Adamncourtneyb: Body Swap part 3


Adamncourtneyb: Body Swap part 3Part 2.5Our Conversation Continued in that light tone for a few more minutes. I didn’t see where this was going, Amy on the other hand had my bodies sex drive.Amy Pulled me in close and started kissing, I was surprised she wanted this without Courtney. it didn’t take long before I was pulling his boxers off, even without my bodies over driven hormones I wanted to fucked again. Amy’s cock was rock hard as I started stroking it, I felt Amy release a quiver as my hand wrapped half way around his shaft. The kissing had become aggressive now, Moving to my neck and quickly to my breast. He had my nipple now and was sucking hard. I could feel my pussy start to drip, and butterflies turning in my stomach. That’s when he grabbed me up, nearly flipping me on top in the 69 position. Amy didn’t waste time, He had my panties ripped and was eating my pussy before I even completely landed on top. He knew what to do this time, it wasn’t going to be a slow get to know you, he was going to fuck me. I grabbed his cock and shoved it down into my mouth.It wasn’t very long, before I had to have his cock inside me. Crawling forward to reverse cowgirl, I know its one of my favorites to watch from. I saddled up and starter grinding my clit ageist his shaft, just listening to his moans. Amy” You need to wrap that pussy around my cock or i’m going to go crazy “Me” I’ll get there…… “Just as a arched my back let his tip slid in, I could already feel my cunt griping his cock. I started pushing him in, inch by inch. With each inch I could feel him thrust forward wanting more. I was going to give it you him. My orgasm was building this whole time, and I wanted it to be a good one. I was nearly half way down, when he start sitting up. Amy reaching between my legs, wrapping his arms around my thighs and his hands reached the for my tummy. That’s when he took control…… ____________________________________________________________________________________Part 3We all woke up late the next morning, and in our own bodies. I headed to the kitchen to start coffee. I let Courtney sleep, I knew that her body needed it after putting it to work that hard last night and so many times.I met Sean in the kitchen looking blank as my espresso machine. Sean ” Glad your up, how in the hell does this thing work “Me” It easy, you have to just be a coffee nut “I made us both coffees, then started reading the paper. I knew the girls would be up soon and wanted to get a fresh start on the day before something else happened.We urfa escort took our time each night. I was always in Courtney’s body, they took turns using me every night. But by the third week was having issues.Courtney ” I think this pussy is used up, it not even sure anymore. It’s just numb, Adam how have you felt anything? “Adam ” truthful its been numb for days you haven’t let me swap back. Or take a break. “Amy” poor baby, Sean’s been asleep for 3 weeks and you complain about a numb pussy. “Adam ” funny, you haven’t or your body hasn’t taken cock since the first night. Just oral “Its true her body was used up after that first night. I’ve never seen my cock stretch out such a small pussy before. I know Courtney enjoyed it but Amy couldn’t handle the pain. I sat there watching the girls, they were whispering and giggling. Adam ” what’s up “Courtney ” we are going to give you a break tonight, we wont touch you. That will give us all a break let sean of pillow duty. “Adam ” sounds good. What’s the plan tonight? “Amy ” dinner and me and Courtney will go see a movie “That day progressed, I know that the girls were going to have alone time. Yet I wanted to be there. I’d been in Courtney’s body for 3 weeks solid. I missed it, even sore it was mine. Sean had gotten up with many apologies for sleeping so much. He kept ranting about why but couldn’t ever remember sleeping like this in his life. He came in the late afternoon, wear running shorts and a small tank top. Sean ” het man I’m gonna go for run, then work out. Do you wanna join me? “Adam ” no to the running, did alot of cardio already. My weights later “Sean ” cool man “He left just as the girls were walking out the door. I saw both girls go say goodbye but Amy was being very touchy. Much more than normal interactions ive seen with them before. Maybe she was feeling guilty. Sean was gone for a couple of hours, when he got back we both headed to the garage. He had taken off his shirt. I hadn’t notice before, he was ripped. Muscles everywhere, it concerned me that I continued to feel attracted to him even kn my male body. That when I felt the change coming, Courtney had used the mirror on me. As my world flipped I saw Courtney’s face looking at me. Courtney ” hey babe, how do you feel? “Adam ” WTH I thought I was getting a break? “That’s when I realized I had swapped with Amy. I was in her body; I felt how light she was compared to myself or even Courtney’s body. Courtney ” my body is getting the break. Not you. “Adam ” so amy is going escort urfa to fuck me tonight? “Courtney ” not exactly Sean’s awake. You have to be her until later “I saw that Amy in my body was coming into the house. Sean in tow. Courtney didn’t miss a beat. Courtney ” hey babe did you boy have fun? Our movie was a really good, and I ordered dinner “Amy” that’s good babe, what did you order in starving “Courtney nudged me, a indicator I should speak. Adam” hey boys working hard or hardly working? “Yep I’m a dumb ass. But it did seem to matter. They carried the conversation, al the way through dinner. Sitting next to Sean was odd, he had dressed again. Tight slacks and white tshirt, I kept watching him all night. His muscles moving under the thing shirt. I could even see the outline of his cock in the slacks. My pussy was telling the reason why Amy had chosen him. We were all having a pretty time actually, and had moved to the sitting room. Sean was telling stories of his c***dhood. That’s where things changed, Courtney was sitting on Amy’s lap. I could see her rubbing Amy’s cock, right in front of Sean. That when Courtney grabbed my hand leading to Sean. Sit relax. And enjoy yourself. I noticed Sean watching them. I sat down, right on his rock hard cock. Apparently he noticed awhile ago. He was definitely turned on. So was I now, feeling his huge cock right between my ass cheeks. The girls had dressed up. Both in little sun dresses, and gstrings. I felt dirty knowing that this guys huge cock was turning me on. But I couldn’t stop myself. I felt my pussy getting wet, soaking what little fabric the gstring had. I wanted to fuck, right here right now. I started grinding his cock. Courtney across the room wasn’t holding back. she was already on her knees pulling Amy’s cock out. I didnt know how Sean would react, so I pushed harder. Grinding from tip to base, I couldn’t help moaning. it felt good, it was so long and hard now it could it touch my back and clit at the same time. Courtney was full force sucking Amy’s cock. So I gave in, I turn around on my knees between Sean’s legs. I start unzipping his slacks. Sean ” you sure, this is really dirty “I already had his cock in my hand. God it was huge longer then my own, he had aleast a 14 inch cock. But the thickness was like a tuna can. I never did answer, I have his cock in my mouth, working it down. I didnt get far, when I realized Courtney was the. she had came over and started playing with my pussy. This pussy was different, more sensitive. Within urfa escort bayan a few minutes I was cumming all over her fingers. Courtney never stopped fingering me, but felt her move up level with me. I had Sean’s balls in my mouth, and she started licking the tip of his cock. It made me jealous. Not of that my wife was touching another man, that this was mine now. I knew there was no way my little mouth could suck him deep down. But Courtney could, I looked up he was surprised but didn’t stop us. Courtney had him nearly balls deep, her throat bulging with his cock. I watch as he blow in her mouth. She looked surprised as cum dripped out of her mouth. He had exploded so hard she had cum drip out her nose. I had never seen Courtney with anyone else before let alone a black man. She was super pale and the contrast looked surprisingly good. She pulled back kissing me now. Sharing his cum with me, I love the taste of cum. But his was better than mine. Sean was still sitting on the love seat. Without a word I straddled his cock. Pulling my gstring to the I put his cock head right at my cunt entrance. Sean ” are you sure, I dont want to hurt you. “I just started lowering myself down, I can feel Courtney opening me up. It was huge, my cunt was grabbing his cock and trying force it out. I felt like I’d break in two. It hurt but started feeling better the deeper I got. I was about 4 inchs down, when he started quivering I knew he wanted more. I braved up. I pulled my dress off, exposing my tits. He immediately started sucking my nipples. Courtney has sensitive nipples or I thought she did. It was like a damn bursting open. My cunt was dripping down in his cock, I pulled up and thrusting down 8 more inches. His response almost through me off him. My cunt was so tightly gripped on I held there for a few seconds and trusted again. Deeper, I was going to take his whole. The pain was gone, I was riding that cock now. I got him all the way in, it felt like he was stabbing my heart. That’s when Courtney grabbed my hair. Ride him now, I obeyed her. Getting my hips moving back and forth, I felt my stomach quivering turning with butterflies I was going to cum. That’s when sean picked me up. He started sliding his cock in and out huge deep thrusts. My head exploded. I woke up laying on Sean’s stomach his cock deep inside me. Courtney was eating my asshole, Adam ” umm did I pass out? “Sean” yep i stopped but Courtney said to keep going “Adam ” good “That when i felt it. Courtney had moved off, and Amy was positioning her cock in my asshole. As she pushed in I felt dizzy again, but I also felt my orgasm redoubling. I saw Courtney kissing Sean, as I came, my whole body convulsing. I could feel both Sean and amy cumming deep inside me. Part 4 to come

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