A Day With Ann


A Day With AnnCarmen had told me that Ann had called and wanted me to come over and do some repair work for her since Walter was out of town for the week and I agreed to go. I arrived at Ann’s house and not getting a response from knocking on her door, found it unlocked and went in. I immediately heard the shower running upstairs and slowly went up the stairs and up to the bathroom door. I turned the handle and pushed a little and the door opened. When I looked in I saw Ann washing herself and instantly my cock grew to attention as I looked at her great body and full set of tits. I noticed her bra and panties on the arm of the chair next to the door and sat down and while peeking around the corner watching her, took my hard cock out and began to stroke it. I heard her get out of the shower and start to dry herself off and waited until she came for her bra and panties. There was another seat on the inside and as she sat down on it, she reached for her panties and as she did, I took hold of her hand and pulled on it softly. As I pulled her out she came around the door wrapped in her bath towel and came in front of me. Immediately she saw my erect cock in my other hand and started to turn and move away. I grabbed hold of her bath towel and pulled on it until she let it drop. I looked up at her as she reached down and took her panties and proceeded to put them on. I handed her her bra and she placed it over her tits, but didn’t tuzla escort fasten it from behind. She now looked at me and without a word being spoken, got down on her knees off to one side of me, reached over and took hold of my cock and moving in, stuck it in her mouth and began to suck on it. It felt so fuckin’ good as she took my cock deep into her mouth and then licked around my shaft and cock head before sucking on it more as I leaned back and enjoyed the pleasure of her warm mouth pumping away at my cock. After several more minutes she stopped and stood up, letting her bra drop off and bent down and nearing me,”Kiss me” she whispered and our lips met. For a good couple of minutes we kissed passionately as two lovers would before she rose up a bit,”Suck my cock” I now said softly and she leaned down further and back into her mouth went my cock. For several more minutes she stayed bent over sucking on my cock as I reached under her and began to caress and then squeeze her hanging tits. When she stopped again she leaned back up to me and kissed me again, swapping tongues and her sucking on mine until she stopped and stood up erect. She turned a bit and raised her leg up on another chair and began to softly caress her ass and leg. I went back to stroking my cock as I watched her caress herself until she reached under and now began to caress her cunt. She moved her panties over a bit and I watched as she played with escort tuzla her cunt and soon started to finger fuck herself. I reached forward and with her fingers, put mine in her cunt and we both fucked her gently. When I stopped, I rose up off the chair and quickly undressed as she continued to caress her cunt and moving over next to her, i began to caress her ass and legs too. Soon I lifted her arm up and behind me and taking her one tit in my hand, leaned down and began to suck on it. She had beautiful full hanging tits just slightly larger than Carmen’s and her nipples were equally big if not a bit bigger.I caressed and sucked on her tit until I stopped and looked up a bit and we again kissed as she continued to play with her cunt. After a minute or two we broke off and she put her leg down and moved back and sat down on the chair. I moved in between her legs and she took hold of my cock and back into her mouth it went. For several more minutes she sucked on my cock as I reached down and played with her nipples until I reached down and taking hold of her leg, lifted it up and back she went on the chair. Since it was big enough to hold two people, she was able to lay down on it as I moved forward. Looking up at me,”Fuck me” she said softly, knowing that was what I had in mind anyway and taking hold of my cock, I slowly shoved it into her wet cunt and started fucking her. She had a nice big cunt and as I fucked her with tuzla escort bayan my cock, she reached down and caressed her clit with her hand and soon stuck two fingers in her cunt along with my cock. For several minutes we stayed this way until I pulled out and moved up towards her head and once again we kissed. When we stopped I kissed my way down to her tits and sucked on them for a few minutes while she managed to reach down and jerk my cock. When I stopped I climbed onto the chair and positioned myself over her head and lowering myself down, she took hold of my cock and back into her mouth it went. I now began to fuck her mouth more rapidly and deeper as she tried not to gag. For several more minutes I fucked her mouth until I could feel the urge growing in me and I quickly pulled out of her mouth, climbed off the chair and quickly shoved my cock back into her cunt.I now fucked her hard and fast as she started to moan more openly, enjoying the pounding her cunt was taking from my hard cock. The time soon came and I bent over her body as I shoved my cock as deep into her as I could and within a minute started to pump my cum deep into her cunt. We both moaned out as I filled her and she took me deep. I leaned in and as I finished coming, I kissed her passionately until I finally stopped. I rested for a minute and then pulled out, stood up and looking down at Ann, reached over and took her dress and laid it over her lower body and cunt. I moved back a bit, reached down and picked up my clothes and looking one more time at her beautiful body, tits and cunt laying there,”I’ll be downstairs” I said softly and turned and headed for the stairs.

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