A champion cuckold


A champion cuckoldAfter I had convinced my wife Andrea to be a hot wife she was open to my suggestions .I would think of something I thought she would enjoy and over dinner I would share those ideas. It took time to get her to come around to some of my thinking. Her having sex with a random guy has become the norm and I’m always expected to clean her with my mouth. That’s still fun and exciting but I started adding more of me into her games. I introduced chastity to her and she enjoys locking me up for extended periods of time but I could tell having me in chastity wasn’t as exciting to her as it is to me. I tried to play it up as being more horrible than it actually was. One summer evening we were invited to a pool party given by a good friend of ours. This couple doesn’t swing or do anything outside of their marriage so Andrea thought it would be cute to have me wear my smallest chastity cage. When I wear it there is almost nothing manly sticking out front. While tekirdağ escort Andrea was showering I put the cage on and waited for her to come inspect it. Her inspection consist of making sure the bar lock is in place then withdrawing the key. She walked in wearing her short bathrobe , it hung open allowing me to see her smoothly shaved pussy and firm thirty four B cups. This never fails to cause me to become erect. As she checked the locking bar she noticed how the cage was being forced away from my body. She jerked the key out and slapped the cage and said you have no self control that’s why I lock you up, I can’t have you embarrassing me with that pathetic little pee pee getting hard in your swim suit. She handed my a new bikini style men’s swim trunk and told me to put it on. I pulled it up and adjusted it so my cage didn’t show. Andrea was putting on a bikini but she stopped to see how I looked in my little suit. She laughed and said between that tiny escort tekirdağ cage and that tight bathing suit you don’t have a package out front. I looked at myself in the mirror then asked if this is what she wanted. As she adjusted her top so the maximum titty shown she said yes. She said I told several of my girl friends that I have been getting fucked outside of our marriage and I wanted them to see why. As we drove over to the party Andrea pulled her tits out of the top of her bikini and rode the entire way with them out. She asked me if her letting other guys see her tits made my dick hard. I glanced down to see if my erection shown, it didn’t. I told Andrea yes my dick was rock hard. She laughed and said you can’t tell. As we pulled into the neighborhood she told me that she had lined up a fuck with one of the husbands and I had to run blocker with his wife so they wouldn’t be disturbed. I asked her who he is. She said his name is DeMarcus. I tekirdağ escort bayan said that sounds like a black guys name. She said well he is. A black guy I said a little to loud. She said yes what’s wrong with that? I answered with a question, is his dick big? She said I hope so.Well there was lots of folks there and Andrea did hookup with DeMarcus. I didn’t have to keep his wife busy because he didn’t bring her, seems he knew he was going to fuck Andrea so he left her at home. When Andrea and DeMarcus came out of the house I took Andrea to the side and asked her to stay out of the pool. She asked why and I asked if her pussy was full of his cum. She said yes, I said well I don’t want you to ruin it. It was several hours before we left and I was excited to get to her pussy and as soon as we got home I begged Andrea to take off her bikini bottom and let me eat her . She took her bikini off and laid back on the couch , she let her legs fall apart this pulled her pussy lips apart exposing her wet inner lips. There was traces of seaman leaking out and running towards her butthole. With a wide tongue I lapped at her slutty pussy. She kept me locked for the night so her vagina could recover from the beating it received.

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