A tiny see through swimsuit

Alexis Ren

A tiny see through swimsuitAna booked a full week at a nice resort in the Glades.I liked her choice, since we really needed a quick vacation and a full escape from the cold New York winter. Once there, we checked in and my sexy wife decided we should go by the pool. She put on a very conservative bikini; but however, she could show her nice round buttocks and her firm tits.We sat there on comfortable lounge chairs under the warm Florida sun and soon my little wife asked me to get some drinks, while she was going to our room to change her bikini. It was not long when she came back from changing. From the distance, I noticed she now was wearing a bright fluorescent orange bikini. The bright color stood out from her dark tan and when she turned to set down I saw the bottom of the suit only covered half of her round ass, exposing most of those nice firm and round buttocks. On the front, I could see a perfect camel toe forming in her nice smooth shaven mound…When Anita sat down close to me, I handed her a drink.The cold glass dripped condensation onto her erect nipples. I looked down, seeing that the orange material just seemed to disappear; now her dark areolas were almost in full display for everyone to see.I told Ana about it and she just bartın escort giggled; saying she knew already that her swimsuit could become totally see through when it got wet…I asked if she was going to get a dive in the pool; but she said no; unless I wanted all these people around to see her completely naked. I said that it would be awesome. But my sensual wife insisted, telling me to forget it.After a little while she dozed off on the lounge chair. The warming sun and the full glass of alcohol seemed to relax her. I wanted another drink so I went to the bar again.As I came back, I noticed Ana’s swimsuit was almost invisible now.Her own perspiration was causing the thin nylon to become transparent. At first I thought about waking her to tell her but I decided to let it happen. As I sat down I glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed. I saw a couple of men that seemed to be looking her way but I finally concluded there were staring at some young girl’s asses behind my wife.As the pool area began to fill up, a young guy came over and asked it the seat next to Anita was vacant. He had on dark glasses but I knew he was getting a good eye full of my wife’s sexy body. I told him that it was empty. He thanked me and sat down. escort bartın I then told him the passed out beauty there was my wife. The guy gave Ana a head to toe look and he told me I was a lucky man…He relaxed a bit and pulled the dark glasses down, staring right at her now visible dark areolas and hardened nipples. He just smiled…Anita suddenly woke up and glanced at the two of us, asking what we had been talking about. I said my new friend was just admiring her sexy body.My wife looked down and saw how transparent the suit had become. She stared at the guy, saying he could see for sure her hard nipples pushing against the thin fluorescent orange fabric. The young man nodded his head and Ana then spread her thighs wide, saying he could see her camel toe and guess how wet her cunt was right now…She was right; her wetness now showed perfectly the edges of her swollen pussy lips. Our new friend asked her if she did not bother to show her body in display like that… Ana answered not at all… in fact, she would love to get naked under the sun, just as she did normally at home…I spoke up and said she loved it, especially with my friends hanging around.The young gut then asked me if I did not mind letting my friends to see my wife totally bartın escort bayan naked…Before I could say anything, Anita interrupted the chat, saying that I even let my buddies to have sex with her… in front of me…The guy could not believe his ears. Anita noticed the shock in his trembling voice so I guessed she would have some fun with his man.Ana looked at him in the eyes and asked the guy if he wanted to fuck her…Again he could not believe what he was hearing. But Ana insisted, telling him that she had got horny since early morning and needed some cock…So I told them to go ahead; I should wait there by the pool…Anita giggled and grabbed a big towel, telling me to wait for her at our room.She wrapped the towel around her exposed almost naked body and grabbed our friend’s hand, leading the way to the lobby.I got another drink and went back to our room.Just over an hour later, my sensual wife came back to our room with her wet swimsuit in her hand and the towel covering her now naked body. She had a grin of satisfaction painted on her face and she said she had saved a cum filled pussy for me.As she unwrapped the towel, I could see she had love bites on her tits and red scratches on her hips and thighs. Some cum was now oozing out from her well abused and filled cunt…She grabbed the back of my neck and made me lick her pussy clean…As she moaned with pleasure feeling my tongue sucking on her hard clit, I recalled she would wear a fluorescent yellow lime swimsuit the next day…

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