33 Years of Fun(continued)


33 Years of Fun(continued)Our Wedding night as Sarah planned was a wonderful night as our bodies responded brilliantly working as one unit and as I increased the in and out movements she reciprocated by moving her hips and pelvis to create enough friction our bodies began to emit a rather loud sucking noise which turned us on even more. So much in fact I had to slow my fucking pace as I didn,t want to cum too soon! I felt that Sarah deserved a proper climax after her planning to make this a night to remember. Sadly with her vascular dementia she now remembers only brief snippets of that night. Strangely she recalls that when I ejaculated what seemed gallons of cock cream having to sleep on cum soaked sheets. Fortunately it wasn’t, a long sleep before the bedside phone rang and it was our wake up call to head for the train station and a brief three day honeymoon prior to me having to fly back to my US base without her as we were awaiting her visa to join me over there. We managed to have a hearty breakfast arriving at the station in plenty of time to get the train to Minehead, Somerset. We had antalya escort the carriage all to ourselves so decided to “mess around” to pass the time once our tickets had been checked by the conductor. Of course anyone could have disturbed us as I suckled her lovely titties whilst frigging her kicker less minge or she had a mouth full of my meat sausage. Endless to say the last fifty or so miles we caught upon our sleep yet felt totally exhausted when we turned our luggage in to our precooked bed and breakfast guest house. Arriving just prior to lunch time we had a stroll along the beach. Despite being a sunny day the final August day was chilly and breezy so it was a quick walk and then fish and chips. After the meal another hike to work off the affects of the meal and we were in the mood fo another fuck session. Sarah was worried we might be too early to checking our room, but with luck the land lady Mrs Beck was doing some weeding in her small front garden and agreed we could check in mentioning she,d been a newlywed as well. Her husband was a member of a bomber crew shot down and escort antalya killed over Germany in 1944 after they,d only had two years together and one daughter who now lived in France. As soon as we got in the room Sarah stripped all my clothes off, but I couldn’t, get her damned tights off or her mini skirt quickly, “Just tear the tights off and leave my skirt on!” she groaned impatiently as she reached for my stiff trouser snake. So I ripped those damned passion killers off she so preferred to stockings and lifted her skirt to her waist to leave her pussy free for my access, but this time I decided to experiment with my new bride. A married colleague back on base in America had been discussing his wife and congratulating me on Sarah as he admired photos I had of my new wife one of a naked Sarah though it was from the side and on,y exposed half her boob and not the nipple as it was soft whenI took the picture. He proudly showed me a picture of his wife full frontal, boobs smallervtan Sarahs but erect sticking out proudly, her fanny hair thick but almost invisible as it was as blonde antalya escort bayan as the hair on her head. He said she loved to have him take pictures of her naked especially close ups of her pussy. He also said she loved having him eat her use even more than actually fucking! “Believe me Joe. If you eat Sarah’s pussy she,ll not want anyone else to do it to her!” He,d advised. So with that in mind I began by kissing her eye brows then her nose, her lovely upper lips then her chin, her throat, shoulders, then her breasts and nipples till they stiffened, then her navel which made her giggle. Then trailed down to her toes, ankles, lower the upper thighs before planting a huge kiss directly on her ultra sensitive clitoris. “What the Devil are you Doing?” she gasped in surprise. “Relax. Just lay back and think of lying in the sand of a tropical island while I lick your fabulous pussy till you climax!” I sighed. “Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked. “Of course! Only fair to you.” I replied and slipped my tongue in deeper noting her juices were flowing even more than usual as I lapped her labia lips faster and faster making her move her pelvis against my tongue thrusts. My attitude was that if she could perform such magic with her mouth, tongue and fingers then it was fair reward I could learn to do the same on her tastey twat! TBC

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