ADVENTURES ON HOR 3: OWNEDCHAPTER 3: OWNEDThe travel through the wasteland proved to be uneventful. Though riders were spotted along the way, it did seem that word had somehow preceded the caravan and even a group of marauders did not wish to attempt an attack on a caravan with Goran leading the way.Once the caravan had reached the relative safety of the other side, as if they had traversed a treacherous open sea, Goran left Cat with the borsin while he finalized the negotiation for his services. Since the caravan wasn’t attacked, nobody was killed or taken in the process, and nobody lost any goods, he was entitled to the maximum of their agreement. Cat watched him inspect an array of swords, which seemed curious to her. He already had two crossed over his back and several daggers. How many did he need? Cat watched from her location with the borsin she stood beneath gently stroking his neck with both hands, his head lolling and gentle sounds escaping him. She couldn’t hear well and many of the Horean words were still unfamiliar to her despite the rapid learning she had achieved in the short time with Goran. She watched as he carefully examined various swords, tested them for weight and balance, and occasionally glancing back to her in the process. Finally selecting one, he also selected lengths of sheer material, shoes made of hide, and a bag of coins to complete the transaction.The caravan was settling in a clearing for the night while Goran desired to continue with the remaining light. He wanted to enter the next small city well in advance of the caravan. He only confided to Cat that there was negotiation he wanted to enter before the caravan added to the demands on certain merchants and craftsmen.When they made camp for the night and settled after the meal, Goran handed Cat a thin bag made of some kind of hide and the hide shoes she saw him receive. The shoes were more like sandals with straps. She looked up from her presentation position in front of him as he lounged near the fire. Days were consistently hot, which dictated his desire to be shirtless and her to be naked. Though nights would cool, the fire and blankets were sufficient that more clothes were rarely ever needed for the region she had been exposed to so far.She opened the bag and pulled out yards of fabric, very light weight, very sheer fabric. “You became a scientist, a soldier, and commander in your life. Was you mother ever successful in the instruction of sewing?”Her fingers were inspecting the fine fabric. She could see her fingers underneath even in the dark by only the light of the fire. But the fabric was fine and well woven. She looked from the fabric and sandals to him, “For me, Master?” She smiled. She remembered Slave Rule Eight: Slaves possess nothing not given to them by their owner. Her smile broadened. She was given something to wear even if it still revealed her. “Ai Sar. Though I was more of a tom-boy than the girly-girl she wished for, she was able to sit me down long enough to learn sewing and cooking.”“If your sewing is as good as your cooking … Your first garment, to be worn when I direct in the cities. Remember that I said I wished for you to stand out, to attract attention as an exceptional slave?” She nodded. “This garment should reflect that. I envision a garment that attaches at the neck in front, leaves your breasts exposed, d****s around to your back at the waist leaving your slave mark showing. Below the waist should be flowing and exposing.” He could see her eyes gleaming in the light of the fire and he smiled and held out his arms to her. She quickly replaced the fabric into the bag and crawled into his waiting arms. “I can see by your eyes you already have a vision of what you will create. I know it will please me.”She nearly purred with delight. She kissed his chest and rubbed her erect nipples into his skin and moved her dripping pussy over his tight hide pants he wore. There was no rationalizing it. No explaining why or how the change in her had occurred. All she knew was that she truly was content in her position with him … she was a slave to this man and it was like a fulfillment of herself. Her life experience and training contradicted what she felt. A woman dedicated to strength, independence, and intellect … now fully content to serve a man … but this was certainly not just any man.She had tried to wheedle information out of Goran in anticipation of what a city, even a small one, might be like on HOR. His descriptions didn’t prepare her for what she encountered as they entered the outskirts. He assisted her down from the borsin. She was wearing the sandals on her feet and nothing else. She walked alongside the borsin as they approached a gated entrance to the city, walls of about the height of the borsin surrounding the city. Goran, mounted atop the borsin, drew attention from everyone. She had not seen a similar a****l in the days of travel and by the looks of the people they passed, they hadn’t, either. The guards at the gate watched him approach, hardly noticing the slave next to the borsin, as Goran glared at them from high above as if to dare them to challenging their entrance. They didn’t but diverted their eyes to less threatening visitors.Cat had to control the delight she felt by the looks of apprehension she saw in the eyes of men as Goran made his way to a stable, which seemed entirely inadequate to restrain his borsin if it had any interest in even leaning against the fencing. Without bridle and reins, the stable master had no idea what to do with the massive borsin. Goran gave him assurance that if it was fed, it might not feed on the other rides in the corral. Goran could barely contain himself from laughing at the look of fear he received back. The borsin, of course, was a grazing b**st.After Goran dropped the packs and weapons from the borsin, Cat was to move it into the corral. The man working the stable watched in fear as Cat attempted to move the mountain of stubborn flesh, pulling its main, pushing on its flank, and swatting is hind quarters. She stopped upon hearing Goran’s voice after only moving him half way to the enclosure. Clearly, he did not appreciate being put into fencing.“Having trouble, slave?”“Master, this borsin is the most obstinate creature …” He walked up to it and stopped in front. It lowered its head for petting, then calmly followed Goran into the corral. Cat was flapping her arms in frustration. “How do you do that, Master? For me it is like moving a boulder stuck in the ground.”“These b**sts, Cat, are really quite intelligent. Force isn’t always the best way.”They each picked up the packs and equipment, Goran obviously taking most of the weight, and headed down the street. Although Cat was rapidly picking up the verbal Horean language, she had not been exposed to the written form so the signs in front of building meant nothing to her. She merely struggled down the street in pursuit of the much faster Goran. She was sure she looked quite the sight, naked and weighted down by weapons and small packs. People watched them but not nearly so much her as naked slaves were a common sight even in the city streets following their masters discretely and quietly. Cat didn’t feel either discrete or quiet as she grunted and panted under the load hoping that one of the nearby building would be their destination.Goran stopped outside a building that was four stories tall. Cat was intrigued by the city. On the one hand, there were many buildings that appeared well built and finely crafted. The streets were smooth and well cared for. The walkways along the streets and in front of the buildings and shops were paved with bricks. There were street lamps, probably fueled by oil. There was glass in windows. There were signs of modernization happening but none of it seemed to go in the direction of advanced weapons or transportation. Many of the city people were finely dressed in gowns, trousers, shirts, and capes. And there were also many naked slaves about. The scene seemed to be a paradox to her.At the edge of the walkway before the tall building, Goran turned to her. “What are you?”“I am a slave.” He offered a faint smile and she realized he was warning her that she must be careful regarding her actions and behavior.She followed him inside. There was a counter and a wall with cubbyholes and a large ledger on the counter. It reminded her of movie depicting old hotels. In fact, she was correct. Goran dropped his load and moved to the counter. Cat placed her load alongside the packs and assumed the presentation position without being asked. Goran asked for a room.The innkeeper looked around him, noticing not only a slave but the pile of items. He carefully inquired, “Traveling long?” Very long. Glancing at the slave, he added, “All the rooms have slave rings to secure the slave.” Cat glanced up, slave ring? Secure? Goran didn’t turn around, merely added, “Thank you, but it won’t be needed.”He had asked for a room on the top floor. It would offer the most security. Once in the room, Cat asked, “Slave ring, Master?”He pointed to the floor at the end of the bed. Bolted to the floor boards was indeed a heavy steel ring. “Many slaves are secured by their owners.” He didn’t add anything more.“May I ask about the borsin? I haven’t seen another like him. How did you get him?”He walked to the window muttering about which direction it was pointing. He looked out and called her to it. She stood at the window in front of him. He put one arm around her naked body and pointed over the other building. “See those mountains in the distance? The snowcapped ones …” She nodded while feeling his hand grab a breast and begin fondling it. She leaned back into his body and sighed. “That range is thought to be impenetrable. On the other side, though, is another life, if you will. A different group of people, very secretive and independent. All who have tried to cross it have died, either by exposure to the mountains or … well, mysterious circumstances.” He chuckled. No longer needing to point, both his hands were busy fondling and stroking Cat’s breasts and stomach down to her pussy. She groaned at the attention but she also was interested in the story.“But somehow you managed to penetrate the impenetrable?”He chuckled and pressed her against the window panes, one hand loosening his pants. “Penetrate … I like that word. Don’t you like that word, Cat?”“Ai Sar, very much.” She gasped as she felt his hard cock press against her ass, then move lower between her parted thighs to slide along her wet pussy lips. The bottom half of the window was open to let in the air. Her breasts were pressed into the upper half. She glanced down and could see people moving about the street. When his wonderful cock penetrated her pussy and drove much of it into her in the first thrust, she cried out. “OH … GOD … YESSSSSS … MASTER!”He thrust twice more to become fully embedded in her pussy. She was panting, loving the feel of his massive cock buried inside her. He pinched her nipples to get her attention, “Are you still listening to the story you wanted?”“Oh God … (gasp) … of course, Master.”He slowed his thrusts but continued moving inside her. “Where was I then … aaah, yes … the people beyond the mountains had sent an emissary to seek my assistance in a small matter. Well, a large matter, actually. One of the warlords here was moving a small army to support an effort to conquer the mountain and discover what lay on the other side.”Cat gasped and panted as she moved her pussy over his cock as much as he was thrusting into her. “You … they … oh, yes Master … ughmmmm … mmmmmmm … they wanted … you sivas escort to stop … them?”He thrust in hard causing her to cry out her pleasure. He pressed hard, “Cum on my cock, Cat. Give me your orgasm in front of the window. Cry out your orgasm and let all those people see and hear what a sensuous slave you are.” He thrust hard, pressing her into the window and she cried out over and over. Slowly people below began looking around for the source of the cries until more people assembled and began pointing up at their window.“OH GOD, YES MASTER! YEEESSSSS! FUCK YOUR SLAVE, MASTER!” Her orgasm was shattering. Goran wrapped his arms around her and held her tight as her body quivered and quaked. She went limp and he pulled out of her and carried her to the bed. He wasn’t done with her, though. He stripped off his boots and pants, then lay on the covered bed and pulled her to him. She looked at his raging hard cock and straddled him, sitting down on his cock. She shivered with resurging lust.He put his hand on her hip to indicate that she should make it slow. “My story. No, they didn’t intend for me to stop a small army. They wanted me to instruct them in fortifying their defenses against the army. In the end, half the army was destroyed and the people didn’t lose anyone. To those of the army who left with their lives, they believed the mountain had defeated them, as if it was possessed by spirits. It was taken as an omen that the mountains were impossible to pass.”Cat was slowly fucking him up and down, her arousal increasing quickly as was Goran’s. “What did you do, Master, that made them think that?”He pinched her nipples as his eyes seemed to focus on something very far in the distance and Cat knew he was deep in the memory of what happened. “We had just enough time to prepare. Many of the people were in the snow fields high on the mountain. Others were on the cliffs over the only possible canyon route into the mountains. We set a landslide at the back of the army. The people felt panic and acted a bit too early but it was sufficient. My intention was to trap the entire army. Then, from far above, snow began moving by prying large chunks of the ice loose. From that height, a massive avalanche resulted and covered the portion of the army trapped by the landslide. I worried about the army behind the landslide but … they turned and fast marched all the way back. There is now a legend about those mountains being haunted and possessed.”Her slow fucking motion kept them aroused but in check. “So … the borsin …”“Yes … the borsin … I was taken over the mountain to one of their villages. Cat, you should have seen it … there were great herds of those b**sts. They were wild, though some were able to be used. Men had to exert dominance over the borsin and, if he was successful, it was his forever and only his. There is some connection. I said they were intelligent and they are. The borsin isn’t tamed or domesticated, Cat. He just honors me with his obedience. To put a bridle or saddle on him would be to dishonor him.”“But, Master, how did you and the borsin get back over the mountain if the pass was blocked by rock and ice?”He laughed, grabbed her and rolled them over. She wrapped her legs around his hips as Goran began fucking into her. He kissed her, “It turns out … there was a very easy route hidden further up the range, a series of deep, hidden canyons and a long cave leading through the mountain.”“Master, you said there is a trick. I want to be able to control the borsin, too.”He smiled devilishly, “There were women who rode them, but I am not sure you would like how they won the borsin to them.”Before she could pursue that with more questions, though, he drove his massive cock deep into her and gave her something more intense to focus on. After fucking her to another screaming orgasm and finding his own release, they ate. Then he enjoyed her more in the comfort of a real bed. The walls were thin and their antics were heard over several floors. Not that Goran cared. Goran wasn’t the sort of man who care what strangers thought. And if Goran didn’t care, Cat certainly didn’t.The next day was spent moving from shop to shop where Goran searched for particular items of interest or need. One of the first shops was a sword craftsman. While Cat knelt out of the way in the presentation position, she tried to listen to the conversation. Cat had carried the new sword Goran had bartered with the caravan for his services. They often talked in hushed tones as if they were in the presence of something special and perhaps that is the way someone like Goran or a sword craftsman reacts with fine swords. Goran laid one of his own swords alongside the new one on the counter. His sword was massive in comparison, a thick gleaming blade with a slight curl and wider toward the end before tapering to a point, again.She heard Goran’s final instructions, “I want a similar hilt and guard but the diameter should be slightly smaller. The butt end should bear my symbol. The shape and balance of the blade should be the same but to scale to the shorter length. The edge should be honed to slice paper.” Goran turned and gazed at Cat as if trying to decide something else. Finally, he drew his dagger, moved her head forward and down, and slice off a length of her long dark hair from underneath where it wouldn’t show. “Lastly, braid this hair and fasten it to the guard of the hilt. If you can add some flashy stones at the end, it would be perfect.”The craftsman appraised the sword, asked if he could hold Goran’s for reference, and nodded his acceptance of the task. Then, “This is a gift, then. For someone special?”Goran looked the man in the eyes, “Yes … very special. It must be worthy of a smaller warrior.” The man nodded. Except to appraise her on entering his shop, the man had paid little attention to Cat.At another shop, Goran had Cat hand the craftsman the ring of black metal. Goran indicated the locations he wished the metal to be engraved with his symbol. The craftsman then measured her neck, his hand touching her breasts casually as if he was appreciating a finely carved sculpture. Indeed, owners of fine slaves rarely objected but considered it a compliment for owning a slave worthy of the attention. Goran merely stood and watched as the man not only measured and considered Cat’s neck but touch and felt other parts of her body.Finally, the craftsman offered, “Sir, perhaps such a slave might also be adorned with other items. Perhaps dangling jewels from nipple clamps. Breasts like these … such a rare thing to encounter. Some further decoration might enhance the specialness of this creature.”Both men were now holding a breast. Her nipples hardened instantly. Goran tried to hold back a smile forming at the corners of his mouth, but she noticed it before it was pulled down. He was enjoying her experience as a piece of meat. Their time together had largely been alone. Cat was experiencing what being a slave in this society was really about. Goran broke the moment and suggested the man have samples for his consideration when they returned.After turning for the door with Cat submissively following behind, Goran stopped and half turned. He looked into Cat’s eyes, then to the man. “You’ve given me something to think about, though. Can you tell me if there is an ink artist?” The man smiled and gave direction.As they walked along the path given to them, Goran asked, as if to no one in particular, “Why would you have a collar?”Cat immediately responded as she had learned of the Horean ways, “To show I am owned.”“What of a collar like that being made for you?”She actually had to fight off a smile, “That men would know who my owner is.”“A collar can be removed, though.” It wasn’t a question. It was something in all this she had maybe pushed out of her mind. As a marked slave, a collar could easily be traded for another. Her downcast eyes almost didn’t notice that Goran had stopped and turned toward her. They were standing before another shop. “But … what of an inked mark?”He didn’t wait for a response. He turned to enter the shop. She had to scramble to follow after the impact of his words hit her. An inked marking would be permanent. The ink isn’t decoration or demeaning … the ink is commitment. The artist carefully duplicated Goran’s sketched symbol. It depicted a horned demon with crossed lances behind it, all in black. The eyes and mouth were a brilliant red and yellow-red flames rose from behind it. It was about three inches in size and very prominent … just above the sparse pubic hair on her mound. Goran stood stoically as the artist worked, frequently seeing him stroking Cat’s pussy lips, even inserting a finger on occasion. The artist spoke as if Cat hearing him wasn’t significant. “She must be a valuable slave to mark her like this.”Goran’s stoic face broke with a wink to Cat, “You have no idea.”Back on the public street, Cat stood proudly in view of all those who passed. She couldn’t help but openly display her nakedness but especially her mark. Goran stood alongside her as if deciding where to go next. In fact, he was merely giving her time as she openly enjoyed displaying herself.She murmured softly for only him to hear, “Thank you, Master, you honor me.”He turned to her and softly responded, “This is a harsh world we find ourselves on, Cat. You honored me with your unconditional acceptance of an impossible life compared to the one you had taken away. As long as we are on this world, we are stronger together.” Her fingers moved subtly to touch his thigh covered in the tight-fitting hide. He chuckled, “Perhaps we should return to the room … before you try to mount me in the street.” She blushed deeply, the change in her coloring very evident even on her deeply tanning skin. Her body and mind had become voracious in her desire to please this man with her body. The 21st century woman was indeed a very proud and slutty slave.“Head and shoulders out the window.” They had just entered their room and Cat began clawing at Goran’s clothes before his command.“Master?” The question came out of her mouth before she could stop it. “Ai Sar.”She quickly moved to the only window in the room, raised the lower half of it, and leaned her head and shoulders outside. She braced herself with her hands on the window sill and frame, looking down at the street below when someone pointed up at her. Another small crowd began forming. Could it be that some of those same people had witnessed the early scene of her being fucked noisily?She felt ridiculous with her naked upper body hanging out the window. That is until she felt Goran behind her. She opened her feet past normal shoulder width and he plunged his ready cock into her pussy.“Are you always with a wet pussy, slave?”She giggled in between gasps as he rammed his cock deeper. “Ai Sar … for you … because of you.”“You are indeed a good slave.” He slapped her ass, causing her to yelp between her moans becoming louder and louder.“Thank … you … Master!”Her head sagged down as her passion rose, her mouth agape and a mixture of groans, moans, and gasps tumbling from her open mouth. She caught sight of her breasts swinging and bouncing wildly from the aggressive fucking. She also caught sight of more people standing below watching, talking, and pointing. Several slaves in gossamer outfits seemed to be watching from behind their fat or old owners with envy. Other slaves were being mauled by owners as they watched. She might have wondered if some were beginning to expect this form of entertainment, but an orgasm was taking charge of her body and mind. She cried out, her head rising sharply escort sıvas upward as if to send her orgasmic cry into the sky above. She felt his seed flood her pussy and she sagged against the frame of the window, Goran’s strong hands holding her firmly on his cock.“Master, you seem to enjoy exhibiting me like that to the people below who might be passing, don’t you? You enjoy exposing me, displaying my primal lust while you are hidden behind the reflection of the window.”He had pulled her into the room and carried her to the bed where they were cuddled, her body half spread along his side, her leg d****d over his and her arm across his chest. He chuckled, “It hasn’t seemed that you minded too much as long as I was fucking you.”Her hand slid down his body and over his flaccid cock. “You could fuck me anywhere, Master, and I would be a happy slave.” She softly stroked his cock, not for arousal but as she thought things. “It is hard to believe I have become accustomed to being naked among strangers.” It was quiet for some moments. “Master, you said I should be an exceptional slave, a slave that other owners might desire and other slaves might envy.” He nodded and shifted his head to be able to see more of her face. “Well … I was thinking … you know how I shave you in the morning? What if I shaved, too?”He chuckled. “I hadn’t noticed your beard starting …”“No …” She held out her arm to show her underarm and raised her leg to show her sparsely covered mound. “I haven’t seen any woman shaved … it would make me different. And … it would expose my pussy even more.”He shifted more, “Is this another 21st century thing?” She nodded and giggled.He watched her shave her armpit and pubic hair using the same straight razor and cream she has been using so expertly on his face on mornings when he wanted a clean look. He remained naked, too, and they talked more about the 21st century and the habits of women in that age. He was kneeling in front of her to get the full view and her foot frequently pressed against his cock, stoking it, which he found quite sensuous. He continued to marvel at this woman who impossibly found her way into his life. On Earth in another time, he wondered if they would be a match, but here under these conditions they seemed to be the perfect match. He never tired of watching her. Her body was magnificent, and with seeming acceptance of her fate after he took her from the caravan, she carried herself with a prideful and flaunty attitude that might seem challenging in another slave. That attitude could be construed by another owner as be prideful, independent, confident, and strongly self-aware rather than submissive, demure, and hesitantly seeking direction. He knew the strength and intelligence in Cat and he had plans for applying them as her body continued to adjust to HOR as his did. Already he could see how her body was changing, losing fat with increased muscle. The key was the protein in the meat, he was sure of it, and he made sure she got plenty of it even if slaves were not normally given such good food.When she was done, he inspected her new look closely. His fingers glided over the soft, smooth skin of her pussy. He smiled as a finger rubbed on either side of her lips and a third slid gently between her lips. “You are truly exposed now. That is reason why it is shaved?”She watched his fascination with the new look as he fingered and touched the pussy that she had essentially made his to use as he wished. She understood a normal owner/slave relationship would likely be quite different and that theirs was based in part on an underlying common connection, but she nonetheless believed in her very being, her soul, to be his … owned. The slave mark on her back had sealed her fate on this world, but his symbol just given her on her upper mound, prominently displayed now without distraction by hair next to it and the collar she knew she was soon to receive like all other slaves would define her not just as a slave on this world but his slave. And being owned by a man feared by others held its own comfort.He had a thought. He would show off this magnificent creature in the fanciest pub in the city. They cleaned up from their love making, then asked to see the gown she had been working on. He dressed with a shirt that loosely hung on his body. He sat back and watched her align the filmy garment and drop it over her head and down her body like soft haze descending over her body. It secured around her neck with a looping strap that crossed in front of her between her stunning breast before quickly expanding into the gown. It hung loosely to a point about her ankles. She turned to show that her slave mark was not covered and her ass crack was just peeking above the material. As she spun and took a step toward him, he noticed what she had done. The gown wasn’t a full piece of material covering her lower body but many strips fastened to a band at the waist. A breeze entered the open window and the filmy gown fluttered, opening and closing easily. He smiled … exceptional, indeed.He left the room with a dagger strapped to his right calf and carrying one sheathed sword rather than wearing it. On the way to the pub, they would stop at the craftsman preparing the collar. It would complete the look nicely, he thought.The master craftsman consigned to fashion the collar to Goran’s specifications presented it to Goran for inspection. Goran nodded his approval and showed it to Cat. It was made of a highly smoothed and shiny black metal she was not familiar with. It was one and a half inches high and bore the engraved symbol that appears on all of Goran’s weapons and inked just above Cat’s pussy, a horned demon over crossed lances. Having it approved, the craftsman approached Cat, instructing her to raise her long hair out of the way so he could fix it permanently to her neck. While he worked, he quizzed Cat:“What are you?” he asked.“I am a slave,” Cat answered.“What is a slave?” “One who is owned.” “Why do you wear a marked collar?” “That men may know who owns me” “What does a slave want more than anything?” “To please my Master.” “What are you?” “I am a slave.” “What do you want more than anything?” “To please my Master.”Completed with the task of fixing the collar on the slave, he looked at her owner, nodding as he stepped in front of Cat. He gave her the command to assumed the presentation position. She sank immediately to her knees, keeping them apart, her ankles turned so her butt rested on the insides of the foot, her head up but eyes downcast and her back straight and shoulders back emphasizing her breasts. As part of his own collaring ritual, he finished with:“What is the duty of a slave,” he asked. “Absolute obedience” she said with confidence and pride. “What are you?” “A slave.” “What is your duty?” “Absolute obedience.”He left Cat in her position. He reached out to fondle each breast and roll the nipples between his fingers. He turned to Goran as if it didn’t matter what was said, “A magnificent slave, sir. I have wealthy patrons who I know would be interested, if you might consider selling her.” Goran must have given him a warning look, Cat thought, for the next words couldn’t tumbled from the craftsman’s mouth fast enough. “I meant no disrespect, sir. It was merely a business consideration …”Goran’s commanding voice cut off the man, “Come, slave.”Outside on the street, for Goran always walked in the street to present fewer options for attack, he stopped to appraise her. He liked the collar. Normal collars were of plain iron. When he saw the ring of metal at the caravan, he knew it would be perfect for Cat with her dark hair and eyes. He could see something in her eyes. Something was off. He asked what.“He said sell me … as if it was nothing. I guess I knew intellectually in the caravan that was the expected outcome, but … to hear it so casually suggested …”He gave her a subtle smile and touched her hand, “I am not selling you … but … I am feeding you. Come, I hear this place has entertainment, too.”Cat’s mood lifted instantly. Yes, she was a slave on this planet and there was nothing that could be done about that, but she was a slave to a man who had bonded to her purposefully because of a connection that was literally beyond this world. And that connection was proving more than merely both coming from Earth.Slaves are not allowed to sit at tables, even with their master. Slaves stand alongside their masters or kneel in the presentation position, as Cat was next to Goran. Goran was, however, breaking another of the accept rules by ordering two plates of and giving one to Cat. Normally, slaves would be given a meal specifically intended for slaves and was often a gruel composed of odds and ends found in the kitchen. Goran knew Cat needed the protein enzymes found on this world if she were to reach her possible physical enhancements as he had. While traveling alone, it wasn’t an issue, but he was determined not to waste any time in providing her with the nourishment she needed. He had plans for their future.Slaves also were not allowed to consume fermented drinks but Goran slipped his goblet to her discretely. He had insisted on a table in the corner where he could not be approached from behind. Even if he placed himself in a position without a retreat, he preferred his chances in a head-on confrontation. His larger than normal sword sheathed on the table and his size generally were deterrents to give brawling types pause in including him in any disruption. So, isolated as they were, it was easier to break a few rules regarding slaves to enhance Cat’s evening.When the entertainment was to begin, Goran pushed his chair back and offered his lap for Cat. She smiled impishly, anticipating a better view but also idle attention to her body by his freely roaming hands. With her right leg across his lap and her left leg d****d in front of him, she had opened herself to his touch. She wasn’t disappointed as the hand of the arm around her waist immediately fondled her breast and the hand casually resting in her lap parted the strands of her gown to idly caress her pussy lips and clit. She purred softly at his touch.One of the owners in the room offered his slave to dance for everyone. She was dressed in a filmy outfit that covered her completely but was sheer enough to imagine what was underneath. She moved in sometimes fluid, other times jerky ways that suggested a performance of effort but not commitment.Cat softly inquired of Goran, “Master, I don’t get the dance.”“It is a dance often taught to slaves to entertain.” He sensed he had not satisfied her question. “It is intended to entice free-men with her body and movement. See how the free-men in the room are intently viewing her body as it moves.”“Is she doing this dance well?”“Well enough if I were to compare to other times I have seen it. You don’t agree?”“It is not for me to critique a dance I don’t know, Master. I have not been taught it.”He laughed, perhaps too loudly, “Why would I when I can enjoy the way you dance for me around the campfires.” Cat blushed. Her dances around the fires were frequently between fucking sessions that might be more reminiscent of a b**st rutting his bitch than a man and woman. “They are not dances I was taught but movement that flows from my soul to yours, Master.” There was lust in his eyes. How primal they lived, lust so quickly and openly displayed between them. She wiggled her ass on his hard cock, a finger pressed into her pussy. She gasped and moaned openly.“Quiet!”It was a commanding, threatening admonition from the table in front of them. The man, large but soft in expensive sivas escort bayan garments, sc****d his chair against the wood plank floor with an obvious intention of adding physical effort to his verbal. Goran instantly grabbed the sheath of his sword with one hand and the hilt of the sword with the other while encircling Cat in the process. The other man, seeing those quick actions and the image of the man making the actions, immediately calmed himself to diffuse a confrontation he couldn’t endure.The man, softening his voice and manner, offered, “Your slave, sir, has a bold manner of speaking for a slave.”The room had gone quiet. Even Cat noticed a couple armed men who now appeared to her to be enforcers (bouncers in her time) touch their own weapons but clearly did not want to confront Goran, either. With the change in the man’s tone, Goran relaxed his grip on the hilt, but left his hand casually resting on it.Goran spoke clearly, “What you call ‘bold’ is only reflective of the spirit to match a man like me. For me to take a slave, she could not be meek and useless.” He had just made a judgement of every slave in the room in her defense. Perhaps, she thought, being exceptional in his view was not the same as being a ‘perfect’ slave in other’s view.Cat noticed others in the room craning necks and shifting position to see who was speaking this way. Soon, she heard a collective murmur and words that included mercenary, assassin, the demon, and even his real name, Goran. They had been seen publicly all over the city so some might already have made the connection. Those who might have been close enough might also have noticed and recognized the medallion Goran wore, a tightly fitting leather strap around his neck with a metal oval bearing the same symbol she had inked on her mound. She remembered asking him about it. It had caused him to hesitate in replying as if the answer had more meaning than was easily expressed. She had related, though, to his words in answer. He had been a slave put into battle by a warlord, a slave intended to die, supposed to die with the hopes of taking some of the enemy before he did. He was merely a tool, a weapon. He had vowed that if he survived, somehow, and have the choice, no man would every look at him with an assumption of how he might act or his allegiance. When the whispers started about him being a demon, he embraced it and put the image prominently near eye level for any man to consider. It had become both a deterrent and something of a challenge to any warrior who thought he could assume the legend by combat. Though he bore the scars of combat, none had been successful.Goran whispered into Cat’s ear. She smiled and nodded. He responded to the man but clearly enough to be considered by the entire room. “I do not hold my slave to some of the confines of your society and expectations. I have chosen to enable parts of her spirit while also holding control. She knows where those lines are. To judge her as a slave is to judge me as her Master.”The man starting the exchange was quick to concede, “I meant no disrespect to you or your slave, sir. I apologize for causing any impression of the kind.”Cat watched Goran’s reaction and it sent a chill even though her. A smirk formed on his mouth but it reflected open contempt for the sniveling concession and retreat by the man. He nudged Cat off his lap and addressed the larger group in the room, done with the man in front of him. “I will have my slave demonstrate the difference between precisely moving as instructed and expressing what her body and soul feels.” He looked into Cat’s eyes and softly instructed, “Dance as if for me alone, as if everyone here were me and like at our fires you were enticing me to ravage you.”Cat shook slightly. What she had done at their fires was personal. Her dances were indeed intended to entice him. The dance might be to initiate the evening of savage sex or between bouts of being fucked senseless, giving him time for recovery and to assist in stimulating him for more. She physically and emotionally couldn’t get enough of his monstrous cock and that was what her body expressed when she danced for him like that. Could she do that for a roomful of strangers? Could she do what he said and transfer the people she saw with the image and impression of her Master? To please him, she would have to. But not only to please him but to honor his declaration. He had publicly put her performance above any other taught to slaves during training. For her to fail would be to shame him.Cat moved to the center of the room where the other slave had danced. As she moved to the opening, she took the other slave by the arm and pulled her into the very center. The slave looked for her owner’s reaction, but Cat gave her a firm command to stand perfectly still in the center and not to move regardless of what she did. The slave’s attention was immediately transferred to Cat. Cat had called up her experience as a commander in the Marines, a voice and tone she hadn’t used since arriving. Cat would initially use the slave as the fire to dance around, then improvise.There was no music, but there wasn’t around the campfires, either. At the beginning, she moved gracefully, smoothly, her arms, legs, and gown flowing and gently twirling as she moved and spun around the slave. The slave stood still but very self-consciously. But Cat changed it soon. She twirled quickly, her arms and one leg thrust out as she bounced up and down on her toes to spin faster and faster, her dress of strips of shear material flying higher and higher. As she spun, she reached out to touch the other slave, she dropped her other foot to twirl further around her, spinning and touching more. Cat raised her leg high as she arched her back, her long hair hanging behind, her breasts thrust into the air. She kicked her leg higher and heard the collective gasp. She twirled and spun around the slave and stopped in front of a new group in the audience and kicking high as she spun. Another collective gasp. Others in the audience began straining to see what had caused the gasps. Eventually, she had presented her clean-shaven pussy to everyone in the room. She wasn’t nearly done, though.She caught a glimpse of Goran and found him smiling. He hadn’t expected that. It wasn’t part of her dance but he chuckled knowing how much she felt her shaved pussy would bring attention. She was right. Of course, she was right. When hasn’t she been?Cat changed the dance, again. This was the part Goran knew so well. Her body moved as if she were part snake the way her body, arms, and legs moved. She took long steps with her body dropping to a deep crouch, spinning and coming up with her ass first and then her upper body. Then, she would leap, her legs and arms outstretched, her breasts heaving and bouncing. It was better around the campfire, though, there she was …It was as Cat heard his musing from across the room. She had been dancing in the gown Master had allowed for herself. It gave an illusion of her movements and exhibition, but not enough. She reached high into the air, directly before the slave. Her hands came down behind her head and, with a pull of the tie, her gown fell like a feather to the floor. Cat reached out teasingly to the slave, her fingers caressing her face, dropping to her shoulders and sliding over her bare breasts. The slave didn’t take her eyes off Cat, now mesmerized by the teasing given to her. Cat could she her breasts rising and falling, the woman’s mouth open, sucking in air.Cat now moved in ways merely to expose her body. Bending over to swing her large breasts, then dropping her head further to look into the crowd through her spread legs, her hands caressing her own thighs higher and higher until she slid her fingers through her glistening pussy lips. She moved around the poor slave, slinking her body against the woman, her hands caressing. As a finale, she did a vamp walk around the slave before stopping in front of her, taking the woman’s thigh between her own, slowly grinding her pussy up and down the woman’s skin before taking her face in her hands and kissing her with passion almost … almost … as if it were her Master.The crowd was hushed. Cat hadn’t noticed. She was entranced in the act, in her performance, in her desire to please Master. But when she pulled away from the gasping slave, a wet slick line down the slave’s thigh was clear for all to see. At first, there remained silence, as if so charged with the spectacle they hoped more would follow. When it didn’t continue, the room erupted in applause, free-people and slaves alike standing. Cat took the other slave’s hand and twirled her into her arms for a final kiss that left the woman gasping.Cat quickly scooped up her gown and worked her way through the crowd to her Master who was standing at the table, dropping coins in payment for the meals and drink. Amid the steady noise, she stopped in a standing presentation position and anxiously asked, “Are you pleased, Master?”He took her by the arm and pulled her to the door. Outside, where it was quieter, “Pleased? I need to get you back to the room to fuck you. Damn, Cat … every cock in that room had to be hard. Slaves are getting used tonight.”Cat giggled. Pleased she was successful, she stood still when he moved to go down the street. He turned when she wasn’t with him. His eyes asked the question. She responded, “Master, what are the rules about using a slave in public?”He looked into her eyes in the faint light of the lantern hanging nearby. “There aren’t any. An owner can do as he pleases with a slave. But … it is not considered … appropriate as a public display. It rarely happens.” He saw the look in her eyes. She had enticed a roomful of strangers. She had aroused herself in the process of displaying herself so boldly … as evidenced by the pussy juice she left on the other slave’s thigh. He glanced at the narrow passage between two building and made his decision. She wanted more exhibition thrill, more adventure, more boldness …He pulled her by the arm into the passage. Within steps they were lost in blackness, none of the lanterns along the street penetrating the passageway. He turned her to the side of the building and loosened his pants. Cat parted her legs widely in anticipation and gasped when that marvelous cock was driven nearly completely into her depths in the initial penetration. Goran fucked into her hard, dominatingly hard and forceful. Every day it seemed to him that Cat proved the two sides of her being to him in overt and subtle ways. She was transforming herself willingly into a complete slave, but she was also capable of displaying the strength and intellect that would always still be a part of her and should always be a part of her. He rammed his cock into her to show her he was the Master she desired him to be. He had plans but Master/slave would now need to maintained.Her body shook under his onslaught into her pussy. He marveled at how her body had become such a sexual organ for him … and herself. She seemed to be in a continuous orgasm that built, crested, and rebuilt as he fucked her. Her moans and gasps filled the narrow space. When he heard people approaching along the walkway, he clamped his hand over her mouth but never slowed his fucking. One man hesitated and tried peering into the space. They couldn’t have been more than 10 feet apart and he never slowed his pounding. Cat had turned her head, her eyes wide as she peered at the man who apparently couldn’t see them. It only heightened her orgasm more.She climaxed hard, her body shaking with the effect of his fucking and the experience of the night. It was made even better when she felt his cock swell and pulse, then send his seed deep into her. Yes … so much better … she again satisfied her Master.* * * CHAPTER 4: GORAN’S PLAN will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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