it on my cock and his arse. I sat up and he turned away from me and sat on my dick and started bouncing. His arse had that lovely tight but also relaxed feel. I reached around and pumped his cock with my hand. We got into a rhythm when someone else walked into the sauna. We didn’t stop. The person sat opposite us, removed his towel and stroked a lovely uncut cock while I fucked this guy. I felt my dick twitching again and encouraged the guy to come over. I tickled his arse and I stuck his cock into my mouth and had this other guy bouncing on my dick. I was in heaven. I twitched again and pulled the guy I was fucking onto my arse and thrust as hard and as deep as I could. I felt myself cum again and could only hum in ecstasy because I still had the other guys cock in my mouth. As my orgasm dipped away I climbed off, picked up my towel and left the sauna room. None of us had said a word to each other. My dick twitched again when I thought of that.I showered, chilled out in the steamroom and sauna, had a drink and a bite to eat and even went outside to their patio area which had a hot tub. Then felt I could go again. I walked around the complex taking in all the fun going on. I never understand why people are so hung up about sex. It was great to be in an environment where everyone felt the same. I found the guy who had given me a blow job when I first turned up. Me, him and a couple of other guys had some fun with some kissing, wanking and sucking. I also bent him over and fucked him for a while but even I knew I couldn’t cum again, could I?I went back into the sauna. A middle aged guy with a muscular body was lying down. He had a big, thick cock and a big fat guy was bent over and sucking him. I sat down and watched. The guy had bayraklı escort bayan a good technique with his blow job and I loved watching him slobber over this big cock. I caught myself watching his arse cheeks wobble as well and my cock twitched again. I quickly found myself ripping open a condom and some lube and as this fat guy sucked this other blokes cock I parted his arse cheeks and slid my cock into his hole. There was a moment of tightness and he relaxed and got a feel for it before I slipped into him and pumped away some more. I was convinced I wouldn’t cum again that afternoon so waited until the guy came in his mouth and until this fat guy had pumped away at his cock and dribbled out some cum before I left him. I had to get a drink and figured I was nearing the end of my time but took one more walk around the sauna. I saw a guy, about mid 50’s who had a belly on him but wasn’t massive. He also had a shaved body and pubes and was well tanned. It’s a look I like and we ended up chatting for a bit while playing around with each other. Then the fat guy and muscular guy from the sauna joined us and I noticed another couple of guys messing around as well. There was one point I remember lying down and having two guys sucking me off while kissing each other. Something I always wanted to happen and it felt great. I was wanking and suckink cocks myself and felt the twinge which suggested another orgasm was nearby. I went over to the mid 50’s guy and we 69’d for a while, I felt someone else rimming me and at one point the muscular guy waved his cock in my face and I gladly did my best to suck on his massive cock while also paying attention to the guy I was 69ing with. I sucked and wanked these two cocks and both of them came then mid-50’s guy said he wanted me to cum in his mouth. He squatted down and I pumped away at his face feeling my orgasm build up until eventually I shot my load into his mouth. I can’t imagine there was a lot to clean up but he cleaned it up anyway. We both went to the showers and chatted for a while and agreed to meet up later in the week before I went home at one of the many gay places in town.But that’s another story…

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