An Admirers Tale Part 2


An Admirers Tale Part 2I know that the fun was just started.Soon I stood up, I look into Michelle eyes, and our lips touched, and our tongues started to play, my mouth with the taste of her cum, the tip of tongue playing around my lipsMy cock so hard and stiff, almost painful full of lust and desire , ready to be mounted.My hands on her hips, just make her turn around and her lovey and perfect ass, facing my rod, she starting to tease me rubbing her ass cheeks against it.I so full of desire I was being kept way with her hand on my chest to keep a distance, she make me stand against the table and with one hand on my chest the other founding my full balls, and her rubbing was making me crazy in lust.”Wait” she said, denying my advance.”You forget to say the magic words”, hmm so horny and excited and trying to end this sooner before someone get into the office, my brain was only focus on her body, the way she moves, her smell, her taste, my all senses where hijacked by her, no neuron left to thing about this.She made a step forward and turn around, putting both hands on my chest she start to rub her knee against my leg towards my rod, where the precum was already flowing.She carefully touched the head of my rod with her knee and then start pressing them against my own body, and pressing.Increasing the pressure, my stomach was full of my precum how amazing that was, her only knee providing me so much pleasure.My hands on her hips, helping her to be close to me, on that moment her fingers started to play with my nipples, squeezing them little by little until was a mixture of pain and pleasure and that moment the hit my balls with her knee.I almost faint with pain and almost fell on the floor from the table but she hold my body by my nipples, and made me look into her and asked again:”What adapazarı escort are the magic words, baby?”I reply ” Please?”She smiled back at me, light slapping movement on my balls once more.she turned around and ask me to open my legs, I was all spread out with my rod on the air aching with anticipation.Then she top my rod, and start to slide it all inside of her until the base.That felt amazing. Then she start to move around her hips increasing the pleasure for both of them. She knows how to please.Then suddenly stooped, what I felt after was amazing she start to play with her sphincter muscle, at that moment my hands start to caress her nipples playing with them and she was moaning, she was fucking me without moving, only the sheer factor of being inside of her and her ass and muscles were providing me with those amazing sensations where so good.Her hands on my knees and she stood up and the edge of my rod, and suddenly with a movement she strike down, and start to ride me increasing the pace on each trust.The sounds of her skin against my skin and her loud moaning was wonderful.As the pleasure began to grow increasingly stronger and stronger, her strokes got faster and faster, and stronger and deeper.She kept going as the pleasure kept building. Seconds went by that felt like minutes as the pleasure kept building and building, and as she reached the peak of pleasure, her body tingled and her mind went numb as I felt her shoot a stream of liquid out of her cock hitting my leg.Her orgasm was incredible as she kept moaning. I felt that she was so horny, if not more after that orgasm.And as she continues on top of me as I was pounding her hole she felt the pleasure growing again. This was incredible! As she reached the edge again, she shot another hot stream escort adapazarı of liquid from his cock…his body tingling with every thrust of my cock.I was breathing deeply to avoid cumming and allowing her to cum over again.I felt the pleasure slowly fading from her body. She figured the fun had ended and was about to finish up…As she was going through a couple more slow deep thrusts to finish she felt that pleasure that was fading returning ever so slowly. Her moaning told me that she was getting ready again.She picked up her pace the pleasure built even faster than before as her prostate released even more liquid from her sweet and salty cock. At this point Michelle was moaning with pleasure and panting like a girl. She had three amazing prostate orgasms.She left my cock. I begged :”Please darling!”She knelled down, started to lick my penis building more sexual tension and have me begging her you to take it her mouth…which what was exactly what she wanted.Her hand gains its grip on my shaft, pointing it straight up toward her face, and she lick over my right testicle. Slowly and carefully take it into her soft mouth and lick all over it. Then did it the same for my left. Playfully lick figure-eights around my balls… up between them… down the right… up between them… down the left… up… down the right… up… down the left… and up, ever so slowly to the base of my cock. As she lick up the shaft of my cock, ready to finish me off, she looked at my face, smile, and asked, “Want to cum on my face, baby?”She sweep the hair away from her face and over her ears, readying herself for my orgasm. Her fingers tighten around the base of my cock and my thumb presses down just above my balls. She sidled her face down on me, sucking in with her cheeks. Her mouth partially adapazarı escort bayan full with saliva. Up… and down… up… and down… From the way I breathe and the throbbing of my cock she get a sense of the pace I like best, and continue sucking my penis. I feel the soft warmth of her wet mouth as it goes in… and out… in… and out….My breathing changes ever so slightly. She know I’m. Her face goes down on me once again. This time, though, as slide up, before bobbing back she swirl her tongue around the head of my cock. I feel her tongue all over me as my cock goes in… out… and swirl… in… out… and swirl.It doesn’t take long, and I’m ready for my reward. In… out… and swirl… in… out… and swirl. The girth of my cock expands in her mouth a half-second before I start cumming. Her tongue is swirling around my cock as the first glorious squirt of my cum fills her mouth. She immediately pop off my cock, pull it downward as lean back and point it straight at her mouth. Shot number two hits her open lips and off down the right side of her chin. She close her eyes and start jerking on my cock as it splashes gooey cum all over her right cheek in all directions. As she continue stroking it shoots on the side of her nose. She pull it over to the left side of her face and feel shots five and six on her cheek, temple, ear, and into her hair. She turn her head and caress my softening cock over her right cheek as the last few drops dribble and ooze out. When the throbbing stops, she turn back to the tip of my penis and lick off the last of the cum from me.She look up at me and smile, her face splattered white with my cooling salty cream. She was a mess, but a very sexy mess. It’s visible on her face she was fill with a sense of pride.Finally releasing my cock, she used her fingers to sweep the cum off her cheeks toward her waiting tongue. She kissed my belly and wipe her face into it. She continue kissing upward… pausing to lick over my nipples, then up to my neck as I feel my arms tighten over her back.

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