A Spring Time Memory


A Spring Time MemoryIt was a warm Spring day in May. Bettie used the hand spade to dig up the weeds in the flower bed at the side of her country home. Her tulips were in full bloom and the rest of her garden was greening up nicely. The smell of Spring was in the air as a warm breeze blew softly. She worked her way along the garden next to the window of her sixteen year old son’s bedroom. She paused looking up into his room. What she saw took her by surprise. Her young son was standing in the middle of his bedroom naked. His cock was fully erect as he stroked his massive manhood. Bettie was shocked. Not by his actions but by the size of his cock. She stopped and starred as the young man stroked himself. Jack’s cock was over nine inches! It was massive in girth. Bettie’s pussy tingled as she imagined that thing inside her pussy. She became soaking wet. Then he started to come. He had laid a towel out on the floor and he began shooting huge streams of come that shot out three and four feet over the towel. Spurt after spurt of huge strands of come came shooting out like a horse. Bettie lost count of how many times his come shot out. All she knew was that it was the most come she had ever seen come out of a cock. Bettie felt her pussy gush as he finished his deed. She continued watching as he picked up the towel and wiped his cock off with it. Her panties were now soaked. Bettie had been divorced for two years. She never dated as it was difficult to find a suitable mate in a small town for a divorced muther of a teenage son. She relied on her dildo to get her by. That was getting old. But now, after seeing what was under her own roof she began to rethink things. Jack got dressed and left his room. Soon he came out of the house and found his mom gardening. When he saw how close she was to his window he began to worry. Bettie looked up and saw him. She smiled. “Hi. It’s so beautiful out here.””Yes it is. Need help?””I’m almost finished but thanks.” She made sure to play it cool. He felt relieved that she didn’t mention seeing him. Even though he knew it was practically impossible for her not to have seen everything. “Okay. I’ll start mowing.”As Jack mowed Bettie kept obsessing about his cock. She just couldn’t get past it. She put away her garden tools and went into the house to her master bathroom. She washed her hands and then stripped down naked. She began to work her pussy with her dildo thinking about what it would feel like having Jack’s huge cock inside her. She came hard squirting all over the floor. Then she leaned back breathing heavily. She had to think of something. Going without was just not doing it for her anymore. Yes, she could get off. But it wasn’t nearly the same as having the real thing.A week had gone by. It was Saturday afternoon. Every day in the last week Bettie had obsessed over her young son’s cock. She had masturbated nightly thinking about that cock. She laid in her tub at four in the afternoon. She took a sip of her cocktail and slid her hand down into her pussy. As she worked it she began to scheme. Maybe she would wait for him to come home from his part time job and seduce him. The alcohol had numbed her brain and clouded her judgement. It also made her let her guard down. Her finger teased her clitoris then slid inside her wet folds. She shuddered as her desire to be fucked consumed her. This was going to be it. She was determined to get her young son’s cock into her pussy! With her toes she lowered the lever to let the water drain. She stood up and grabbed the towel. Her black bush and sweet pussy were now very clean. She wrapped the towel around her body and grabbed her drink. She finished it off and headed to afyon escort the kitchen to make another. Just as she put ice into her glass Jack came home. “Hi mom.””Oh hi honey. You’re home early.””Yea. We weren’t very busy so Ken let me off early.”Bettie reached up for a second glass and started making two cocktails. Jack noticed and looked puzzled. He wondered why she would do that. “Do you have plans to go out tonight with your friends?””No, not yet. I haven’t heard form any of them.”Jack watched as his mom filled the glasses with her booze concoction. Then she handed one of the glasses to Jack. “Here. Now why don’t you come back with me and we’ll talk?”She had never given him alcohol before. So he was quite surprised. His dad had let him drink a few beers once. But his mom was stricter in that regard.Jack followed her back. As she turned the corner into her bedroom the towel had loosened and then fell right off of her. Jack was stunned to see her bare bottom. He also noticed the perfect shape of her hips. She had a very nice ass. Her butt cheeks flared out perfectly at the bottom giving her that killer shape. Jack immediately became semi hard. His bulge was visible with that much cock in his shorts. Bettie grabbed the towel before it fell onto the floor.”Oops. Oh well. Nothing you probably haven’t seen already with one of your girlfriends huh?”Jack said nothing as his mom sat on her bed. “Have a seat.” She motioned toward the end of her bed. She then sat back against the headboard bending her legs at the knees. Her naked body sat exposed. Her legs were apart enough to show her pussy to Jack. Jack was now nervous. He tried not to react to her nakedness. The truth was that this was the very first time he had ever seen a grown woman naked. He felt awkward. Bettie laid back and lit a cigarette. “So how is Julie?””Uh, we broke up.””Oh damn! What happened?” Jack would turn toward her to answer and he tried hard not to look down at her dark and mysterious pussy. He wanted to! He was very curious. He could see her tits hanging there. They were creamy white with big dark areolas and perky nipples that pointed upward just right. They looked so suckable and playful. He wanted so badly to touch them and play with them. He would have sucked her nipples like a baby.”I don’t know. I guess we just didn’t click.”Bettie kept the conversation light. She made sure to keep him talking as he drank. When he finished his drink she finished hers. “Here? I’ll be right back.” She took his glass and left. Jack’s eyes starred at her sexy ass cheeks as they swung back and forth when she walked out. His cock became rock hard wondering what it would be like to bend her over and fuck that sexy ass. The alcohol was working as intended. Jack was beginning to feel relaxed. When she came back she walked right up to him close. He saw her naked body in front of him. He got an eyeful of her naked flesh. He could smell her perfume. She handed him the glass and he took a big swig of it. Bettie assumed the exact same position this time spreading wider. “I thought about just ordering a pizza for dinner.””Oh good.”More small talk. They drank and talked and Jack would steal glances of her nether flesh. At one point Bettie let her knee fall to the side opening her pussy fully. Jack noticed it. He even looked down at her open pussy. She saw him. It was very hot now. She could tell she was having an affect on him. “Do you like what you see?””Uh, yes.” Jack felt weird. Have you been with a girl yet?”No.””Oh.””Have you grown hair down there yet?””Yes.””Show it to me. I want to see it.”Jack froze. He felt very nervous again. “Oh come on. Its okay.” Jack stood up. He undid his shorts escort afyon and lowered them. Bettie could see the bulge in his underwear. Then he lowered them and his huge cock sprung out. Bettie’s pussy tingled. “Come closer.” Jack moved next to her. To his stunned amazement she reached out and held it. “Oh my God Jackie! You’re huge! That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. It’s so much bigger than your fother’s.” Bettie’s hand gently stroked him making him throb and breath harder. His heart was pounding as he loved how it felt.”You know Jackie I haven’t had a nice cock in my pussy in two years. Why don’t you get undressed and get into bed with me. I’ll show you what to do.” Jack did as his mom asked and as he climbed into bed Bettie moved to the middle spreading herself wide open for him. “That’s it. Now slide that big cock into mommy’s pussy and I’ll teach you how to fuck.” Bettie grabbed it and guided him to the threshold of her pussy. “Now baby go slow and easy for me. Its going to take time for me to get used to your massive size.” As he plunged the head inside her she gasped. “Oh my God! Oh it’s so big. Go slow!” Jack wanted nothing more than to pummel her. But he heeded her demands. As he worked it into her she became wetter and slicker allowing him to penetrate deeper with each thrust. They kept patiently working him into her. Jack was so turned on he was almost ready to explode. He had most of it inside her. Then he thrust into her harder and she screamed as all of it slid into her. It hit her cervix which she had never felt before from any other man she had fucked. He felt her pussy squirt as she screamed out in passion. “OH GOD! I”M COMING!” Pussy juice flooded them both and soaked the bed. Jack began to come too. She could tell. He began to holler. “Yes baby! Fill my pussy! Doesn’t that feel good?!” He pumped several times making her pussy overflow with bodily fluids. Bettie wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands gripped his firm ass cheeks pulling him into her. She squeezed his cock with her pussy muscles as he finished the last of fifteen spurts of come. He stopped and she held onto him. She whispered into his ear. “Oh Jackie. That was amazing. I want you to keep going and fuck me real good.” Hearing her talk like that was shocking to him. He had never heard her say ‘pussy’ or ‘cock’ before that day. He found it very hot and quite a turn on. She whispered again. “You can fuck mommy’s pussy anytime you want to from now on. I want that big fat cock!” Her dirty talk caused him tor get hard again and he began to fuck her again. Bettie had him roll over onto his back and she rode him hard. She would raise up and squirt all over him then slide back down repeating this action as the young man laid there in awe of her pussy. He was enjoying her dirty side. He wondered how it was possible and if it was okay for them to be doing. But he knew it was taboo and wrong. But she fucked so good that he didn’t care. Nothing had ever felt so intensely good. She fucked him into the night until dark. Three hours of intense pleasure. She made him come twice and she had to change her bed sheets because of all her pussy juice soaking the bed. The rest of the night they had pizza delivered and watched television. At bed time she took him to her bed and they fucked a second time. She made him come a third time and he slept with her that night.The next day the sun shined brightly into the bedroom. Jack opened his eyes and immediately saw he was in his mom’s bed. Then he remembered how they had fucked the night before. At first he felt strange. He felt guilty. What would his friends think? He became worried. Just then his mom came into afyon escort bayan the room and brought him a cup of coffee. She sat on the edge of the bed and handed him the cup as he sat up. She smiled. “How is my young stud this morning?” She saw the worried look on his face.”Fine.””What’s wrong?””Nothing.” He looked down and took a drink of the coffee. Then Bettie reached over and held his chin up. “Now I know when something is bothering you. Talk to me.””Its just that, uh, what we did…””I know. It’s wrong and you feel bad about it. Right?””Uh, yea. I don’t know. What would my friends say?””Well are you going to tell them about it? I sure hope not.””No.””Listen. If you feel bad about it we don’t have to do it anymore. But I sure did enjoy it. Didn’t you?””Uh, well, yes, I guess so.””Look honey its all in how you look at things. Life gives you choices. You can worry about things or you can relax and enjoy what you like. No one will ever know what we do in here so its up to you. We could have a lot of fun together or you can go through life worrying about what other people might think. I’ll tell you right now that I don’t waste my time worrying about my reputation or what someone else thinks about me. Its none of their business.”Jack looked up into her eyes. Her perfume reminded him of her sweet pussy riding his cock and squirting all over the place. His cock became rock hard. Her nipples poked her bathrobe. He could see her tits jiggle with each movement.”Wow! I guess you’re right. I never thought of it that way.””Its all a part of growing up. k**s always worry about what their friends think.””You’re right.””I wish I had that recorded. Did I just hear you tell me I as right?” She smiled and laughed. He laughed too. “Now what is this under here?” Bettie slid her hand under the covers finding his hard cock. She pulled the covers back and went down on him. She had him throbbing hard. She came off. “Its Sunday and we should go to lunch. Maybe play this afternoon. How would you like that? I’ll even teach you how to lick my pussy and tease my clit.””Okay. That sounds good to me. Mom?””Yes sweetie?””Thanks for understanding.””Oh sweetie I would never do anything to hurt you.” She gently stroked his face as she let go of his cock. “Save this for later. You’ll need it.” Lust now burned throughout Jack’s body looking ahead to tasting his mom’s beautiful pussy. He couldn’t wait!After lunch they came back home. Bettie went to her bedroom and changed into a black see through negligee’ and thigh high black nylons. She stood in front of Jack and his jaw dropped seeing her sexy beautiful body there for his pleasure. Her black bush looked so beautiful veiled by the sheer nylon. Pussy hair spilled out the sides of the panties. His mom’s bush was very big and fluffy. He loved the way it looked and he knew he was about to taste it.Jack leaned forward and pushed his face into her muff smelling her womanly scent. That musky scent drove him to lust for her. She knew then that he was all hers. She took him back to the bedroom. She stopped and grabbed him kissing him full on the mouth. Their tongues slobbered. He was shocked at how good she kissed. His hands began to move around her body feeling her. He grabbed her ass cheeks. They broke from the kiss. “I want you to feel free to touch me in any way you like. I like being touched in dirty ways. I want your tongue in my pussy.” They broke apart and began undressing. Bettie laid on her back and spread wide open for him. He moved in and pushed his face in her muff. His tongue slid through her slit up and down. “Let me explain how this works.” Bettie began to show Jack her clitoris and she explained how to tease it and work it with his tongue. When he did as she instructed she began to squirt all over his face. Jack loved it. That afternoon they fucked many times. It as a new beginning and life would never be the same. It was only the beginning.

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