2004…a straight friend


2004…a straight friendElsa was that kind of friend that i really didn’t want to cross the line at all. She was a teacher at the Liverpool University but a portuguese girl. She was on her 40’s in 2004 and she knew since the first day we met i had always been les. She was single and straight. We never ever talked a lot about sex. I was quite afraid of lose control and then lose a friend. Everytime we talked…and we talked for hours, i had to focus on not talking about women love. And i quite succeeded. <3 Until one day....but not initiated by me. We had dinner at her house...didn't drink a lot and ended up deciding to watch movie on tv. She chose Basic Instinct. Bad idea, i said to myself. Sharon was and is one of the actresses i really really really wouldn't mind at all.... :D So we started watching it. Somewhere in the movie i said to Elsa....Sharon is that kind of woman i'd say yes instantly. :D Elsa kept silent for a while and then said....if i wanted to make love to girl Sharon would be definetely it. And São José Correia (portuguese actress, also awesome). I blushed a little because i never ever heard Elsa talking that way. Somewhere in Fatal Instinct Sharon kisses aydın escort a girl (can’t really remember the actress name) and Elsa whispers….uffffffff. I heard it quite well and started laughing like i heard the funniest joke ever. I said….you like it, you bitch. 😀 😀 😀 She said…it’s this scene….gives me thoughts. I thought to myself…..no, Anna, no…don’t feed the chat….i was fighting myself to death. :/But…finally i asked her….haver you ever masturbated about this? Elsa said….this and others..sometimes i masturbate about women…can’t help it. I said….you feel something, don’t you? She said…sometimes…depends how hot i am. But i never went to bed with a girl. Never had physical contact. I’m not in that. I get along fine with my imagination. I laughed a litttle more and without even thinking i said…..what if i asked you to masturbate for me. I swear i won’t touch you. Elsa said something like…..well…i can do that as long as you stay away from me. I said….i will….i’ll even sit on the other couch. And so i did. I sat and said…..let the show begin. She said….this is not a show…it’s because we are friends. <3 Lovely answer. Left escort aydın me speechless. Elsa said….so…sit and watch….feel free to do what you want but don’t touch me. Promise? I promise, i swear, i said. And so she began….closed her eyes…opened her jeans button a zipper…and there slowly she went down on her. She was gracious and sensual…she knew she was putting up a show and being watched…and i felt she was absolutely loving it. So was i. I was shivering and getting wet as fast as Niagara Falls. Are you enjoying, she asked, while lcking her fingers quite repeatedly. I am speechless, Elsa. Please go on Elsa. I cant’t stop now….i can see you watching me….this is so nice, Anna. By this time her jeans and panties were on the floor, her legs a little opened, all her wetness shining…and me…i was with my jeans on my knees and panties too. From her eyes closed to looking at my pussy….there we went…Elsa quicker….me slower….she was mostly on her clit…i was mostly way mostly inserting my fingers….and we were both looking at what we were doing. From moaning to absolute silence….there we were. I guess we stopped looking at eachothers faces aydın escort bayan and only looking at what we were doing down there.And…….out of nowhere Elsa said…..Anna…i’m cumming…..can you lick me please? All my body went about 300 degrees…and i said….can i? She said…don’t ask…come. In a microsecond i fell on my knees between her legs and started licking hard, top to bottom, tongue inside, sucking her flappy pussy…all that i really knew well. 😀 😀 😀 She came….well that was krakatoa vulcano…..she came, and came, and came…jumping, shouting, pulling my head towards her pussy, pulling my hair…..lost all control. It was a sweet excorcism. 😀 😀 I stopped…she stopped….both breathing hard…sweating….and i said….so…..there it is. 😀 No one died, i said. 😀 D. She laughed like crazy….she sat there..i was sitting on the floor…we looked in eachothers eyes sooo many times….and smile, laughed, entangled fingers…..i remember saying something like…welcome to this side. <3 She smiled...made a devilish look and said....noooo, this is not over. I want more and i know you want more. I agreed with my head. Elsa said...let's go to my bed and grabbed my hand. And there we went. The rest was a truly sleepless night and all the most beatiful things in the world happened. <3 I still see Elsa. We sometimes talk about that night. We always say we have to do it again.......

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