Afternoon sex


Afternoon sexHaving been a fan of paying for sex, handjobs, blowjobs and so on rather than being in long term love affair that never ends up anywhere , today was one of my best yet to the point I may even have fallen in love with this younger Asian girl. I am a middle aged man that many times has paid for sex , this girl is just 23 I know her from work and she knows what I do in context of sexual needs . she said would I like to have sex with her if I helped pay for some phone she wanted , okay I agreed that is a good deal and she said £75 would help me. This all agreed in some posh pub with people finding our conversation rather offensive . So when evening came she drove over to mine and brought a bottle of wine with her. We worked into things slowly almost like a proper date really and she asked me to show her my room so I walked her upstairs and we sat there for good half an hour supping wine and the drink doing its job balıkesir escort , she said I feel drunk and started kissing me , I said I actually like you which she said no that’s not our deal . Anyway she got hold of my now bulging area on top of my jogging type trousers and started working it in gentle circles and told me to finger her as she was getting wet , I never been very good at this if honest but anyhow firstly felt her whole bush with hand and rubbed it like stroking a cat pussy and then put two fingers whilst a little shaky up her vagina and moved them up and down , she started gently making orgasmic noises , I was stiff as a post now she put her hand down my pants and rubbed cock up and down , she asked me to take off my trousers and she would take her clothes off. So we both got undressed , she had a beautiful hairy black bush which was thick like a pet or something and small pert breasts and medium escort balıkesir build body with lovely rounded bum that looked tight . she said it’s up to you how we fuck so I said I like a girl on top , So I put the condom on and all that stuff and then she sat on me at this point on stomach as she bit on side of my neck , she then sat above my awaiting erect cock and she guided it into her soaking pussy and sat down slowly and stopped there for few seconds and carried on biting neck, I was getting impatient and started thrusting upwards. She said no I am in control stay still . She had a strange fascination of slight pain as she clawed my chest with her longish red nails . She then began moving up and down and I started ahhhh panting. She let a few high pitched noises and got faster . After a minute I said I want to get on top of you and fuck you fast and hard. So she got off and lay legs wide open and balıkesir escort bayan up in air waiting for me, her nice flaps of meat were willing me in, I gently slid cock in and moved up and down my head was going from her neck to face in fast fashion while she started panting . I then started going ahhhh panting again and head went from one side of her face to other . I could hear the squelch of her wet fanny and she was dripping and she started shaking and making loudish squeals . I then hit my orgasm and made very aggressive grunts and went very fast indeed with my head still now but hips rapid movement as she thrust her hips up and down , I started kissing her neck and side of face rather aggressively and very fast too, and made possibly the loudest grunt ever as I was seconds from coming . She was also making loud high pitched screams and I shot my load inside her which felt gorgeous and felt like I was coming like an endless tap, I took cock out slowly to reveal the end of condom full of good white load . she lay there showing her open vagina where the captain had just been . Her bush was so hot . After we’d cleaned up she said It was fun thank you . Maybe another time ….

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