472 mothers ruin


472 mothers ruin472 mothers ruinIt was fully 5pm when Amy returned, Jim had set the table and the youngsters had sorted a salad, so for a change she did not need to do tea. They sat to eat and with a fresh pot of tea they had just begun when the phone rang, it was Benny trying to get back his girlfriend, Jim being nearest, answered it, calling Beryl and retaking his seat, she went and answered it and in no uncertain terms she told him he could “get on his bike as I have a real man now, a real six inch man not a four inch quick-shooter now bugger off” and as a rabbit of negative euphoria (an unhappy bunny) he found himself on a dead phone!She returned to the table, to find three startled faces, she having forgotten the hall door as she went to answer the call!She smiled, and said, “well it will do him good to think he has a rival, even if he is fictitious” and with that she commenced eating! Jim studied her for a moment then laughed and said, “a four-inch quick shooter…” laughed again at her discomfort and quoting from his beloved Shakespeare (King Henry,) he said, “And whom, has measured the ground!” by now the poor girl was blushing like a tomato… Amy it must be said had given her son a rapid gland that said in its own way… ‘fictitious?’ and ‘6inches’all in a second but as Mother, she had motioned Jim to cease pulling the girls leg and saying for him “to let the girl alone, you were young once… remember!” it was left at that.She produced a home-made cake from the larder and the meal resumed. Jim was on earlies next day, and long before either scholar was up the parents set off for the factory, on the way Jim chuckled to Amy about a “four inch quick shooter, and shook his head, saying she`s got some imagination my daughter!” to which Amy smiled and said, “ I expect she`s seen yours…” which s**thing comment killed the conversation instantly. They parked, kissed as usual and off she went to collect her keys and trolly with a grin.It was fully 9am when she got home, the house empty, she started to clean up, then collect the laundry.In Tony`s room there was a basket full strewn about, but as she collected it on the floor by his bed was a white plastic shopping bag it set bels ringing, it being marked as ‘Save a buck shopping chain,’ some-where she didn’t use, then she clicked it was the one she had fetched home the last batch of condoms and toys in… Taking the laundry, she retreated to her daughters room, a quick scan found the comdom box, and it had been opened…she grinned, then muttered, “gotcha!” laughed again then feeling happy the girl had used condoms she emptied the laundry basket, the nickers slightly bloodstained were hidden under a cream top and a pair of slacks… chuckling to herself, “6inches Aye then he`s grown since I last saw it!” which she then pondered was some years back!By two thirty when Jim rolled tiredly into the place the laundry was done, a pie in for tea, and sandwiches made for herself and Jim, they ate in that silence that said one or the other needed to talk. It was him and he said, in a rather jovial manor, “so miss you think I`m a four alanya escort inch quick-shot do you,” they laughed both knowing that he was a thin six that took a fair bit of getting started unless he was checking out his friend Eddies galleries on hamster! The meal over they stood, and he took her hand, leading her up to the bedroom, and chuckling, “had she seen the girls face” and. “did she think their daughter was growing up too fast?” She smiled, said for him not to worry she had it in hand and she assured him the girl was comdom savvy and that she had spoken to her on the subject quite recently, which seemed to reassure him.Then welded together in a marital kiss they settled to the bed for what had become a once a week ritual, usually on Wednesday or Thursdays to break up a long week.After it was over, Jim having done his I`m not 4” or fast routine, leaving Jim dozing she went for a bath and that’s where she was when the k**s got in from school. It took two days before she managed time alone with Beryl, Jim had collected Tony from school and had driven him to the dentist, in the next town their own being closed for redecoration. The chat began by mother, sugar sweet as always, and about as diplomatic as a politician on speed, saying, “You screwed him then?” her daughter, blushing, spluttered the coffee all over the table. “how the bloody hell did you work that out!” her grinning mother, replied, “blood on your knickers, a comdom missing and that elementary mistake you made on the phone the other evening!” Beryl timorously said, “Are you really mad at me?” to which her mother began to chuckle, “No, as you used condoms, that at least was responsible, was he good?” a relieved daughter smiled, then said, “well he was my first, so it was pretty good for me but I`ve no yardstick to say if he was good or not as other than titchy Benny, the four-incher….” Mother looked a bit startled “ but don’t worry, he went off long before I got any benefit, but other than him I have nothing to compare Tony against!” she smiled then said, “I will say that Tony`s dick is as thick as a chair leg, and 6inches stiff, if that’s what you want to know, oh and his tongue is brill!” Mother by now was in a fit of laughter, saying that she may have to “give the lad a try when you’ve gone young Beryl, he sounds brilliant!”“Why when I`ve gone mum?” she laughed, “he would not hesitate I`m sure!” her mother looked at her daughter with a twinkle in her eye and said, “No, he went to you first, he`s yours till you go…”With Mischief in her eye, her beloved Daughter said, “Well, I spose I could swap you for dad…” the colour drained from Amy`s face, “Do you mean you and your Dad…”but realising her foot in mouth error, the girl stepped in with, “not at all mum but like Tony I can dream, and I often dreamed of him, and wondered what he was like down there…and like I told you Benny was my only adventure that way…!” Relief flowed through Amy`s veins, then realising her daughter had got her to the brink, she smiled, and then said, “if you must know, he`s a thin six-incher with staying power!” escort alanya Perhaps one day when your home on holiday I might let you try him, but don’t you go sneaky on me!”That agreed, Amy said that she had had a thing about her dad for years, “but she had no intention of upsetting the family and especially you mum!” she then asked if Amy wanted her to “whisper in her sons ear to pave the way so to speak?” but with a grin the offer was refused, with a curt, “as grown woman I am still able to pull a partner for myself thank you, though perhaps you could gently ask how long he had had a thing about me!”They laughed together, as they heard the family car crunching gravel in the driveway. Mother saying, “oh and here comes the studs!”The days past, and nothing sexual occurred until the Saturday evening. The parental pair were off to a works party, both youngsters saying they would be ok. Beryl doing some revision homework and Tony visiting a friend, which was all rubbish, but it kept dad happy.Dressed in party clothes, they set off in a taxi, a sure sign of Jim drinking tonight, Tony had already gone out and after a slow walk round the block returned just as soon as he saw the taxi had left. His sister met him in the kitchen and with a couple of cans of pop in hand, without a word, up the stairs to his bedroom did they go, moving at a near run.Here, united at last, off came the clothes and out came the condoms. Lips were soon welded together, this time, they knew what they wanted now, and knew how, so it took no time for Beryl to be on her back and Tony slipping his red rubber clad dick up into his sister in the missionary position. This time the pain was gone from the job, and they knew they had time to play, and that they were going to enjoy the whole evening…together…. So they could take their time, so gently oh so gently he eased himself into her, it was magic, that encasing soft warm tunnel that gently accommodated his rubber clad dick… “oooh Beryl, your wonderful, soft and warm and I can`t thank you enough, thank you, thank you!”He mauled at her breasts, he stroked her hair gently easing himself out and back into her body, tantalisingly slowly, gently, tenderly, the knobbly condom adding to her frustrations, as he moved. She whispered, “Do you wank like this ‘T’?” he grinned down at her, “No sis!”, “do you wank hard and fast then?” puzzled he said, “erm…well… yeh!” her reply stunned him, “So, do I…So go on give it me like you mean it, fuck me then, hard like you are wanking, and wanking hard…”“But…well I didn’t want to hurt you…!” her answer was to pinch both his nipples hard, and say, “Just Fuck me and brutally, I am yours, do whatever you want… I want to be fucked properly, like it says in those magazines of yours hidden on your wardrobe!” And fuck her he did, with a grunt he began hard and fast to hammer home his tool into a receptive channel that rushed up to meet his entering tool on every stroke. The moment when it came was timed perfectly, together they shrieked their way to a climax of lights, bells and whistles the whole 9 yards! They lay sated alanya escort bayan side by side, arms around one another, his limp tool now receding in the red rubber shield. Time passed, she said that it was “awesome,” and “beyond her wildest fantasies,” which started the conversation about fantasies, her saying she had long fantasized about being fucked like that, and he saying he had fantasized about her and like that too, her and certain other people… she laughed, asked if he had fantasised about Mum, to which he answered, “doesn’t every Lad?” she grinned, “what is it attracts you to her then?”He said, “he really didn’t know, but he always had had a thing about her and those megga tits of hers, and perhaps it was not only that but the challenge, the fact he had more contact with her than any woman!” He then turned the tables asking, “is it like that with you and dad?” she blushed, then slowly said, “well, when we went camping a few years back I caught him pissing though I couldn’t see much I did wonder… but I didn’t want to upset mum… you know what I mean…I do know she fancies you though!” the lad shot his head round towards her…”fancies me…?” he looked shocked, “you sure?”Grinning she said, “yeh, honest cross my heart and hope to die, she asked me about you and was licking her lips as I said you’re a good size!” it was a revelation to the lad, and he was flattered to be recommended so well! “you have discussed the size of my prick with her?” he looked genuinely shocked, Beryl smiled, “she simply asked, what should I have done…lie?” she went on, “she heard you scampering away to your room that first night and she put two and two together, it was her supplied those condoms… she said better safe than sorry!”His face by now one of a rare mix of shock, excitement and thoughts of where this may lead.Beryl however changed the subject, oblivious of her lovers mixed emotions, “in those mags…” he jumped in asking “how the hell did you know about them, have you been searching my room?” she smiled, “No brother dear, I came to deliver your laundry for mum one afternoon, and saw one poking out from under your pillow, if mum had seen it, it might have caused a problem, so I threw it up on the wardrobe, but it sounded odd when it landed and I found your stash, and just think yourself lucky it was me…!” She began again before he could react, “And yes I did come and borrow one or two from time to time, And, yes, before you ask, I did wank to them.!” He looked a bit stunned, especially when she said, “There is a position I fancy trying, they say it gets in further, it`s called doggy, I kneel and you take me from behind, do you wanna try?” …DID HE… the condom was soon changed for a green one, this time with a spiral strip all the way up its shaft. She knelt and he slipped himself into the waiting slippery gash, the position met with both their full approvals, especially as his two free hands could m***** her breasts by simply leaning around!The rib though was uncomfortable and despite a good climax did not meet with their approval, Beryl making a mental note not to recommend that one to mother!By the time their parents got home, they were in their own beds, the rooms tidy, and no signs of any sexual activity were to be seen, not that Jim would have noticed he was past his sell by date, and Amy was little better.

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