A man and his maid : Part 20


A man and his maid : Part 20Chapter IXAs soon as I had recovered from the delirious ecstasy of my spending, I kissed Molly’s still-u*********s lips, rose gently off her and cruelly displayed my blood-stained prick to Lady Betty and the excited girls. After exulting over Lady Betty’s distress and the sight of this evidence of her daughter’s violation, I said, “I fancy you would like to attend to Molly yourself, your Ladyship. If I let you both loose for that purpose, will you promise to allow yourselves to be fastened again in such a way as I may indicate?””Yes! Yes!” she cried feverishly in her maternal anxiety to attend to Molly.Immediately we set them free. Hastily, Lady Betty caught up Molly in her arms and, after passionately kissing her, led her away to the girls’ alcove, while they delightedly bathed and sponged away the marks of my victory from my rejoicing prick, kissing and caressing it as if in sweet congratulation.”Now we’ll wind up with a great orgy of cruelty, dears,” I said. “You heard Lady Betty’s promise?” They nodded excitedly. “It would hardly have been possible for us to have forced them into the soixante-neuf position; at any event it would have been very difficult. We’ll now make them place themselves so, on the half-bench, then tie them down, Lady Betty on Molly.We can command their cunts for feeling and fingering and tickling and frigging. By slightly moving Lady Betty backwards, we could suck them and I could fuck them standing upright, but you won’t be able to do so. Do you want to do it?”They glanced at each other for a moment, then shook their heads. “We shall be quite content to satisfy our desires when they get too imperious by fucking each other, Jack!” said Alice merrily. “Connie and Fanny haven’t tried each other yet and will be delighted to do so presently.” The two girls glanced tenderly at each other and blushed deliciously. “My God, Jack! What a doing the poor things will have had by the time we let them away. Do you think they can stand it?””Oh, yes, dear!” I replied with a smile. They are very strong. And it is about time we all had a little refreshment.”So I opened some champagne and poured out six tumblers, adding a little brandy to the two glasses meant for Lady Betty and Molly, who just then emerged from the alcove, Molly with both hands shielding her cunt. Lady Betty covered hers with one hand, while her other arm was passed ’round her daughter. Both looked terribly forlorn and disconsolate as they approached us, and when the girls crowded ’round Molly and congratulated her on having become a woman, poor Lady Betty’s eyes sought mine with a look of shocked horror. I handed the champagne ’round and we all partook of it with relish, especially Lady Betty and Molly, who seemed to revive.”Now let us resume,” I cried cheerfully. “Come along, girls, come, Lady Betty, bring Molly with you.” I moved towards the bench with the girls while our unhappy victims followed slowly and reluctantly.”Now, Molly, you just lie down on your back on this bench, just as your mother was made to do. Open your legs, put one on each side.” Reluctantly she obeyed, and soon she was lashed firmly to the bars by her wrists and ankles, a lovely sight.”Now, Lady Betty, place yourself on your daughter reverse ways, your head between her thighs, her head between your legs. Lie on her, and when we have arranged you properly, we’ll tie you down!”Lady Betty flushed painfully, horror-stricken. “Oh, Jack, I can’t! Really, I can’t do it! It’s too horrible!” she exclaimed, burying her face in her hands and shuddering at the idea.”Now remember your promise, Lady Betty,” I said somewhat sternly, as if I was annoyed. “Come, no nonsense—lie down on Molly.””Oh, my God!” she wailed. With an effort, she slowly went up to the bench on which poor Molly was lying, bound down and helpless, and shivering with dread. She stood still for a moment as if struggling with repugnance, then stooping down, she kissed her daughter passionately, whispering, “My darling, I can’t help it!” Reluctantly she passed one leg over Molly’s face and laid herself down on her daughter as ordered. Promptly Alice and I adjusted her so that her cunt came within reach of Molly’s lips while her mouth commanded Molly’s cunt. We strapped her arms by the wrists and her legs by the ankles to the crossbar of the bench, one on each side of Molly, pulling the straps as tightly as we could, thereby further securing Molly, who now lay between her mother’s arms and legs and was pinned down by her not inconsiderable weight.The pair afforded a remarkable spectacle to us and for some little time we stood in gloating admiration. Neither could move in the slightest degree without the other being instantly conscious of it, and realizing its significance.Lady Betty now had her daughter’s freshly violated cunt right under her eyes and only a few inches off. Right above Molly’s eyes, and also only a few inches off, hung her mother’s cunt. Neither could avoid seeing what was being done to each other’s private parts! Were ever a mother and a daughter so cruelly placed?After a few moments of gloating, I said quietly, “Molly, dear, I’m going to see how your cunt has been altered by your having been deflowered!” I knelt down between her widely parted legs while the girls crowded ’round to watch, Molly crying imploringly, “Don’t touch me there, Jack, it’s so sore!” at which the girls laughed delightedly.Critically, I examined Molly’s delicious organ of sex. “I think it is swollen a bit, and that the slit is longer. Don’t you believe so, Lady Betty?” I remarked.She only moaned inarticulately, evidently feeling her position acutely. With a gentle forefinger I proceeded to touch and press Molly’s soft, springy flesh, each touch producing a cry of pain from her and involuntary writhing which even her mother’s weight could not subdue. I gently drew apart the tender lips and inspected with curiosity the gash-like opening into which I had, with so much difficulty, effected an entrance, poor Molly crying, “Oh, don’t, Jack!” Her cunt was clearly inflamed and she must have suffered a good deal of pain while being ravished, and, as I closed the lips again, I gently deposited a loving kiss on them as if seeking their pardon, Molly ejaculating, “Oh!” and quivering deliciously as my caress tingled through her. Then I slowly and gently introduced my forefinger into her cunt!”Oh!” shrieked Molly, writhing with pain. “Don’t Jack!” cried Lady Betty, her eyes full of agony at the horrible sight she was being forced to witness.Remorselessly I pushed my finger into Molly’s cunt till it was buried up to the knuckle, and retained afyon escort it there, gently feeling her interior and reveling in the warm, soft flesh, still moist with my spendings, and noting delightedly how her gentle muscles were involuntarily gripping my finger as I tenderly touched her clitoris with my free hand and generally excited her. She was still deliciously tight, and the corrugations of her tender flesh clasped my finger in a way that augured exquisite pleasure to my prick when next it was put into her cunt.After a little while I withdrew my finger, to Molly’s great relief, then said to Lady Betty, “Now I’ll exhibit your cunt to your daughter, your Ladyship!” She moaned inarticulately, knowing that it was no use asking for mercy.So ’round I went to Molly’s side, the delighted girls following me. When there, I leaned over Lady Betty’s bottom from one side of her, and as I looked down into Molly’s flushed and pitiful face, I said quietly to her, “Now, Molly, remember the pinchings and keep your eyes on your mother’s cunt!” Gently, with both hands, I drew its lips well apart and exhibited the large pink gap through which she had entered the world, saying, “Look, Molly, this is the first thing you came through!”She was inexpressibly shocked at the sight of her mother’s gaping cunt and ejaculated tremulously, “Oh, Jack! How can you be so cruel!” at which the girls laughed amusedly.To her horror I pushed my finger in and began to feel her mother just as I had done to her. “Don’t, Jack!” cried poor Lady Betty, agitating herself spasmodically on Molly as my curious finger explored her sensitive interior, reveling in her luscious flesh which throbbed in the most excited fashion. But after Molly’s exquisite interior, her mother’s seemed almost coarse, and very soon I drew my finger out of her and said softly to Alice, “Get a couple of feathers, dear, and we’ll tickle them both at the same time!””No, Jack, no!” shrieked Molly in horrible distress at the approaching dreadful torture.”What is it, darling?” cried Lady Betty, who had not heard what I said.”They’re going to tickle us together at the same time!” she cried agitatedly.Immediately a shriek of terror came from Lady Betty. “My God! No, Jack! For pity’s sake, don’t!” Frantically both mother and daughter tugged at their fastenings in desperate but unavailing endeavors to get free, thereby affording us a delicious sample of the struggles we were about to witness when the feathers were applied to their tender cunts. Alice came back with half-a-dozen long feathers. She picked out one for herself and Connie selected another and, without any prompting from me, Alice placed herself by Lady Betty’s cunt while Connie knelt between Molly’s legs, then simultaneously applied the feathers to their respective victims’ defenseless slits!Two fearful shrieks filled the room. “Don’t, Mrs. Blunt!” cried Molly, wriggling in a perfectly wonderful way, seeing how tightly she had been tied down and that she also had her mother’s weight to contend against while Lady Betty writhed and contorted, twisted and squirmed as if she was in a fit, plunging so wildly on Molly as to make the poor girl gasp for breath. She seemed to feel the torture much more keenly than Molly did, possibly because of Alice’s skill as torturer and her quickness in realizing the points where the touch of the feather had the cruelest effect. At any event, Lady Betty shrieked, yelled, curveted and wriggled till I thought it wise to stop the torture for a little while, and signaled to both girls to desist, which they unwillingly did, then rose and rushed excitedly to me with eyes glistening with lust and cruelty.”Oh, Jack! Wasn’t it lovely!” cried Alice rapturously. “Fanny, you take a turn now at Lady Betty; I’d like to watch her!” she continued, handing the feather to Fanny, whose eyes gleamed delightedly at the opportunity of torturing Lady Betty. She and Connie impatiently took their places by their trembling victims and awaited my signal.A refinement of cruelty suddenly struck me. “Look here, dear,” I said to Alice, “suppose you sit astride on Lady Betty’s backside and looking down on Molly—you’ll feel Lady Betty’s struggles, you’ll see the feather play on her cunt, and you’ll be able to watch Molly’s face at the same time!””Jack! You’re a genius!” she cried delightedly. “Help me up, darling!” In a moment she was arranged astride Lady Betty, whose plump, fleshy buttocks she grasped firmly so as not to be dislodged by her Ladyship’s struggles and plunges, her weight forcing Lady Betty’s cunt almost onto Molly’s face, so that Fanny had to poise her hand delicately so as not to bring the feather into play.”Go ahead, dears!” Fanny cried, and immediately both feathers were applied to their respective cunts. Again Lady Betty and Molly shrieked frantically as their cunts were slowly and cruelly tickled and irritated and goaded almost into spending, but not allowed to taste the blessed relief! Lady Betty was going nearly mad, and, in spite of Alice’s weight, plunging so wildly that Alice had some difficulty in sticking on, while poor Molly, whose chest had now to bear the weight of her mother as well as Alice, had scarcely enough breath to keep her going and so had to endure the terrible torture absolutely passively. Soon both of our victims had again been pushed to the extreme point of endurance, Molly being nearly in hysterics, while Lady Betty was fast going into convulsions—whereupon I stopped Connie and lifted Alice off.”Hadn’t we better soothe the poor things by stroking their cunts?” asked Alice as she watched our panting, quivering, trembling victims.”I’m going to force them to suck each other now, dear,” I whispered with a smile.”Jack, how lovely!” she ejaculated in rapture, eagerly eyeing Lady Betty and Molly, who by now were getting more normal, though the involuntary heaves and tremors that ran through them showed significantly the nature of the relief they were craving.I leaned over Lady Betty and whispered, “You can tell by your own feelings and by the sight of Molly’s cunt what she wants! Suck her!””Oh,” she ejaculated, shocked beyond expression.”Suck her, Lady Betty!” I repeated. “Then she’ll understand and she’ll suck you!””Oh, I couldn’t!” she cried. “Suck my own daughter?””Yes, suck your own daughter, Lady Betty, and she’ll suck her own mother! You’ve got to do it, so you’d better do it quietly at once without further nonsense. Now suck Molly!””No, no!” she cried. “I can’t! I can’t!”I turned to Alice. “Get me that cutting riding whip dear,” I said quietly.Quickly she brought it. I swished it through the air close to Lady escort afyon Betty, who trembled with fright.”Now, Lady Betty, please understand me clearly. You’ve got to do whatever I tell you. If you refuse, you’ll be whipped into submission! Now suck your daughter’s cunt!””Oh! Jack! I can’t!” she wailed.Down came the whip across her splendid bottom. She shrieked wildly as she writhed with the pain. I dealt her another cut—more shrieks; then a third— yet no compliance, but I could see that her obstinacy was giving way. I did not want to hurt her unnecessarily, so I aimed the fourth cut crossways, making the lash curl around her buttock and flick her cunt. A fearful yell of pain broke from Lady Betty. “Stop, Jack!” she screeched, then hurriedly she commenced to lick Molly’s cunt!”That’s right!” I said encouragingly. “Keep on till I tell you to stop, Lady Betty!” Delightedly we all watched the piquant spectacle of a daughter being licked by her mother! Their faces were a study—Lady Betty’s showing her disgust and repugnance at thus having to apply her tongue to her daughter’s cunt, while Molly’s was full of shame at being thus forced to spend by her mother. Heroically, she tried to retain herself—to refrain from spending—but in vain. Soon her control of herself broke down, and in sheer despair, she ejaculated brokenly, “Oh! I can’t … help it! Ah! Ah!” as she spent frantically!The sight was more than the girls could stand. Alice and Connie flew into each other’s arms, too excited to rush to the couch. They fell on the soft thick carpet and madly cunt-fucked each other till their feelings were relieved.Fanny, hardly knowing what she was doing, threw her arms ’round me and clinging closely to me whispered excitedly, “Oh, Mr. Jack, please frig me!” which I delightedly did. I would have gladly fucked her, but I had determined to have Lady Betty as she lay on Molly, making Molly lick my balls during the process, so I could spare nothing at the moment for Fanny.Presently Alice and Connie rose, looking somewhat sheep-faced, but their countenances cleared when they saw that Fanny had been also obliged to relieve her excited feelings by means of my finger, and they exchanged sympathetic and congratulatory smiles as we again clustered ’round Lady Betty and Molly, whom we had left tied down and who began to tremble with dread as they saw that they were to be submitted to further indignities and tortures.”Now, Molly, it’s your turn, dear—suck your mother’s cunt!” I said to her as I flicked her tender cunt sharply with the lash of my riding whip so as to stop the useless protest and pleadings I knew she was sure to make at receiving such a demand.”Don’t, Jack!” she screamed with pain. With loathing horror in her face, she placed her mouth on her mother’s cunt and commenced to tongue its lips.”Oh! Molly, don’t!” cried Lady Betty, involuntarily wriggling her bottom and hips voluptuously as her daughter’s tongue began to arouse her sexual appetites in spite of herself. Molly was too terrified by my whip to disobey me and so continued to tease and torture her mother’s cunt with her tongue for some little time till I stopped her. Straddling over her head with my balls just touching her face, I shoved my rampant prick into Lady Betty’s now gaping cunt till I had buried it inside her up to its root. As I did so, my balls traveled over Molly’s face till they rested on her mouth, my thighs holding her head so firmly gripped between them that she could not avoid the shocking contact with my genital organs.”Now, Molly, you’re to lick my balls while I fuck your mother!” I said with a smile at the delighted girls, who in turn peeped between my thighs to view the extraordinary conjunction of Lady Betty’s cunt, my prick and balls, and Molly’s mouth. Lady Betty all the while inarticulately moaned in her distress at being thus fucked by me so unexpectedly and in such a position! 180 I heard stifled cries come from Molly. I could feel her warm breath on my balls but not the velvet of her tongue, so I again sharply flicked her cunt. A smothered shriek of agony—then something exquisitely warm, soft, and moist began to caress my scrotum. It was Molly’s tongue—the poor girl was licking my balls!Oh! My delicious sensations at that moment as my prick luxuriated in the cunt of the mother while the mouth of the daughter reluctantly, but deliciously, was exciting me into spending! For some moments, I remained motionless save for thrills of exquisite pleasure, until I could no longer control my imperious desires. With piston-like strokes I began to work myself backwards and forwards in Lady Betty’s cunt, moving faster and faster and getting more and more furious, till I spent rapturously into her, just as her quivering, wriggling backside proclaimed that she too was discharging, her head u*********sly resting on her daughter’s cunt as the spasm of her pleasure vibrated through her!When I had become myself again, I drew out my prick, and after gloating cruelly over the sight of poor Molly’s flushed, shame-stricken, quivering, face and tearful, but tearless eyes, I pointed to her mother’s cunt now visibly wet and bedewed from my discharge and said, “Now go on, again, Molly!”She closed her horrified eyes with an expression of sickening, loathing and repugnance and moaned, “Oh, my God! Jack, I can’t! I simply can’t!””You can, and you shall, Molly!” I replied sternly as I sent the lash of my whip sharply across her tender cunt, drawing from her a terrible shriek which brought Lady Betty out of her semi-stupor.”Go on, Molly!” I said, pointing to her mother’s cunt as her eyes sought mine as if imploring mercy. Again she dumbly refused; again I caught her a sharp cut full on her cunt.She yelled in agony, then slowly and with horrible repugnance, nerved herself to touch her mother’s greasy and sticky cunt with her lips, nearly choking as her tongue slowly transferred the remains of my spend from her mother’s gaping slit into her own mouth and down her throat! As soon as I saw she was fairly started, I put her in charge of Connie with instructions to keep her at it, whatever happened. placing myself between Molly’s legs, my prick all wet and semen-soiled close to Lady Betty’s face. I touched the latter with my whip and said, “Now suck me clean, Lady Betty!””Oh!” she cried in horror, shuddering violently as she let her head again fall on her daughter’s cunt. Raising the whip, I slashed her fiercely right down her left buttock, then along the other, my lash cutting well into her soft, plump flesh and evidently giving her intense pain from the lovely way in which she writhed and screamed. “Suck afyon escort bayan me clean, Lady Betty!” I sternly repeated as I sent cut after cut on her wriggling plunging backside till she could no longer endure the pain, and half-hysterically raised her head and opened her mouth. Instantly I ceased the flagellation and popped my humid prick between her unwilling lips, which closed softly but reluctantly on it as a look of intense repulsion passed over her agonized face!For some time, Lady Betty simply held my prick in her mouth passively and in shamefaced confusion, for she had never before sucked a man and really did not know what to do! But I didn’t mind! Her mouth was deliciously warm and moist, while the touch of her lips was voluptuousness itself, and as I watched her, gloating over her misery and shame, I could see her throat convulsively working, as from time to time she forced herself to swallow the accumulated saliva, now highly impregnated with our mingled spendings.With the stimulus afforded by Lady Betty’s mouth, my virility began quickly to revive. “Pass your tongue over and ’round my prick, Lady Betty,” I recommended. “Lick and suck simultaneously!” Painfully, she complied. The action of her tongue was something exquisite, so much so that in a very short time my prick began to swell and stiffen (to her silent horror) till her mouth could just hold it! I was ready for action again. Should I spend in Lady Betty’s mouth or fuck Molly again? Hurriedly, I decided in favor of Molly! Quickly, I pulled my prick out of Lady Betty’s mouth. “Untie her,” I cried to the girls as I pushed up the second half-bench and fastened it to the piece on which Molly was lying, still tied. Soon the girls freed Lady Betty and lifted her off her daughter, then guessing what was coming, they held her between them in such a way that she was compelled to see what happened to her. As soon as Molly caught sight of me with my prick in rampant erection, she instinctively divined that she was again to be ravished, and screamed for mercy. But I threw myself on her, took her in my arms, brought my prick to bear on the orifice of her cunt, and fiercely rammed it into her, forcing my way ruthlessly into her, while she shrieked with a pain hardly less keen than had accompanied her violation. Mad with lust and the exquisite pleasure of holding the voluptuous girl again in my close embrace, and stimulated by the spectacle of the lovely naked bodies of Alice, Connie, and Fanny. The three girls controlled Lady Betty’s frantic struggles to go to her daughter’s assistance while they made free with her breasts and her cunt. Watching the spectacle, I let myself go and, ramming myself furiously into the still shrieking Molly, I fucked her exquisite self rapturously, till love’s ecstasy overtook me when I spent deliriously into her, flooding her smarting interior with the soothing balm of my boiling love-juice, which she received into her with the most voluptuous thrills and quivers, the sudden transition from the pains of penetration to the raptures of spending sending her into a semiswoon as she lay locked in my arms!Reluctantly I quitted her, unfastened her, and made her over to her mother, who quickly took her off to the girls’ alcove, while said girls crowded ’round me with delicious kisses as they congratulated me on my prowess in having fucked mother and daughter twice, each in each other’s presence, and to the accompaniment of such exquisite licentiousness. Solicitously and tenderly, they bathed and sponged my prick and generally refreshed me.”Now, what next?” I asked.”I’m afraid we must be going, Jack,” said Connie, “as we have to dine out!””And I think you’ve had enough, Sir,” said Alice archly.”Miss Molly looked quite played out, Mr. Jack,” said Fanny, who had gone to offer her services but evidently had been brusquely refused.”Well, perhaps we had better let the poor things off now!” I said musingly, “I don’t think they will offend any of us again!” They laughed. “Well, dears, thank you all very much for your help today. We’ve had a lovely orgy, punished our enemies, and had a fine time ourselves. Now run away and dress. Perhaps you won’t mind Fanny attending to Betty and Molly as they resume their clothing, Alice?”Just then Lady Betty and Molly came out. They were evidently utterly exhausted. I hastily poured out some champagne for them, which greatly revived them. As they tremblingly awaited the resumption of their tortures, I said gently, “Now you can go, Lady Betty, with your daughter. Fanny will help you to dress yourselves. Now, if ever you breathe a single word as to what has happened here this afternoon, or if in word, or deed, or suggestion, you say or do anything to harm or wound these girls or myself, I’ll get you both brought here again and what you’ve undergone today will be mild compared to what you’ll then taste. Now each of you kneel in turn before Alice first, then Connie, then Fanny, and then me—kiss each cunt three times, also my prick three times, in token of apology and in promise of good behavior—then dress yourselves.”We arranged ourselves in the order indicated, standing in a line with our arms ’round each other. Shamefacedly, Lady Betty and Molly performed their penance, my prick quivering as their lips touched it. We all resumed our clothing; I put Lady Betty and Molly into a taxi, only breaking the contained silence with the remark, “Now don’t forget!” then returned to the girls whom I found chatting eagerly and delightedly, all now daintily dressed.”I’d like to fuck you all just as you are, dears!” I said as I eyed them lasciviously in their provoking daintiness.”Think what our clothes would look like!” laughed Connie.”Jack, we owe you a lot!” said Alice, more seriously. “Now Connie and Fanny, let’s say good-bye in a new way. One by one, Jack, we’ll let you suck us just as we are, through our drawers; then we’ll make you lie down, take your prick out through your trousers, and suck you good-bye! I claim last turn so as to receive all that you’ve left in you!”Delightedly, Connie and Fanny complied. One by one, they seated themselves in an easy-chair, while the other two pulled up the clothes and I, kneeling between their legs, sucked a tender farewell to each cunt through the opening of their dainty frilly drawers; then I lay down on my back on the couch. With a trembling hand, Connie excitedly opened my fly and gently pulled out my prick, kissed and sucked it lovingly. Fanny followed suit, her tongue provoking it into life again. Then Alice took charge and sucked and tongued me till she forced my seminal reserves to yield all they held, receiving in her sweet mouth my love-juice as I spent in quivering rapture.We all four entered the waiting taxi and the girls drove me to my Club, where they left me with tender and insistent injunctions to “Do yourself well, darling!”

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